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(review) Four Year Strong-Brain Pain(Pure Noise Records/Soulfood)


384573Worcester`s Four Year Strong are releasing their fifth album with Pure Noise Records. The record contains 12 songs. Four Year Strong deliver strong punch with their energetic mixture of melodic hardcore and punkrock, even pop punk. From calm and atmospheric start of It`s Cool which evolves into melodic hardcore groove, there are also some rock influences in the guitar work of Get Out Of My Head. That simple guitar riff evolves into more complex melodic hardcore song. The harsh scream at the start of Crazy Pills led me to believe this was going to be something brutal, but actually the song is pretty much melodic. Here I must once more say that the vocalist for this band is one of the best in the genre, capable of transforming the voice from sheer brutality to gentle melody. One of my favorites on the record is Talking Myself In Circles with stomping playful bass line all through the song. Learn To Love The Lie is a song for which video was made, it is the most melodic and most hit potential catchy song on the record, so it was logical to make it a single. The title song is also one of my favorites on the record with fast pure hardcore punk parts and harmonies made in heaven. Mouth Full Of Dirt is fantastic, anthemic, I listened to it couple of times in a row, a lesson how modern melodic hardcore should sound like. Seventeen is a nostalgic ode to which I can relate to, when we were little hardcore kids, with not a care in the world, thinking we can conquer the world. Be Good When I´m Gone is a very sad song, reminded me of my Mom who passed away twenty years ago. The Worst Part About Me has that hitting groove riff, but also makes your skin crawl with pleasure when listening to the combining dual vocal lines. Usefully Useless is a song about trying to change, but not always making it, the lyrics are great fit perfectly to tempo and song arrangement. Young At Heart is a bit different song, more atmospheric, gentle and calm, almost ballad, but awesome nonetheless. This is a great album.




(review) In Case Of Ire-In Case Of Ire


In Case Of Ire are coming from Sweden and that country has a great tradition in delivering awesome melodic hardcore punk bands such as No Fun At All, Millencolin, Satanic Surfers…

This is their debut e.p. and it contains 4 songs of fast melodic hardcore punk not unlike the above mentioned bands. The lyrics are rather personal, but nicely written and there are also some hardcore influences like in awesome Resistance Is Futile. The vocal harmonies are good, the hardcore energy on which we all feed is here, and you can check this one out, if you love your hardcore energetic and melodic, you will not want to miss this one.



(review) Laughing In The Face Of-Here Lies Ordinary(Lockjaw Records)

LITFO Here Lies Ordinary Album Cover

Second full length album of Birmingham veteran skatepunks Laughing In The Face Of comes with Lockjaw Records. Silly me, I must admit I didn`t know about this band prior to this record, but here I am, correcting that mistake. These 12 songs deliver melodic hardcore punch, done with conviction and experience. This band mixes nod of respect to the old school nineties skatepunk on which we all grew up, yet making it accessible and more technical for the new millenia, doing catchy but complex song structures, almost thrash metal riffs in some parts, I can also hear some nwobhm Maiden riffing in some song structures, topping it off with great vocals, sometimes gang singalong backing vocals and fantastic harmonies that make my skin crawl with joy. This is a beautiful album for all of you who are fans of bands like The Human Project, Fair Do˙s and similar bands. For me, the best songs: The Regression Session, Bullshit With A Smile, The Insane Continue.




(new single) The Amity Affliction released the new single and here are the tour dates!


Australia´s top modern hardcore band The Amity Affliction released the new single from the upcoming new album Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them due out on 21.02.2020. Soak Me In Bleach is somewhat different, more melodic song and hope you enjoy it like we did.


16.02. – DE – Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn – AUSVERKAUFT
17.02. – AT – Arena Wien – AUSVERKAUFT
19.02. – CH –  Solothurn – Kofmehl
20.02. – DE – Munich  – Tonhalle – AUSVERKAUFT
21.02. – DE – Oberhausen, DE – Turbinnehallen – AUSVERKAUFT
22.02. – DE – Wiesbaden, DE – Schlachthof – AUSVERKAUFT
04.03. – DE – Hamburg – Grosse Freiheit – AUSVERKAUFT
05.03. – DE – Berlin, – Huxleys
06.03. – DE – Leipzig, Taubchenthal – AUSVERKAUFT

(review) Omaha-IV(Morning Wood Records)


Canadian skatepunkers Omaha released their strong new record with Morning Wood Records. Toronto based punks were joined by their love for punk and hardcore creating this beast of a band, blending technical prowess with melodic energy of fast skatepunk, thus making a whole which is hard to break into pieces and define which song is stronger and better. The guitar work is just fantastic with metalic riffs joining punk simplicity proving that able bands can make something quite amazing and not being boring or too progressive for haters of more complicated music. The vocal department is also superb, with vocalist singing melodies but not being too cheesy or poppy. Backing harmonies are done with style and beauty. This is a fantastic skatepunk record. Favorite songs: Karma Suits Ya, Falling Down, Cry Wolf.


(review) Anti-Lam Front vs Headless Frank-e.p.


This is in fact a split e.p between Norwegian Anti-Lam Front whom we talked about already couple of times on the pages of this zine and Swedish Headless Frank. Both bands deliver two songs on the record. Anti-Lam Front play mighty melodic hardcore punk with lyrics in their langauge and I am surprised how this band manages to give me goosebumps anytime I listen to their music. Whether their mighty live set at this year˙s Punk Rock Holiday or on the records, these guys just rule. I love Litt av en Khan, god damn it, it is on repeat for days. Headless Frank play Swedish school of melodic punk hardcore like it was played in the 90-ies with lyrics in English and I love Hardships, this song touched me with lyrics and melody. Great little e.p.


(review) Authority Zero-Live At Rebel Lounge


Time flies, who would have thought that this is already 25th birthday of our favorite Arizona sons called Authority Zero. What better way to celebrate than with live album which represents practically all parts of their career, hits that made them loved and respected by hordes of fans in the world. What I love about this live record that it captures all the rawness of hardcore punk this band provides in their basics added with all the melody and reggae parts and of course tight musicianship making them one unstoppable force to reckon with. The non stop singing along by the crowd made goosebumps on my skin while listening to this one. All the older hits like One More Minute, Over Seasons, Mesa Town, Revolution are here, but also new hits like When We Rule The World and Broadcasting To The Nations. This is a great document celebrating the birthday of this much loved band.