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(review) Ozzy Osbourne-Ordinary Man


The legend, the man, Ozzy Osbourne is back with his new full length record. Is it his last? It is ugly to say, but you never know, judging by all the posts about his health status. There are 11 songs here on this record. The most surprising is the collaboration with Elton John, another music legend and extraordinary man on the excellent autobiography based title track. Yes, Ozzy deals with his mortality saying he doesn`t want to die an ordinary man, but he never will, having indebted us, metal community so much. He will record many more music. Besides that song, there are more metal heavy straightforward songs like Straight To Hell and All My Life. Also more introverted songs like Goodbye and collaboration with Post Malone on It˙s A Raid, heavy faster song are highlights of this fine record. The single Under The Graveyard is a very nice song carefully chosen to be a single because it carries the record. This is a fine comeback by the legendary master of darkness.



(review) Lovecraft-Dark Ages(PCT Musique)


PCT Musique, a label from Montreal, Canada always surprises me with their great releases. How do they find all those excellent bands?

This time, it is Lovecraft from south west of France, formed in 2017. How not to listen to punk band which carries the name of my favorite horror writer and one of my all time favorites for reading? I expected something melodic, yet dark and I got it. There is kinda mistic feeling in the music of these guys. This record offers ten songs of melodic punkrock, with English speaking lyrics, at times noisy, at times poppy and at times very, very atmospheric. I love Last Day Of My Youth, showing straightforward punkrock, and then turning into something darker with that wicked and catchy guitar melody of the title track which is absolutely one of my highlights of this record. There are no lyrics enclosed but as I understand, they are personal and inspired by the nineties, nature, love and similar themes. Sometimes the songs of this album make me sad, but that is okay. This is a very strong debut album.



(review) Anvil-Legal At Last(AFM Records)


Canadian metal legends Anvil release their brand new full length record with AFM Records. Gotta hand it to Lips and company, they have been persisting since 1978.which became widely known in the funny and heartbreaking documentary Anvil:The Story Of Anvil, that many of us have watched. The new album brings batch of melodic metal/thrash metal songs in Anvil way, with catchy but complex riffs, Lips˙recognizable vocals and some funny themes like ganja, some political themes and some personal related lyrics. For me, the songs that somehow fit best to me are slow and heavy Gasoline, melodic title track and Said And Done. The songs are written well, the album is not boring, and it was a real pleasure to check out these legends again and know that they still persist in their vision of metal.