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(record review) Malvina-Hybrid War

We already featured awesome Brasilian progressive hardcore punk band Malvina on the pages of this zine, when we reviewed their e.p. Now, the guys released their new full length album and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


The album contains 10 songs of technical, progressive hardcore with old school skatepunk influences. I am always amazed by South American bands how they somehow mix their anger, anguish, depression with sadness and melancholy. This is how the music of Malvina sounds to me. The title song is fast, aggressive yet melancholic melody somehow drags itself throughout the whole song. XIII is one of my personal favorites with great melody and superb song structure, I can only imagine how this one sounds powerful live. The lyrics of the band are pretty political and deal with the theme of life in Brasil and political coupe there and poverty and life in general, but I think many of us can relate to the lyrics of Malvina. Scenario is a bit longer song, sounding a bit nervous to me, noisy, then transforming into pure old school punk song which makes you pump your fist in the air. Herakleion only reminds and amazes me how technical and complex the music of this band can be. The vocals are very important to me in such bands and the singer here sounds harsh yet still enough melodic and it is weird, but true, the guy somehow reminded me of harsher version of Jim from Pennywise. The album does not get boring because there are no fillers with complex longer songs interplaying with hardcore punk angry miniatures like The Anomie. Not to discover all of it, you will have to get and listen to this record yourself. If you like your hardcore a bit original, a bit angry, yet melodic and bringing to you a breeze of South America, you will not be disappointed. Amazing band!




Liars & Thieves reveal „Thaumatrop“ Artwork and Tracklist




After more than a year of hard work, “Liars and Thieves” release their first LP “Thaumatrop” through Bastardized Recordings, recorded by Markus Esch and mastered by Aljosha Sieg at Pitchback Studios.

“Thaumatrop” deals with issues such as social and environmental wrongdoing, as well as issues that urgently need a solution, but receive little attention. People who do not conform to the norm are stigmatized for social, religious or political reasons. The album wants to be thought-provoking while remaining in the head.

A dark dystopia of atmospheric sounds and harmonious melodies. Progressive Hardcore accompanies melancholic lyrics. Catchy choruses and dynamic song structures set the tone.

The concept of the LP is based on the idea of a medal with two sides. So begins

the album with the first Song called “I’m Alive”. This heteropalindrome is readable on both sides,

where the opposite direction of reading give a different meaning and only

with the last title “Evil am I” unfolds its full meaning. The two sentences are an equation and are closely connected.


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