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(review) Aezoth-eulogy to nothing(undead artists records)

Eulogy To Nothing_CoverDigital

Aezoth are from Germany and this is their new release that I got from the excellent label Undead Artists Records

This debut album of Aezoth contains 12 songs. This is basically horrorpunk, yet with a touch of sludge, doom and death rock, even gothic rock. These guys are mixing many genres but they do is fantastically. The melodies of the songs are just fantastic. The voice of the singer is for sure one of the best girl vocals I have heard in the scene for the last couple of years. The songs are dramatic, atmospheric, like phenomenal A Lonely Night Of Loss And Doubt, also superb punkrock uptempo Feed The Poor Eat The Rich. The titles to the songs contain a bit black humour and irony like Selfdissecting Zombie or Anecdote About A Lost Body also the title song which is one of the top three songs for me on this record. This is a fantastic debut album, so go try this one. If you like drama, esoteric melodies, horror and punk with goth sombre kinda sad vibe, this is the right one for you.



(review) Junkowl-Making Out With My Death


Montreal˙s Junkowl are releasing their very first album and I had the honor and pleasure to listen and review it for this zine.

There are 10 songs on this record. The music of Junkowl is a mixture of hardcore, metal and sludge, stoner and doomy influences thrown in here and there for good measure. That means uptempo songs, groove, fascinating vocals which easy transform from screaming at the top of the lungs to speaking, whispering and singing clean voice and it gives more power to the already powerful music song structures. The guitar riffs are gritty, strong and sometimes have melodic hook here or there. Drums are superb, with awesome rhythm changes, rolling doom and sludge, faster punk song parts equally measured to make this record interesting listening experience. For me the songs that are highlights on this record are Quarantine Us All, Dead Hooker and Sickness Lives. This is a great and mighty debut album.



(review) Probation-Violate(WTF Records)


Probation are from Holland and they have a new record with WTF Records. This is an interesting record in all of the songs it contains. Why? Because the music of Probation is basically an amalgamation of all members`music tastes and influences. You get brutal and harsh hardcore punk in basic, mixed with a lot of metal and sludge punk influences. I can also here some d-beat in Unveiling The Truth for example. There are enough hardcore fast parts to fill you up with energy, but also some groove metal modern mosh parts here and there, with slowed down dirty and gritty sludge swampy parts in some song sructures. The vocals are beautiful, ranging from almost death metal like growling, angry shouting in crusty style and screaming at the top of the lungs. This is heavy hitter and I love every single of this record. Recommended songs: Finished And Done, Blood Ditch, Can˙t Stand You.