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Teenage Bottlerocket are releasing a split single with Human Robots!

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The split 7” comes out on September 6th, and you can pre-order it today! Additionally, TBR will be tearing it up, headlining the FAT TOUR, which kicks off this month! Check out what Ray Bottlerocket had to say about the 7” and teaming up with his son Milo, below.

“Hello all! When Teenage Bottlerocket was at the Blasting Room working on “Stay Rad,” my son Milo came to the studio and recorded two songs with his band Human Robots. It wasn’t hard getting his band together, because Milo plays all the instruments and sings on the two songs he wrote. I guess it’s a one-man band (yes, he has no friends). His songs turned out great, and we somehow convinced Fat Wreck Chords to release a split 7” featuring the TBR songs “Olivia Goes to Bolivia” and “Everything To Me,” as well as the Human Robots songs “Step On Em All” and “I Want to Hang Out With You.” Chris Shary did the artwork, and it all turned out great. This is the best split since Taco Bell teamed up with KFC! I love sharing this rock n roll life with my son, Milo. Look out world; Human Robots are stoked to shred and ready to party!”

Speaking of party, the 2019 Fat Tour is just around the corner. Come hang out with us, Mean JeansClowns and Jen Pop (The Bombpops)!!


30 Aug in Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
31 Aug in Tempe, AZ @ Pub Rock Live (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
02 Sep in Harlingen, TX @ Hop Shop (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
03 Sep in Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
04 Sep in San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
05 Sep in Austin, TX @ Barracuda (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
06 Sep in Fort Worth, TX @ MASS (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
07 Sep in Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
08 Sep in Kansas City, KS @ Riot Room (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
09 Sep in St. Louis, MO @ Fubar (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
10 Sep in Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
11 Sep in Green Bay, WI @ Lyric Room (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)

21 Sep in Homestead, PA, US @ The Lots at Sandcastle – Punk In Drublic Fest
01 Nov in Gainesville, FL, US @ FEST 2019 November 1st-3rd
14 Nov in Osaka, Japan @ Fandango
15 Nov in Nagoya, Japan @ Huck Finn
16 Nov in Tokyo, Japan @ Koenji High
17 Nov in Tokyo, Japan @ Koenji High
18 Nov in Hiroshima, Japan @ Conquest
19 Nov in Fukuoka, Japan @ Kieth Flack

Time to go old school sci-fi with the 4-D Man(1959.)!

When I was a little boy, I liked to stay up late, when my Dad allowed it and watch with him some old school sf or horror movie. It was another state called Yugoslavia then and there were not many channels on our television sets, so we used to watch almost all such movies on Austrian ORF television. I didn˙t know German at that time, so I used to question my Dad a lot, I always bothered him with questions what someone said, why someone yells or cries and stuff. Now, I think I was a pretty bothersome little anus at that time.


Aside from horror that was and still is to this time my first love, I love sf movies, especially the old school ones, not loaded with state of the art cgi effects like today modern ones, but that added more weight to the story than to the effects.

I was happy when I put my paws on 4D Man from 1959. Tony Nelson is a failure as scientist that tries to put two objects in one place at the same time so when he burns his laboratory down travels to the scientist Fairview research base where his brother Scott works.

There they enjoy work and company until he falls in love with his brother girl Linda. Things start to complicate when he starts his work there and Linda falls in love with him too. They experiment with metal called cargonite for military purposes and Tony claims he has blended metal with wood only with the power of his will. Scott started to have brain damages due to radiation when working. Linda decides to tell Scott that she is leaving him for Tony, but Scott leaves for laboratory and has a horrible accident that made him the 4 dimension man from the title of the movie. At first he can pass through metal with his hand and steal mail from the mail locker, but afterwards it gets serious to the point of no return…

This movie was not one of the best ones in the genre, far from it, but it is a decent flick from the screenplay by Theodore Simonson(The Blob among others..) and Cy Chermak( Star Trek:The Next Generation among others). Classic sf story of experiments gone wrong and the scientist turning to monster spiced with love triangle story. The acting was decent, Robert Lansing( mainly tv series actor) was good as Scott Nelson and I developed affinity towards his character apart from the opportunist Tony(James Congdon) whose character I disliked from the first minutes of the movie. Lovely Lee Merriwether was the best star of this movie as Linda and her character was nicely written and I liked her character because her love for Tony was real. The deterioration of Scott is nicely layered from the good scientist to the killer and monster he became in the end, due to desperation, bitterness and anger. The effects are good for that time of the movie making. The soundtrack is big band swing time music and fits nicely to the movie and the moments when music plays. If you love your sci fi old school way, see this one!


(sf horror movie)Starship Troopers:Traitor of Mars-could have been better?!

The first Starship Troopers movie by Paul Verhoeven back in 1997.was for me one of the best sf horror movies. The war between humanity in a kind of totalitarian regime against the giant space bugs became one of my favourite movies. The sequel and the third part were weaker but still enjoyable. The fourth installment in the franchise was the first to be the full animated cartoon movie and it brought back my faith in this franchise because I liked it a lot. I was eager to see this fifth installment, again in the form of animated cartoon movie.


I was happy when I read that Casper Van Dien returns once more giving voice to the main character of the series, now colonel Johnny Rico who is now training raw and green Martian recruits in shitty backwater sattelite of Mars. He is not happy with it, but being the good soldier he is, he does his job and keeps his thoughts to himself. Mars colonists strive for independence from the rest of the Federation and political tensions rise up…His old friend Carl Jenkins, now a fugitive has a mission for Carmen Ibanez and all three old friends find themselves between the two fires when the bugs attack the planet and the brilliant Sky Marshall wants to destroy the planet…Well, thats it for the summary. The story is a bit political thriller, a bit old school war sf horror and the movie doesnt lack action, but there is just somehow missing. You know the feeling when you eat a plate of plain pasta without anything, without even salt, it is edable but not tasty. This movie is like that. For me, this is by far the worst rendition of the five movies. I dont get the hallucinating Rico parts on the planet with Dizzy Flores and the somehow too naive and quickly ended movie. Could have been a lot better.