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(record review) RYKER´S-The Beginning… (BDHW Records)

German hardcore legends Ryker´s are back with a new album, I listened and reviewed the record for our zine. The record will be out with BDHW Records.


There were couple of last years that were turbulent for these hardcore veterans from Kassel. Line-up change, taking some ugly words spoken from the former fans who were indeed never fans at all, but that only made the band stronger. Hence, this new record contains 15 songs of awesome hardcore punk with metalic influences. Compared to their classic material from the 90-ies this new stuff is a bit more catchy and melodic, but also remaining hardcore with a sharp edge.

There are couple of songs that are bound to become instant classics in my opinion like awesome Let´s Ruin The Scene with great melodic hooks, lyrics and awesome trumpet in the end of the song. Also, Cast In Stone is bound to become a hit in the band´s live setlist for sure. Dead End Street is a hardcore anthem featuring guest performance by none other than Roger Miret. One more guest performance that is awesome is Matt Henderson delivering wicked guitar solo on Collateral Damage. What surprised me the most on this record is the new version of and old hit Cold Lost Sick done in piano/atmospheric way combined with great vocals and it still gives me goosebumps when I listen to this new version. The album is varied, there are no fillers on this album, so that makes it one awesome and strong record.





(new video-hardcore) Rykers released another video from the upcoming record!

Rykers released another song from their upcoming record “The Beginning…”.
The song is called “Cast In Stone” and it is the third single/video release.
The full length will be out on May 31st via BDHW Rec.

The Pre Order has already started:
BDHW: http://smarturl.it/rykers.bdhw
CORE TEX: http://smarturl.it/rykers.ctr
IMPERICON: http://smarturl.it/rykers.imp



Rykers Homepage

Photocredit: Sonja Leonhard Fotografie

(record review)BLACK 8 BALLS-When The Curtain Falls(Dedication Records)

European hardcore is alive and well with bands releasing great records almost every month now. Black 8 Balls have been in existence for 22 years and this is their new record on Dedication Records which I had privilege to listen and review for this zine.


Formed in 1996.these guys played in the way I call it, golden era of European hardcore and they have seen some action performing and sharing stage with almost all of the important bands of the genre. This is their new, sixth record and it contains 9 songs of awesome 90-ies styled street European hardcore in your face. The songs are brutal, in your face with gang styled shouted vocals and choruses just made for singalong at the gigs. But, besides brutality, the songs on this record have the great amount of street punk melody and melodic guitar hooks certainly add to the energy of the songs. This band has two vocalists whose angry shouting fits just fine within the song structures and fits just perfectly. Thy lyrics are usual about the scene, broken friendships, betrayal, everyday life, hardcore and I love them. All of the songs are perfect, but the ones I somehow love the most are: As Friends Rust, Once And For All, When The Curtain Falls. Awesome hardcore record!






(record review)ManifeStatioN-Fair Enough(Dedication Records)

European hardcore scene is alive and well and pulsing with life and inspiration. ManifeStatioN from Germany release their new record via Dedication Records and it was my privilege to listen to the new record and review it for this webzine.

Cover Manifestation

The Germans from Saarland area started the band in 1996., but the real start of the band goes back in 2001. After several lineup changes and gaining new, fresh blood in the band with the new bass player and drummer in 2016.it was time to reveal the new record.

The record contains 12 songs of hardcore that somehow nostalgically reminds me of the 90-ies but done in a modern and fresh way. If I must compare the music to some bands which I hate doing, then it would be early Madball, Ryker˙s and Brightside. That means brutal, groovy and aggressive hardcore but also with some surprising melodic undertones like for example in excellent There´s a Light for which the video was made and you can watch it below. The vocals are angry, shouted with gang back vocals here and there just made for singing along at the gigs. I also feel the European hardcore spirit from the 90-ies like in the song called False Mirror. I love the mix of brutality and anthemic melody in Time Through My Hands. For me one of the absolute highlights of this record is for sure Keep It Together being short but sweet hardcore little hymn. This is a strong in your face no holds barred hardcore record!






(record review)BEACH RATS-“Wasted Time”(Bridge Nine Records)

Beach Rats is a new band, kind of hardcore punk supergroup featuring Brian Baker of Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion fame, Ari Katz from legends Lifetime plus The Bouncing Souls members and more. This is their debut record on Bridge Nine Records, it is old school hardcore punk made for 21st century.


The record contains five songs and the music this band plays can be described as an amalgamation of all of the members˙past and present bands.  That means fast, sometimes nervous and energetic hardcore punk reminding me of Minor Threat, Circle Jerks being nervous and angry and Dag Nasty and Lifetime being at the same time melodic.

I must admit that I love every second of this record. This is simply played, with heart and soul and we need somehow those simpler, in your face nostalgic hardcore punk bands nowadays. My favorite track off this record is “Stay All Night” but all the others are awesome in their own way.  Get this record and see how the scene veterans do it with dynamite in their bones.


Get the album here: https://bridge9.bandcamp.com/album/wasted-time

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/bridge9




(record review)SLAPSHOT-“Make America Hate Again”(Bridge Nine Records)

The Boston hardcore legends, Slapshot just released their new record via mighty Bridge Nine Records and I was eager to get my hands on this one and review it for this webzine.

2018 - Make America Hate Again

I have been listening to Choke and company since I was a little hardcore kid, but believe it or not, I have seen them live at the gig just last year. I was blown away with the energy of their so called hate hardcore. This lineup is awesome and in my opinion one of the best lineups Slapshot ever had. This album contains 11 tracks of old school hardcore punk and the music is classic Slapshot for the 21st century. Musically it is fast and angry hardcore like we used to through the years and lyrically Choke again deals with his demons hehe. There are couple of surprises on the record like some guitar solos that worked awesome like in “Alone” which is in my personal opinion the best song on this record. Couple of other songs that are outstanding on this record are “I Got Your Number” and “One Last Chance”. This year has been kind to us so far with so many releases by so many excellent bands with awesome records and this one is for sure on of the candidates for the hardcore album of the year. I am not one of the guys who put their lists and polls at the end of each year, but I am sure that this album will be on many favorite lists.