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(review) Artillery – X (Metal Blade)


Danish thrash metal veterans Artillery are back with a new album via Metal Blade Records. This tenth full length, thus the name offers 11 songs of nice European old school thrash metal with lots of aggression, speed yet also melodic vocal lines and some excellent melodies in guitar solo department and some catchy hooks. There is also a ballad on this one being Ghost Of Me and I like it. My personal favorites on this album are InThrash We Trust, Turn Up The Rage and The Force Of Indifference. Vocals are more clean and melodic varying from angry shouting to more melodic singing and Michael Bastholm Dahl does a great job. Musicianship is tight and this is one of the best thrash albums this year, but also two or three years back. Go listen.


Korzus release video for – You Can’t Stop Me – with Christian Cavalera


Korzus proposes a reflection about the effects of bullying on the new single new single “You Can’t Stop Me”.

The song brings to the viewer a debate and had a cinematographic video clip produced by the renowned director Leo Liberti.

In such an atypical moment caused by social isolation, the legendary Thrash metal band from São Paulo, Korzus has just made available to its fans a new single and a cinematographic video clip. The petard entitled “You Can’t Stop Me” causes chills in the listener and carries a strong message about human conduct. The concept of the video clip was developed together with the renowned director Leo Liberti, who signs several international projects.

The band, which has iconic albums in its discography, such as “Mass Illusion”, “Ties of Blood” and “Discipline of Hate”, is one of the biggest names in Brazilian metal and participated in the great festivals in the country, with memorable performances in the legendary “Monsters of Rock” and “Rock in Rio”, besides having performed shows all over Europe and the United States in almost four decades of services provided to the world

The single presents the powerful sound that marked the trajectory of success and suitability of the group. The track is a composition by the vocalist Marcello Pompeu and
the drummer Rodrigo Oliveira (armored dawn).
The guitarist Heros Trench structured and recorded the guitars at Mr. Som Studio. Drums and bass were recorded at Dharma Studios, while Antônio Araújo recorded his parts in his home studio. Mixing and finishing were done at Mr. Som and Dharma Studios.

The video clip was directed, created, and produced by Leo Liberti, from Libertà Filmes. The professional has worked on video clips of world-renowned brands, such as Megadeth, Dee Snider, Europe, Nazareth, Angra, among others. “Metal has its own language and a very objective origin. It’s a kind of directed hate used to find your inner warrior, hate used to find love. However, people use hate for hate, as an escape valve, they have no tolerance, patience, or kindness. This energy must be directed and it’s necessary to show that what goes around, comes back around.”, comments the director.
The work was based on Oroboros, a mystical symbol represented by a snake or a dragon that bites its own tail. One of the main interpretations is that the serpent represents the infernal world, while the circle means the celestial. The cyclical karma of the message is that what you do, you receive, whether good or bad and is represented in the video clip scenes. The main thing is that when you change a life for the better, you are also changing yours.

The music video for “You Can’t Stop Me” has many special guests: the actresses Pamela Punch and Fernanda Ferrer and their respective partners, Renan Schueroff and Vander Caselli; the performer Christian Cavalera, son of the legendary drummer Iggor Cavalera; and Henrique Mello, who is part of the Korzus crew. “The idea of inviting Pamela and Renan came from Rodrigo. Christian was invited by me because I’ve been a fan of his performances for a long time. The other actors were invited by our director.”, says the lead singer, Marcello Pompeu.

With their latest single, Korzus wants to set an example for our society and convey a message of hope so that everyone can find themselves in this “new normal” and try to improve their interpersonal relationships, reduce hatred and spread respect for others.

“No one of us is as strong as all of us together”

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(review) Wratheon – Black Thrash Mass

Wratheon is an entity hailing from USA and this is the first e.p. containing five songs. Now this is what I call fine e.p. that just made my day and made smile return to my face and my old metal heart beating faster. Music of Wratheon is fast mixture of blackened thrash with almost some hardcore punk song parts thrown in here and there or is it only me. I was blown immediately away with superb melody and aggressiveness of In Seance but all got even better song by song. A Fire Burns is also fast song made to pump your fist in the air and ride to battle with, but having also almost sad and anguished melody behind all of the darkness and flame with clever use of keyboards in some song parts. Vocals are black metal like but you can understand almost all what is being sung, so it is another plus. With Crimson Eyes is an all out thrash metal attack with blackened vibe and double bass destroying everything in its path and blast beats bringing black metal in the forefront of aural assault yet also having wicked melody in guitar work. Life is an instrumental with lots of changes in tempo and showing more guitar oriented side of the band. Unescapable Null is for me somehow the darkest song on this e.p. ending in me wanting more and eagerly awaiting for the full length.