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Cliffhanger released their new video!


Chicago’s pop punk band Cliffhanger are excited to share their new music video for the song called “Diane”.

Cliffhanger self-produced the melodic, high-energy track at Flashpoint Chicago and partnered with Michael Govaere (ex-Every Avenue) for mixing and mastering.

Vocalist Matt Meindl reflects, “’Diane’ is an extremely personal song for me as it is named after my late mother. She passed away when I was young and I often had to deal with being alone. I had to learn to grow up fast while keeping a level head.”

The music video for “Diane” was directed by Matt Adema. The video emphasizes separation while there are no scenes of the entire band together. The video also relates to the harsh realization at our current global environment.

(review) La Moxie-You´ve Burnt Your Bridge, Now Lie In It(Real Ghost Records)


La Moxie are from Birmingham and they have a new record e.p. out with Real Ghost Records. there are six songs on this one. The quartet plays their vision of melodic punk, leaning more on pop punk and emotional side of things than on straightforward skatepunk charge. They remind me of Bambix a bit and Baby Gopal maybe with a bit of Tilt thrown in here and there. The music is harsh enough with great punkrock riffs to satisfy the hungry punk in you, but also Lauren´s great voice makes melancholic and kinda sad vibe to the songs. I listen this e.p. during daylight and on a warm and sunny Spring day in April, but it still makes me somehow sad and dreamy, the music of La Moxie takes me to other places with their soundscape. Recommended songs: No U, A Song For Charlotte.




(review) The Bombpops-Death In Venice Beach(Fat Wreck Chords)


The Bombpops were always for me a band that was better sounding live than on their releases. Well, the new album is a candy for your listening pleasure. I can safely say that it is their best record to date, with so many superb melodies, anthemic singalong choruses. beautiful harmonies of the dual vocals. Jen and Poli do such fine job with interplaying their voices thus creating soundscape that makes you smile and brights up your day. Of all the 12 songs my favorites are hard to pick, but I will try. They are: Double Arrows Down, Sad To Me, In The Doghouse. This is one of the better albums that came out in this fucked up and sad year.



(review) Comminor-Answering Machine For Broken Dreams


Comminor are from Sweden and they played in Croatia once upon a time in Zagreb as I recall. This band started as a skatepunk unit once when they were formed in 2010.but now they evolved into some more modern version of pop punk with lost of melody and emotion behind the music, but still retaining punk harshness in song structures like in great The Cure for Bullshit. But, they also incorporate some electronics into their music and is is done smart and fits perfectly like in Party Mes Chers. In all of the songs Johanna´s melodic and Victor`s more screamed vocals interplay adds drama and intensity to the songs. There are couple more of my favorites on the record like Punk Rock Holiday(the song, yes!) and more darker Live Streamed Suicide. This is good modern punkrock record, proof that there is no old school or new school, there is one united scene with diversity which makes it rich in its existence.

Listen here

(review) Four Year Strong-Brain Pain(Pure Noise Records/Soulfood)


384573Worcester`s Four Year Strong are releasing their fifth album with Pure Noise Records. The record contains 12 songs. Four Year Strong deliver strong punch with their energetic mixture of melodic hardcore and punkrock, even pop punk. From calm and atmospheric start of It`s Cool which evolves into melodic hardcore groove, there are also some rock influences in the guitar work of Get Out Of My Head. That simple guitar riff evolves into more complex melodic hardcore song. The harsh scream at the start of Crazy Pills led me to believe this was going to be something brutal, but actually the song is pretty much melodic. Here I must once more say that the vocalist for this band is one of the best in the genre, capable of transforming the voice from sheer brutality to gentle melody. One of my favorites on the record is Talking Myself In Circles with stomping playful bass line all through the song. Learn To Love The Lie is a song for which video was made, it is the most melodic and most hit potential catchy song on the record, so it was logical to make it a single. The title song is also one of my favorites on the record with fast pure hardcore punk parts and harmonies made in heaven. Mouth Full Of Dirt is fantastic, anthemic, I listened to it couple of times in a row, a lesson how modern melodic hardcore should sound like. Seventeen is a nostalgic ode to which I can relate to, when we were little hardcore kids, with not a care in the world, thinking we can conquer the world. Be Good When I´m Gone is a very sad song, reminded me of my Mom who passed away twenty years ago. The Worst Part About Me has that hitting groove riff, but also makes your skin crawl with pleasure when listening to the combining dual vocal lines. Usefully Useless is a song about trying to change, but not always making it, the lyrics are great fit perfectly to tempo and song arrangement. Young At Heart is a bit different song, more atmospheric, gentle and calm, almost ballad, but awesome nonetheless. This is a great album.




Pop-punks Sean Nolan and The Heartmakers unveil their single Or, the Whale!


Formed in 2015 by Sean Nolan (vocals, guitar), Sean Nolan and The Heartmakers is Chris Cross (vocals, lead guitar), Kyle Nolan (synthesizers, keyboards), Matt Bayer (bass), and Kenny Duclos (drums).
Since their conception, they’ve played countless shows throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, released two records… And have recently wrapped up their forthcoming record, “The Machineries of Joy”, set to be released on May 13th 2020.
On their new single “Or, the Whale”, Sean (vocals / guitar) comments: “It’s a song I wrote inspired by the themes present in Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. Whatever we pursue, whether it be a relationship, a career, starting a band, it can be deeply frustrating.
Sometimes, we blame ourselves for the failures that come along the way or we look for reasons as to why something didn’t work out. But ultimately, it’s the journey that matters most, the pursuit. It’s also important to try and find what motivates us. If we’re constantly striving, unhappy with where we are because we haven’t arrived, we’ll never catch that white whale.

(review) ITCHY-Ja Als Ob(Findaway Records/Soulfood)


Itchy from Germany have been in the scene for a long time, releasing seven albums, playing numerous tours and enjoying their time sharing stage with greatest bands in the punkrock scene. What the band didn`t do is make an album in their native German language and this time, with their eight album they did just that. New album contains 13 songs in their trademark deutschpunk/melodic punk/pop punk sound. The title track sounds a bit strange, like mixture of industrial, pop punk but really interesting. There are also more straightforward melodic punk songs like Faust, one of my favorites on the record. I understand German, so I can relate to the good lyrics written for this album. Ich wollte noch which features guest performance by Sebastian Madsen is also one of my favorites on the album having such sad beautiful melody in the chorus. The songs I must mention as being my highlights of the album are Unser Lied and Gegen den Wind. Not to discover just all, get your copy if you love your punkrock melodic and interesting.