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(review) In Case Of Ire – Songs to Consume in a Consumerist Society


In Case Of Ire are from Gothenburg, Sweden and they are in no way strangers to the pages of this zine, because I already reviewed their e.p. a while ago and now it is time for their debut full length to be unleashed upon the scene.

This one contains 9 songs of nice melodic hardcore punk with smart and interesting songwriting, bordering between harsher version of hardcore with gang backing vocals made for singing along at gigs and more emotional, melodic side of things. I can even hear some noise and post hardcore like in Acquittal, which is one of my favorite songs on this record and if I must compare this band to someone, to me they sound like a mixture of Misconduct and Refused and I love it. The vocals are diverse, from shouting, screaming to beautiful melodic voice along nice harmonies and backing vocals. The lyrics are a nice mixture of personal yet between the lines you can read a lot more. Two more songs that are standouts for me as highlights are Shatter and Bad Habits. So, support the cause and support good hardcore. Go listen!


(review) Enemy Alliance-Damnation Dawning


Enemy Alliance come from Sweden and this band features Rodrigo Alfaro of Satanic Surfers, Intensity, Atlas Losing Grip…and Stefan Bratt of No Fun At All, Atlas Losing Grip…This is the long awaited record and it features  13 songs, one being kinda outro. What to say? This record justified all the long days waiting because it is awesome.

Listening to the songs, we can not escape the comparison to the bands these two legends play or have played in. Trademark beautiful Rodrigo´s voice leads us through fast almost thrash metal punk hardcore angry songs, melodic skate punk fast parts to more gentle and emotional slower songs like fantastic Incarcerated or Final Warning. Also, I would like to say that Moth is also one of my favorite songs on this record, those violin parts or cello whatever it is, still make goosebumps on my skin. The guitar work is beautiful, riffs are catchy and aggressive at the same time, almost in some songs I can hear that nineties spirit and I feel I am still alive in that glorious time when we were kids. The third song I love somehow above the rest of the material is No Justice No Peace. Lyrics are superb mix of personal and political.

Fantastic record!




Halloween and that special time of the year is close, so more and more horrorpunk is featured on the pages of this zine. This time, our Sweden favorite horrorpunk band Zombiesuckers delivered their new e.p.

Everyone who loves horrorpunk will find here what they are looking for. That means ultra melodic yet harsh punk riffs backed by clever use of keyboards that add to the atmosphere of old school horror movies, lots of ooohs and aaahs for singing along to backing vocal harmonies and some nice metal influences in guitar riffs and last but not least, gore soaked lyrics filled with horror.

The vocals are superb, avoiding the trap that some young horrorpunk bands do, that being bad clones of Danzig˙s voice, no, this guy sings with such superb voice being fantastic part of the songs. My personal favorites of these five songs are the title song, Hotel and Demons.

Fantastic, like we are used to from this horror from the north!