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(review) Down Memory Lane – Breathing


Down Memory Lane are in no way strangers to the pages of this zine. Montreal based melodic hardcore punk band released their new e.p. There are eight songs on this one, last being cover of The Beatles. I dare say that this new e.p. is the best one this band released yet, music is still fast and energetic hardcore punk, but with so much melody, speed, vigor and fantastic main and backing vocal harmonies. Lyrics are a perfect mixture of personal and political. My personal favorites are White House and Pandemic Rockabye, I listened to latter for many times in a row and still am in awe of this song. But, all of the material is just superb if you love your hardcore punk melodic and uplifting. For sure, one of the top ten releases which came out this year of the genre.


(review) They Stay Dead-REGRESSION E.P.


They Stay Dead  are hailing from Oklahoma and this is their new e.p. containing 3 songs.  Their Bandcamp says hard rock from retired skatepunks and that led me to something totally different than the music on this record really is. These three songs are pure melodic hardcore punk with speed, ferociousness, a bit metalic sound, I can even here some nwobhm in guitar work of Shiny Things. But, for me the best song on the record is fast, melodic and straightforward Zipped Up, being most hardcore punk song on this record. The third song Plague Bearer is kinda most complex with middle part of almost mathematical changes and metalic sounding. This one is good one. Go try!


(review) Fastloud-Dive In A Life


Fastloud are hailing from Barcelona, Spain and this is their new record. On this record we get 10 songs of fast skatepunk/melodic hardcore punk. I love this record, it is just the way I like such music, simple, fast, no pretending and having great melodies in vocal lines, cool harmonies and catchy songs made for singing along or humming to the melody. They remind me a lot of all those old school Epitaph and Fat bands in the glorious nineties, meaning No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Nofx and similar, having a lot of fire and passion in their songs. The lyrics are personal and I think anyone of us can relate to them, they are not coded messages in slowed down songs, hehe. My personal favorites on this record are: The 4th Wall, Strangers and Side By Side.