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(review) A Part Of Us-Different Stories On The Same Road(This Is Core)

A Part Of Us are melodic hardcore band from Verona, Italy and they just released their new record on This Is Core. I listened and reviewed the record for our zine.


The record contains 8 songs of beautiful fast paced melodic hardcore/skatecore. The music of A Part Of Us is in the vein of more technical bands of the genre like A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out and even Propagandhi but without metal influences. Yet, the guys retained all the energy of punk, rebellion of original hardcore force and I just love this record. One of the album highlights is for sure the single Fake (Social) Stars being fast melodic anthem just made for singin along at the gigs. The vocals are sung, sometimes screamed yet melodic and I just find them beautiful. The musicianship is very tight bursting with lightning energy. I don´t have a lyric sheet, yet as I understand the lyrics are mainly personal and have some social undertones beneath the layers. Other songs that I must recommend as a highlight to the album are This Time Of and Change but all of the songs are just fantastic. This is a great album, so go get this one and support the scene!





(new single-video-melodic hardcore) A Part Of Us Release New Video For “Fake (Social) Stars”!

Digifile 2 ante - taglio per cd dx

Italian melodic hardcore band A Part Of Us is glad to announce the release of the new video “Fake (Social) Stars”, first single taken from the new album “Different Stories On The Same Road” out on June 21st via This Is Core. About the new album the band says: “’Different Stories On The Same Road’ talks about people and their daily struggles. Furthermore the record introduces a critique to the modern society that, by raising public personalities, doesn’t give the right value and meaning to words, acts and to the way people expose and open themselves to the others. All songs are written and recorded by the band, mixed and mastered by simone cristanelli (voice and bass player of the band) in his personal studio. The album is fast, direct and angry”.


The artwork of the album is above and here is the list of songs:

01 Fake (Social) Stars
02 Right Way
03 This Time Of
04 Inside Me
05 Change
06 Back To Life
07 E.F.D.
08 Wasting



(record review) Downway-Last Chance For More Regrets(Thousand Islands Records)

Downway released their new record, first album in 15 years with Thousand Islands Records. I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


This band is from Calgary, Alberta and they were formed in 1994. After five releases, four music videos, they disbanded in 2003. They were reformed for new victories in 2017. and this is the first new music album in 15 years.

The album contains intro plus eleven songs of pure 90-ies melodic punk hardcore which somehow became rare in these modern times, when everyone is playing this more modern technical metalic skatepunk. Well, time stopped and brought us back in the past for this jewel of an album with no holds barred, pure hearted melodic punk hardcore with a lot of awesome melodies, great personal lyrics that everyone can relate to, and above all, superb songwriting. I was totally surprised how excellent this album is, I expected something good, but not this good. If you are a fan of fast, at times mid tempo melodic punk, with nice vocals that express a lot of emotion to the lyrics they sing about, choruses you´ll sing along to, this album is the right one for you. My favorite songs: Black Taxes, Same Sky, Saying Your Name, Punk OG.



(record review) Various Artists-Bridging Oceans (Disconnect Disconnect Rec/Pee Records/Thousand Islands Records/Attractive Records)

This record is in fact a 4 way split between Bare Teeth(France), Nerdlinger(Australia), Down Memory Lane(Canada) and SHAMES(Japan). I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


This record is audible proof that there are no boundaries between diy hardcore punk scenes in all of the world and all of the continents as this one features 4 bands from 4 different continents.

There are 3 songs from each band on this record. Bare Teeth from France are our well known band because we already featured them on the pages of this zine, so I knew what to expect from them, being energetic and technical fast melodic hardcore punk with Storytellers being my favorite from their side of the record.

Down Memory Lane are Canadian veterans being formed in 1994., disbanded and reformed back in 2017. to release new music and full length this year, first after 15 years! I was pleasently surprised by their music, with very melodic and fast punkrock without too much philosophy with nice catchy, almost sad melodies and backing vocal harmonies from heaven! My favorite song from their side: Unknown Veterans.

Australian heroes Nerdlinger were also featured already on our pages, so we are not a stranger to their fast, massive party melodic hardcore mixed with reggae ska parts in some songs, which always brings back a smile to my face. Dual vocals, great melodies, energetic music that makes you moving just fit for a nice Sunday while I am writing this feature. Favorite song: Baseballs.

SHAMES were uknown to me prior to this record, but it is an awesome melodic hardcore punk band in the vein of the 90-ies California bands, meaning speed, melody, at times melancholic guitar lines, great vocals and backing vocals and anthemic choruses. Their music is so good that I listened to their songs for couple of times in a row. Favorite song: Break The Parasite.

Awesome idea, awesome bands, awesome record!






(record review)CF98-Rotten To The Core (Sound Speed Records)

Wow! My favorite Polish band is back with the new e.p. CF98 just released their new record and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


Couple of years has passed since the last record and with this new one, I can safely say that the band sounds tighter and better than ever before. Singer Karolina does an awesome job with melodic vocal lines just made for singing along and waving your fist in the air. There are 5 songs on this record and I can´t really decide which one is the best for me. CF98 come from Poland and play melodic punkrock with emphasis on hardcore side of things with some gang style backing vocals on choruses and I won´t be wrong if I name them melodic hardcore band. From all of the songs hardcore influence is mostly heard in the title track and it is for me simply the best one if I can name some favorites. The lyrics are personal, but there are couple of very good thoughts and positive ideas behind the lyrics and these guys have their hearts and minds in the right places. The second best song on this record is Missing Part somehow making warmth in my heart while listening to the song. I am gonna see these guys play live this Summer and I can´t wait for their show.





(news-tour alert) Canadian Tour May 2019: Hightower (Punk Rock)

The Parisian punk rock band Hightower will be on the Canadian road this Spring passing by the Pouzza Fest.


Since their latest album “Club Dragon“, they’ve been featured on the biggest rock magazine such as Rocksound & Alternative Press and added on more than 35 official playlists on Spotify/Deezer like Top of The Rock, Rock Your Body, The Scene, French Noise, Pop Punk’s Not Dead, Rock Rotation. Their single “The Party” is now reaching 1.2 millions. They joined Daggermouth (CA) for their first European Tour last Spring and spent some time to french festivals. You can also find them on some skateboard video games or in Hot Topic’s playlists in the US. Very soon, you’ll find them in Canada.



(record review)Edward In Venice-Empathy(Lockjaw Records)

Edward In Venice play melodic hardcore and come from Italy. I listened and reviewed for our zine their brand new record out with Lockjaw Records.

Empathy artwork

They played Punk Rock Holiday in 2016., but I missed their show due to mingling with people that are dear to me, so I knew nothing about this band until I listened to this new record. They had some line-up changes, the new guitarist entered the band and gave some fresh blood and energy to the guys. The new one is in fact an e.p. containing 7 songs. What I admire this guys about is that they don´t play your usual straight to head tupa tupa fast punk hardcore skatepunk, although there is nothing wrong with it, but they rather chose a different approach and they play smart melodic modern hardcore punk with many tempo changes, heartfelt singalong choruses and overall melodies that put smile upon your face. The lyrics are in English and as I understand, they are all personal. The vocals are somehow singing with the sensibility and emotion of pop punkrock and sometimes turn into ferocious hardcore screaming which fits really well into the song structures. I can hear both Rise Against and hardcore bands of the 90-ies implemented in the music of Edward In Venice, yet they remained themselves not the third rated copy of the above mentioned bands. Good record!