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Wow! I heard of this documentary a while ago, but never saw it until now. This Czech movie is about student who gets an assignment to make a study about metal and he then finds about the band called Malignant Tumour who have been playing since 1991., the movie was made in 2016.so it was 25 years they played back then. This movie is about the band, but also about discovering metal and punk hardcore scene, underground, which becomes eternal love for the main protagonist through going to gigs, hanging out, even becoming friends with the band. It also provides a fine picture of the band, since their extreme grindcore beginnings, to nowadays they provide hell of a show with their mixture of crust punk and roll. Their charismatic frontman Bilos and the rest of the band speak about the band and the past also present themselves, but also lot of extreme underground music legends talk about the band in the movie. I almost choked laughing in the part of the movie where band gets Czech music award for the best hard and heavy band, you should see that and also I would recommend this movie, I am not total fan of the band. Great one!

(review)Year Of The Fist-Revive me(Heart On Records)


Year Of The Fist are from Oakland California and this is their latest record out with Heart On Records. There are 11 songs on this record. The music they play is fast forward energetic mix of punk and rock n roll, kinda like Black Flag or Ramones met Motorhead and jammed together for a record. But, don´t get me wrong, this band is in no way anyone˙s clone or a copy, they remained energetic, fresh, fast and a real pleasure for listening. Besides faster songs like Ghosts or Blood Bath, there are couple of more mid tempo rock n roll songs like Memory Burn which add perfectly to the whole picture. Katie´s and Squeaky˙s voices interplay perfectly with Hal9000beers´s voice creating great haunting melodies just made for you to listen them on repeat day after day. For all you punkrockers who like your punkrock energetic, raw yet melodic this is a keeper!





REVEREND HORTON HEAT are crooning back with “Perfect,” the third video from their newest album Whole New Life (available now).

The video

“There will never be another Roy Orbison,” promises frontman/guitarist Jim Heath. “I’ve always thought he was the ultimate perfect singer. There’s a nod to his classic song ‘Pretty Woman’ in here, but this song is my own melody and guitar licks.”

As the first line in the song reads, ‘Perfection is not in the cards,’ Heath, along with bassist Jimbo Wallace accidentally fell into such an imperfect situation in the studio. Technical difficulties forced the band to re-record Wallace’s bass parts when Heath had an idea very unconventional to the REVEREND HORTON HEAT rulebook. “I was thinking about getting Jimbo to play electric bass instead of upright, but he came up with the genius of playing an upright bass with a pick – and it worked out perfect (no pun intended)!”

“I wanted the video to be early sixties go-go themed. The cute dancers we had in the video along with Brian Raida (director) did a great job bringing out that concept, from the set furniture, flooring, lighting and props. I like all of the colors in the video, but I dressed in black and white as a nod to Roy’s video ‘Black and White Night,’ and to contrast the vivid colors. Of course I had to have the sunglasses! We even drank some boozy milkshakes made for us by the owner of the Pink Squirrel in Chicago where part of the video was filmed.”

“Frankly, I think the song is kind of zany and psychotic, verging on ridiculous, but REVEREND HORTON HEAT has always had a sense of humor. At the end of the day, it’s a love song. A somewhat psychotic, yet fun love song.”

Rounded out by drummer RJ Contreras, REVEREND HORTON HEAT are on the road into 2020 supporting Whole New Life. Catch them in a city near you!

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