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Ottawa punks The Fly Downs release new song – Nowhere To Go


Ottawa alt/punk trio The Fly Downs have just released a new single, Nowhere To Go. The track is the 3rd single, and 1 of 13 songs on their upcoming full length, At This Point In Time, which drops April 16th via Thousand Islands Records.

Nowhere To Go is streaming everywhere so please check it out right HERE!

It’s okay to ask for help. No one has done everything on their own. Nowhere To Go is an ode to everyone who has ever had to suck up their pride and do what they had to do to set their course on the right path.
– Jesse Brewer, Guitar/Vocals



About The Fly Downs:

Ottawa’s own Alternative-rock-infused Pop Punk band, The Fly Downs, have been making waves since October of 2016. A little over a year later they would release their well-received first EP, “Pockets Out”. After a release party and a couple more shows, Alex would join in January of 2018, joining forces with Jesse and Shane to bring a new dynamic to the rhythm section, helping set the stones for the future path of the band.

The Fly Downs have not really been compared to other bands, since their style is something of their own. Inspirations from all 3 bandmates mesh into one solid state and contribute to the overall sound and style. Inspirations include many of the bands they have shared the stage with: This Is A Standoff, Ten Foot Pole, The Human Project, The Mahones, W!nslow, and Down By Law to name a few.

The Fly Downs strive to entertain audiences and fans with a high energy and inclusive performance, often igniting group chants and sing-alongs with the audience. Never compromising catchiness for complexity, their songs are composed with a healthy blend of both. The lyrics often have outward-looking subject matter that many can hopefully find themselves in.

With the recent teaming up with Thousand Island Records and subsequent release of their debut full-length album, “At This Point In Time”, The Fly Downs are eager to hit the road again to share their music and make many more friends along the way.

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Thousand Islands Records: Website



A Crime Called unleashes video for the band’s latest, memorable and dynamic single “Drown”! Established on a masterful balance between genuine intensity and cohesively melodic nature, this track impresses with its driving essence, comprised by the A Crime Called‘s proficiency in terms of utilizing the members of the group’s individual musicianship, in the process of developing a well-crafted and instinctively attractive approach towards the creation of a modern, unique and magnetic alternative product, as “Drown” is not only aiming to showcase the undeniable composing talents of A Crime Called, but to also provide an accurate representation of the level of quality that is expected from the formation’s upcoming album – “A New Path” – as well!

(featured band) ANOREXIA ISAN – A deep look into the other side of the coin

ANOREXIA ISAN, the Venezuelan rock band formed by John Bustamante, Ricardo Aumaitre, Marcial Robaina and Jean Luis Rojas, keep themselves releasing material with a common taste: social explicit themes.


Since the release of their most recent LP THE SAD ALBUM, which is a trip through manic depression looking for redemption (which features LINDSAY MCDOUGALL from the Australian punk band FRENZAL RHOMB, and EUGE VALOVIRTA from the metal band CYHRA from Sweden), their recent deal with the indie record label NEPTUNE CROSS PUBLISHING in Washington D.C., and their announcement regarding an upcoming new EP which will be titled RECYBELIA, the band have been sharing material with a common point: videos which cover polemic themes of a global society, with a rock, punk, metal and post-hardcore soundtrack.

While the video for their song A MORNING OVERTURE goes through something which looks like the daily basis of a girl with suicidal thoughts, their most recent video entitled WORDS tries to be a reminder of the Columbine Shootings.

The Columbine shooting (April the 20th, 1999) was, at the time, the worst high school shooting in U.S. history and prompted a national debate on gun control and school safety, as well as a major investigation to determine what motivated the gunmen, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17. Future school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, continue to raise questions about gun control in the United States.

Both works look to be connected in a specific thing: clinic depression and mental health issues. So it seems to be easy to watch them as a call to think about it.

According to their singer and songwriter, John Bustamante, “It is well known for all of us that it is not easy to talk about things like these ones, because it could be really offensive for some people. But is really necessary to make the first attempt and take the first strike. To remain in silence in front of things like these ones, make us partners for possible tragedies. We could avoid a lot of bad stuff just by giving them a voice”.

While we wait for the songs which will be featured on their new EP, RECYBELIA, we invite you to watch both videos, and make your own thoughts about them.
Listen THE SAD ALBUM in Spotify:
Twitter: @Anorexia_isan
Instagram: @Anorexiaisanofficial