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(review) Van Huskins-Bless Yr Heart


Van Huskins are band coming from Charlotte, USA and the members of the band have been long time veterans in the scene there. I must admit that I have never heard of these guys prior to this record, but that is the beauty of the underground. Every day discovering new stuff, new bands, new friendships and what is best, it lasts all the time. Van Huskins deliver 6 songs on this record. The music of this band can be described as raw punkrock, but this is so much more. I can also hear noise, post punk, old school metal and doom influences here. The songs are really energetic in their rawness and their ability to awake something primal in the listener, making your fist pump in the air and rock and roll all the way. The songs Its Not Like You Murdered Somebody and Post-Apocalyptic Birds are sure to become your favorite because I recommend these songs as being somehow highlight of this record for me. Punk is what you make of it, anything goes remember? So, if you are into raw and non compromise punkrock, this one is right for you.



(review) M is We/Night Battles-Split(Broken Sound Tapes)


Broken Sound Tapes brings us split seven inch containing two post punk/punkrock bands from North Carolina, USA. M is We song is a post punk hymn called What You Carry, having almost etherial vocals, tempo and atmosphere that somehow carries you to some calmer different dimension of listening. The calm evolves into guitar driven chorus carrying emotion on a different higher level. Night Battles song called Flat On My Back I somehow liked better being maybe a bit more nervous riffing and more noise influenced, but more concrete and heavy and less etherial, although, don˙t get me wrong, both songs are really cool and this is a nice little release. Go check out Broken Sound Tapes and find something for yourself.



Krod Records will release benefit compilation to celebrate five years of existence.


The words of Krod Records: For our 5th Anniversary, we will release a tape compilation with 9 covers from our artists which covered our artists. The benefits will be donated to Solidarity Not Silence, a action we care a lot.

This tape will be on a 100 limited edition on a turquoise color. A series of interviews are available on Ear Nutrition to explain why we are doing it and from all the artists + Krod.


Why Solidarity Not Silence?


Solidarity Not Silence is a group of women (mostly feminist musicians) who are fighting a claim of defamation made against them by a famous musician. You might not know but justice is a real big costs in the UK and if you can’t afford, you’ll lose. Those women refused to be silenced and decided to fight! This is one case among so many. They need to win this case to win another, and another and another. If they reach enough, they can have a proper legal representation and a strong chance to win the case.

Today, we support Solidarity Not Silence through a 9 cover tracks compilation. All the benefits from tape sales, streaming and downloads will be donated to them. To know more about the case, please read this article.

Thanks to all the artists who participated (by order of appearance in the compilation):