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(review) Robby Bloodshed – Running Out of Time


Robby Bloodshed is in no way stranger to the pages of Kraykulla. This New Jersey based artist has already graced the pages of my zine when I reviewed his last record a while ago. Now, it took two years to prepare the world for releasing these monster babies. Robby Bloodshed does such fantastic music, his work is original horror punk rock, ultra melodic and having that vibe I miss so much in nowadays scene. It reminds me of the original work Nim Vind does with his music, yet they are both different each in his own unique way. This record owes equal to Misfits or Blitzkid legacy as also the glamour of Queen. From the anthem like The Last Grin to piano pop infused Dying Is Easy, this is a record that just invites you and makes you listening to it again and again. Also, Robby paid beautiful homage to late and never forgotten Freddy Mercury with superb rendition of It´s a Hard Life on this record.

The lyrics are not horror per se, like in many other horrorpunk bands, but they are rather personal, every boy and ghoul can relate to in the pictures this lyrics provide and some of them really made my skin crawl with goosebumps how good they are. Almost like they remind you that real horrors await in real life you have to face and deal with it every day. The vocal lines, melodies and backing vocal harmonies are sweet and take you to another level of mind scape and provide for you a sweet refuge while this record lasts. This record is a keeper, from light Everything to night colored Fly By Night it is too hard to say which my personal favorites are because this whole release is probably contender for one of the best this year.


(review) The Mary Lous-It´s Not Who You Come With, It´s Who Takes You Home


That is what I need on a shitty Monday afternoon to make my life good and music to pump blood to my old black heart. The Mary Lous are hailing from New Jersey area and this is their first album.

This record contains 10 songs of spooky ukey music. These ghouls play a mixture of horror punk, pop punk and some doo wop and psychobilly thrown in the song structures for good measure. The lyrics are horror enough, but also humor enough and with songs like I Wish Bruce Campbell Was My Boyfriend or Dead Girls Don´t Say No To Donuts, this band is sure to win you over. My personal favorites on the record are Going To The Chapel and When My Brain Falls Out. In some songs, these ghoulettes remind me of early The Creepshow in some segments and also they remind me of something I would listen cruising around on a warm Summer Saturday night on the streets of some small town like Haddonfield ahaha. I love the girls´ voices how they create beautiful harmonies singing and the songs are not your typical in your face-hit-me horror punk but really gentler and more almost ethereal and haunting, but for the fans of darkness and melody, this one is perfect. Go get this one!


(review) South Class Veterans-Hell To Pay(Demons Run Amok)


South Class Veterans are relatively new band and this is their debut full length out with Demons Run Amok Entertainment. The band comes from New Jersey and they formed in 2017., but the members are in no way strangers to the punk hardcore scene, growing up going to shows and playing in various bands of that area. South Class Veterans released 4 song e.p. but this is their debut full length album. And what an album! This album contains 10 songs of full blooded American street punk/oi with some hardcore influences. This record reminds of the best days Bruisers, Anti Heroes and similar bands, meaning street smart lyrics, anthemic choruses, harsh yet catchy guitar melodies and these songs just make you wanna pump your fist in the air like crazy. For me, favorite songs on the album are Lies, Shortcomings, Repass and Those Nights, but the whole album is just fantastic piece of streetpunk easy to listen to under cold street lights and smelling the how city concrete and swilling a beer or two.