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(review) Horrorpops – Live at the Wiltern

Nine years wait is over! Horrorpops are back on stage with this new live album. This almost seventy minutes set provides all hits from the band´s catalogue with some surprises in the set. Patricia Day sounds powerful and commanding with her vocals and bass, backed with Kim Nekroman´s guitar lines and the band delivers their mixture of psychobilly, horrorpunk with some dark pop influences in the song structures here and there. Sound of the album is total strong power, but also shows raw side of live show and energy of rock n roll. All of my personal favorites are here like Missfit, Psychobitches Outta Hell, Ghouls, Miss Take… This is a great return by this great band.

(review) Full Moon Freaks – B Movies for the Blind


I must admit that I have never listened to Scotland´s Full Moon Freaks prior to this record. These five piece band plays an energetic mixture of psychobilly, surf rock, rockabilly and punk rock delivering horror punches all the while.

There are 13 songs on this record, one being different version of Strontium Dogs, one of the best songs on the record, one is a cover song and one is a demo version. I must admit that I am not a fan of surf horror rock but these guys mix enough in their song structures to make them interesting and great to listen. Lyrics are about, well you can guess from the record title, can´t you? For me, more melodic songs are my favorites, for example King Cobra Snake and Night Of The Living Dead , being epic and melodic perky little fiends.

This is great album for all you freaks and ghouls out there who love their horror psyched with ´billy and surf.


(review) The Midnight Spookshow – The Valley of Shadows


I recently interviewed The Midnight Spookshow from Spain about their brand new e.p. and many other interesting themes.

Well, here it is, four songs from the depths of Hell, ready to take your black heart and melt your face off. The title song is for me one of the best on this release, kinda reminding me of Japanese Balzac in vocal lines and melodies. Production is gritty, diy and murky, kinda brings that vibe of darkness in the music, but also melancholy and melody. The Dark Passenger is a song with more of a metal vibe, I can even hear some goth influences in the midst of guitar work through the song structure. I must also commend clever use of samples on this record, I love that if they are done and used with style. Burking Method is for me best song besides above mentioned title song, having that awesome melancholic and dark main guitar melody combined with harsh sung vocals, killer song! Blood Spell brings back the horrorpunk singing along with many ooo parts and reminds me why I love this genre of music so much! So, go write to the guys and support them, you will not be sorry when you hear the e.p.