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Crossed Keys (ex Kid Dynamite/Good Riddance) released new video for Everything Breaks


Philadelphia’s own Crossed Keys are gearing up to release Saviors, a seven song EP that will appeal to fans of Samiam, The Bomb, and The Loved Ones. The melodic punk quintet features former members of Kid Dynamite, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, and The Curse. Two weeks ago, they released “Times of Grace” a fiery track that plays like a love letter to the ethos of embracing D.I.Y. culture. Today, they are following it up with “Everything Breaks.” Teaming up with D.I.Why? Productions, the band created a playful music video based on the song title. The video features singer Josh Alvarez slugging through his day as everything around him is breaking. You can watch it right now at No EchoSaviors will be released on October 4th via Hellminded Records. Pre-orders are available now.


“Set fire to all that you hold dear, so you don’t have to face your fears,” sings vocalist Joshua Alvarez (Halo of Snakes) in reflection of moving past the things that hold us back.  After playing in numerous bands around Philadelphia over the years, the members of Crossed Keys bring their varied experiences together to create a unique, driving melodic sound.

Alvarez is joined by drummer Dave Wagenschutz (Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance), bassist Andrew Wellbrock (Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer), and guitarists Beau Brendley (The Curse, Kill The Man Who Questions, R.A.M.B.O.) and Dave Adoff (Step Ahead, Jackie Thousand).  “Saviors” was recorded over a weekend in May 2019 at Noisy Little Critter in Downington, PA by Mike Bardzik (Joyce Manor, Kill Your Idols, Spraynard) and mastered at West West Side Music (The Misfits, Converge).

From the wistfulness of “Times of Grace” recalling shared times in basements and firehalls to the frustration of inaction voiced in the title track, “Saviors” is seven tales of gratefulness for all of those moments and people in our lives that led us to this point.

Crossed Keys has played venues all over the tri-state area, supporting bands such as H2O, Dave Hause & The Mermaid, The Lillingtons, Good Riddance, Shades Apart, and Strike Anywhere.


(new single) Assuming We Survive Sign with InVogue Records; New Single/Video “Too Close” Out Now; On Tour with We Were Sharks, Never Loved in Oct/Nov


Southern California rockers Assuming We Survive have signed with InVogue Records. The band has just released a new single and video (“Too Close”) which is streaming everywhere here: https://orcd.co/tooclose.

This fall, fans can catch the band on tour with We Were Sharks (with support from Never Loved on select dates. See tour dates below.

Rock n’ roll subculture is uniquely exciting in terms of the level of crowd participation, interactivity, and accessibility present at most shows. From the early days of the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, clear through to the Descendents and NOFX, the most passionate of players work hard to destroy the perceived boundary between the audiences and the band. “Hey, we’re just fans, too. You could be us.”

Assuming We Survive takes this ethos and amplifies it times infinity, barreling headfirst into each and every aspect of their existence with collective energy and unbridled optimism. Singer Adrian Estrella, armed with unmistakable charisma and good-cheer, will take a literal surfboard into the crowd, riding the physical and metaphorical wave of enthusiasm and electricity present at every single AWS show.

The band’s frontman is united in his goodwill and welcoming vibe with his musical cohorts and fellow Inland Empire, California mainstays: guitarist Phil Adams, guitarist Johnny Silva, and drummer Kris Pasos. Assuming We Survive has generated steady steam and garnered accolades for nearly a decade. But in recent years, AWS has truly come into their own as their dedicated approach spreads their sound across the globe, amassing an army of smiling supporters eager to give the band their all.

It’s a wave of momentum and positivity that has catapulted Assuming We Survive into the Top 50 on the New Artist charts and more importantly into the hearts and minds of a burgeoning crew of like-minded supporters and believers, from the kids who share their love for the band on social media to the band’s contemporaries.

All Roads Lead to Home, the band’s debut full-length was a collection of inspiring jams running the gamut from pop-punk to Easycore, with aggressive energy befitting of the more extreme sides of the underground scene and soaring melodies with unapologetic hooks, catchier than most Top 40 rock radio.

Assuming We Survive songs are a collective testament to the band’s creative diversity, dense musical influences, and willingness to pour themselves into their music. Their songs are earnestly heartfelt. AWS is both motivated and motivating.

AWS has toured with such bands as Falling In Reverse, Attila and Atreyu to name a few, while making the rounds on festival lineups like SXSW, So What?! Music Fest, Vans Warped Tour, Self-Help Festival, and Monster’s Aftershock, where they’ve played alongside bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Good Charlotte, and Real Friends. Assuming We Survive isn’t satisfied until every person in the house is energized, happy, and empowered.

With their last release, CHAPTERS, the band went into the studio with producer Tyler Smyth (Danger Kids, Bless the Fall, Falling In Reverse) with the mentality of making a record that would “break the mold” so to speak.

Now with their recent signing to InVogue Records, Assuming We Survive aims to continue to energize the whole world, one show at a time, channeling energy back and forth with every single fan.


OCT 17 Backstage Bar & Billiards- Las Vegas, NV

OCT 18 The Glass House – Pomona, CA

OCT 20 The Loading Dock- Salt Lake City, UT

OCT 22 Black Sheep- Colorado Springs, CO

OCT 23 18th Street Union- Kansas City, MO

OCT 24 Beat Kitchen- Chicago, IL

OCT 25 The Sanctuary- Detroit, MI

OCT 26 Sneaky Dee’s- Toronto, Canada

OCT 27 The 27 Club- Ottawa, Canada

OCT 29 Middle East- Cambridge, MA

OCT 30 Arlene’s Grocery – New York, NY

OCT 31 Stage West- Scranton, PA

NOV 01 Blind Path Fest 3- Chapel Hill, NC

NOV 02 Smith’s Olde Bar- Atlanta, GA

NOV 03 SOUNDBAR – FYF- Orlando, FL

NOV 05 Empire Control Room & Garage- Austin, TX

NOV 06 Cactus House Odessa, TX

NOV 08 Pub Rock- Scottsdale, AZ

NOV 09 Full Circle Olympic- Fresno, CA

NOV 10 SOMA- San Diego, CA






(review) TRASHED AMBULANCE-Shorthanded(Thousand Islands Records)

Remember Trashed Ambulance from Canada? A while ago we did a review of their record here and an interview with the guys. Now, they have a new release with Thousand Islands Records and I listened and reviewed the record for our zine.


The new record is released also on limited cassette edition so be fast to get it. It contains 6 beautiful melodic punkrock songs, what pleases the most that it sounds more of 90-ies melodic skatepunk, not the metalic technical skatepunk played by most of the newer bands these days, not that I don´t love technical skatepunk, but I prefer this style. The melodies are fine, I love the nice interplay between main vocals and backing vocal harmonies and the mixture of personal serious stuff and humour in the lyrics of the songs. The songs that I somehow dig the most are Open Road, Buy In(excellent song about the scene with super lyrics) and Trash Queen. If you are into honest, melodic, heartwarming punkrock this one is yours and you only need to get it.




69 Enfermos European tour dates and new live video are here!

Classic melodic skatepunk 69 Enfermos from Brasil are getting ready for their second European tour, so check out the dates below and come see and hear them because they are totally worth it.

Also, the guys released a new official live video for classic A Better World recorded at Go! Fest so check out this beauty that captures all of the energy at their shows!


(record review) BRACKET-Too Old To Die Young(Fat Wreck Chords)

Bracket are back with a new record out on Fat Wreck Chords. I listened and reviewed the new one for our zine.


There are 11 songs on the new record and the music of Bracket is good old melodic punkrock, almost pop punk to caress your ears with nice melodies and memorable choruses. Besides Canned From The Food Drive, which we heard prior to the release of this album as a single, which convinced me that the new album is a bit weird because that song has some pleasurable, but weird melody, the other songs are also great. The tempo of the songs is mostly mid tempo with punkrock beat and unusual but awesome singing, cool backing vocals and the songs to keep you smiling on a sunny Saturday afternoon while I listen to this record. My personal favorites are Forget and also Under The Moon, songs that are destined to become part of my eternal playlist.

This album is a great return by the great band and it is a must listen for all the fans of melodic punkrock that love their punkrock melodic and heartwarming.



(news-help needed) IDEAS NEUROTICAS from Argentina are booking shows for the European tour, if you like melodic punkrock help them!

Ideas Neuroticas are melodic punkrock/pop punk band from Bariloche, Argentina.


The band was formed in 2015.and they play really enjoyable version of melody, pop sensibility and punkrock harshness. They released two e.p.-s and you can find them here:


This year they are releasing their third e.p. diy and you will be able to listen to it soon, so stay tuned.

Also what is new, the guys are trying to book the European mini tour for the next year and all of you promoters, clubs, pubs, bands, helpers contact them and please try to help them. You can drop them inbox here on their page:  https://www.facebook.com/ideasneuroticasmc/





Reunited, and it feels soooo good! After a few years apart, BRACKET and FAT are back together, and things are getting serious. After their hook, line, and sinker performance at FAT’s 25th Anniversary party in San Francisco, we knew we had to call dibs on their next album. Boy, are we glad we did! Their ninth full-length, Too Old to Die Young, drops on on May 31st, and it’s a doozy. We don’t want to leave you feeling like a third wheel, so slide on over to our YouTube channel, and listen to “Canned Food Drive.” Then, pre-order your copy today. Check out what Bracket had to say about their upcoming album below:

This album picks up where 1995’s 4 Wheel Vibe and our earliest songs for FAT left off, grabbing a few weird harmonies and world-weary lyrics along the way: eleven songs, recorded in living rooms and garages, each under 3 minutes. Angelo sings two songs, Zack sings one, and we wrote everything together. We recorded it with Fat Mike’s encouragement to stop overthinking our music and record a punk album again. The lyrics are about a band that despite never fitting in or really “making it,” never stopped trying.