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(review) Accident – Hasten Through Decay


New Accident is out now! This band from Zagreb, Croatia is no stranger in this zine because I already did an interview with them a while ago and couple of reviews.

After a pause and some line-up changes within the band they area back with eight songs in with lyrics in English language. The music is still ferocious, fast, no holds barred hardcore punk with dual vocals, courtesy of Lea and Bart. I love Accident because their music reminds me a lot of old school hardcore punk bands that I listened and watched live a lot when I way younger back in the nineties, namely Verbalni delikt, Nula, DHB, Građani drugog reda, Optička varka, Bad Justice, Radikalna promjena and others. Yet, Accident carries that old school flame but also retains firmly with both feet in this century with good lyrics, political and survival lyrics through prism of looking through person´s own eyes. This is high energy well played, angry hardcore punk with melody thrown smartly in the song structures here and there, the way it should be done, so go listen this one and support your scene and hardcore cause worldwide! My personal favorites: Fall For It, A.T.D., For Free.


(review) Accident – Live at Monteparadiso


The time has come to support our own home scene on the pages of this zine. Accident are from Zagreb, Croatia and I didn´t hear from their for a while after they released two ferocious hardcore punk records a while ago. Although they had some line-up changes and been laying low for a while, here they are with new superb live recording taken from their set at legendary punk hardcore festival Monteparadiso in Pula, Croatia. As I get it this is the first gig in new line-up with former vocalist now playing drums but still the dual angry and sometimes melodic vocal attack what was the trademark of this band continues on this one. There are 11 songs on this one, one being cover by Avskum. The music is a mixture of old school Scandinavian school of hardcore punk, d-beat and still carrying that old school nineties vibe of Zagreb hardcore punk scene when bands like Verbalni Delikt, Radikalna Promjena, DHB, Optička Varka, Građani drugog reda and many others ruled the scene. All the favorites are here Victim, Zatvor, Brza smrt and many more…Support your scene and go get this one if you like fast and ferocious hardcore punk done in a right way.


(review) Disbaja-Prošlost sadašnjosti/History of now


Here is the third album by Disbaja, band nominally from Zagreb, Croatia, although I think none of the current line-up originates from there, but that really doesn`t matter, does it?

Recorded again at studio Depth, this record contains 12 songs, two being kind of intro and outro with lyrics in Croatian language. For those who don˙t know, Disbaja plays hardcore punk with thrash and d-beat thrown in for good measure and thus creating one very dark, almost thing you can feel and touch. The lyrics are inner, personal, but having that political balance and touch if you read between the lines of personal. Kinda like watching the current state of Croatia and the world from your inner self. I love faster songs like Bježi si s puta, but slower, sludgy ones are really outstanding gems on this record, songs like Matrica or Propast(Moj je spas) with epic beginning turning into blistering fast d-beat, which shows the true playing strength of this band and how tight they became in musicianship and songwriting during the years. This is definitely Disbaja˙s best work yet.