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(record review)DISBAJA-Time is…Cruel Master!

Finally, the second release by Disbaja is out now. I listened and reviewed this record for our zine.

Disbaja are crust/hardcore/metal/punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, although the members of the band originally come from couple of Croatian towns like Požega, Županja, Rijeka…The music has no boundaries, so it doesn` t really matter where is someone from.

Having some lineup changes, Disbaja parted ways with their singer, so that was a little setback in recording this album, but in the end, it turned out just fine with original guitarist/vocalist Atlija resuming the vocal duties, like on their first release.

The new record contains 13 songs of infernal metalised hardcore punk with crust and d-beat thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are a mix of poltical and personal, all of them in English. I just love how Disbaja emproved from their debut release. This sounds powerful and harsh, just the title track is in my opinion a perfect amalgamation of every band these guys played prior to Disbaja, all the music that they love, all their experiences, to form an apocalyptic soundscape. Personally, I am not avid fan of d-beat bands, but Disbaja is far from being captured into scene boundaries and fences, their music went far beyond that, evolving to apocalypse, but the kind we crave, delivering mayhem but providing catharsis, leaving us in the wasteland of human psyche and physics. Awesome album.





(record review)URSKOG-“Evig Vinter”(Ididit)

From the northern Swedish marshes comes Urskog, and this is their new release and I listened to it and reviewed it for this webzine.


This band was started in 2013.as the brainchild of one Anders Persson who is the creator of all music. The record contains two songs. The music of Urskog is some sort of hybrid patchwork of melodic death metal, thrash metal and sludge. This is dark stuff but also a lot of catchy melodies in the guitar structures of the songs give some hope to the listener that things are not all that darkened. The lyrics to the both songs are in English, so I can´t understand what is being sung but the infosheet says that the lyrics deal with man corrupting nature and how the nature will take it´s revenge one day upon humanity. This is a decent release and I am sorry that this is a one man band, because I would love to hear this material being played live.


Links: https://www.facebook.com/Urskog77/



(new video)Paramnesia- A new official video by LELAHELL

Algerian death metal band LELAHELL has its day as they present a brand new official video Paramnesia.


The upcoming album will be released at Metal Age Productions on June 15th.. This music is a blasting firestorm. Love & Enjoy!

Like : http://facebook.com/lelahell

Official Website: http://www.lelahell.com

Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio

Video: Guilherme Henriques

(new video)NABERUS reveal ‘Space to Breathe’ music video, new album out June 29

Aussie melodic death-thrashers Naberus have revealed a new music video and single for the song ‘Space to Breathe’. The video was directed by James Ash and Cat Argiriou. This is the second music video and single from their upcoming sophomore full-length album entitled Hollow, which will see a worldwide release via Eclipse Records on June 29, 2018. Watch the video at this location.


With any group creative process there is eventually going to be a clash of creative visions. This track is about feeling the pressure and tension of those differences,” says lead singer James Ash. “We wanted to highlight some types of different struggles the band has gone through over the years” says guitarist Dan Ralph, “such as constantly being late, quitting for more illustrious opportunities, dealing with creative differences, and most importantly… the proper technique for body-checking a bandmate through the wall.”

The album was produced by James Ash at Kremation Studios, mixed by Henrik Udd (Bring Me the Horizon, Architects, A Breach of Silence) and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Devin Townsend Project) at Systematic Productions.

Pre-order the full album on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play, and stream the singles via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, with more options available here.

For more information on Naberus, please visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Eclipse Records.


Naberus Discography
Hollow (LP) – 2018
The Lost Reveries (LP) – 2016

Naberus Lineup
James Ash (vocals), Dan Ralph (guitar), Jordan Mitchell (bass), Chris Sheppard (drums), Dante Thomson (guitar)

(album review)Wrath Sins-“The Awakening”(Raising Legends Records & Raging Planet)

Wrath Sins are hailing from Portugal, Vila Nova de Gaia. The band was formed in 2012. and this is their second full length studio album.

Wrath Sins - The Awakening ARTWORKpng

The album contains instrumental intro plus nine tracks. After the opening intro track, the album opener “Unquiet Heart” practically blew me away. This track has it all, thrash metal aggression, melodies to mosh to, great shouted and clean sung vocals and I immediately knew that this album will be something awesome. Apart from all the thrash metal this band also cleverly uses some superb progressive metal parts with some fresh ideas thrown in making their metal modern but also with a nod to the old masters. “Collision” is an anthem that even Phil Anselmo would not be ashamed of. The  highlights of the album are for sure “Fear of the Unseen”, “The Sun Wields Mercy” and already above mentioned “Unquiet Heart”. If you are a fan of modern thrash metal with a progressive touch and moshy parts, get this one.


Like: https://www.facebook.com/WrathSins/ Watch: https://www.youtube.com/WrathSins/ Follow: https://www.instagram.com/wrathsins/

Get the album: https://www.raisinglegends.com/

and: https://www.ragingplanet.pt/



(record review)EXARSIS-“New War Order”(MDD Records)

There are some bands that flew the thrash metal flag high even in times when it was not trendy or popular and they kept the metal tradition and flame in their hearts. One of such bands are Exarsis and this is their new album.


“New War Order” is a third full length studio output by these Greek metallers who toured with such bands as Judas Priest, Anthrax, Suicide Silence and others…That brought them experience and they became more ferocious than they already are.  The album contains 10 tracks one of them being short intro. Exarsis play old school thrash metal with fast drums, screaming vocals, gang back vocals made for sing along and a lot of 80-ies melodies and charm which is a tribute to the old school metal masters and influences. The lyrics deal with survival and coming apocalypse in this new world order that marching capitalism and modern slavery has brought upon us. Greek bands have a lot to be angry about since their country was ravaged by capitalist vultures and poverty unfortunately florishes there which is good for angry extreme music but not for the people living there. But, Ive strayed from the theme. This album is great, full of energy and I recommend it to all of you who love old school thrash metal.


Follow Exarsis: https://www.facebook.com/exarsis/

Get the album: https://www.facebook.com/MDDShop/



(record review)CORBIAN-“Supremacy of Fire”

Founded in 2014.Corbian, the quintet from Offenbach, Germany is a relatively new band in the scene but they bloody kick ass. Their new album is one of the best albums that I listened to this week.


The album contains 11 songs and the opener “Bloodborn” just blew my head off with fast and melodic anthemic chorus backed by great moshing parts. The title track leans more towards the metalcore territory with a nod to Gothenburg melodic school of Swedish death metal. I loved the Gothenburg style bands since I was a kid, so I am still a sucker for such bands today. According to the band promo bio, their live shows are something to see and hear, so I would like very much to catch these guys live one day in the not too distant future. The anthemic choruses made for sing along, the guitar hooks and melodies that remain in your mind so you can whistle and hum them all through the nasty working day at the job you hate, only to come home and blow your speakers again with the music of Corbian. I will not reveal what joy all the tracks in this album bring, it is up to you to get it, because this one is a keeper!


Follow Corbian: https://www.facebook.com/Corbian/