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(new video) Sunset Radio have a new video out for Givin´It Up!


“Givin’It Up” is the first single taken from the upcoming EP completely self-produced by Sunset Radio  and out in March 2020 via Pan Music Production (ITA), Seahorse Studio (ITA) and Far Channel Records (JAP). The video, directed by Filippo Cinotti, was shot in the Centurione Klan gym  in Ravenna and was born from a close collaboration between the band and the World Champion of Muay Thai Sveva Melillo, the protagonist in first person of the video.

“‘Givin’It Up’ is an invitation not to give up, not to give up in the face of the worst difficulties, to grit your teeth and fight, always” says the frontman Andrea Neri “Precisely for this reasonwe turned to Sveva to take part in the video as protagonist. We have our fears and often the latter are right inside ourselves but it’s not always easy to face them. Life hits hard, throws us to the ground day after day, but the important thing is to react, get up, because ‘for every bad day you’ll have there will always be a better one ‘”.

The song – like all the EP – was recorded at Seahorse Studio in Ravenna by Fabrizio Panbarco, and mixed  by the same at Pan Music Production in Turin. Many thanks to Sveva Melillo, Stefano Naldi, Gaia Martini and all the Centurione Klan Staff.


(review) Not Now Mark-My Revolution(Lostdog Records)


Lostdog Records is a small diy label from Italy promoting punkrock bands and this time they released the new record by Not Now Mark. The record contains 6 songs of nice and melodic punkrock done in the vein of pop punk bands like Descendents or a little bit of Ramones too can be heard in the song structures. The vocals are nice and fit perfectly, backing vocal harmonies too. This is nothing new, nothing unheard, but it works every time for me if done properly and this record is great. The lyrics are in English and deal with everyday personal themes to which we can all relate to. This band could fit perfectly playing at Punk Rock Holiday and would do good at the Beach stage and it would be great to see and hear them play there because it is such music. The songs that I somehow liked the most on this one are Apathy, My Revolution and Stop Your Lies.


(new video) JX ARKET released a new video for Faded Colors

Remember JX ARKET? We recently reviewed their new record. Italian post-hardcore act JX ARKET has released a new video for the track “Faded Colors”, new single taken from the album “About Existence” available now via Antigony Records. The video was directed by the crew RATAVÖLOIRA.

The album consists of 7 Post-Hardcore/Metal tracks with sounds reflective of the late 1990s-early 2000s, for fans of Thursday, Saosin, Finch e Glassjaw.
You can listen and buy the album in physical and digital on Antigony Records’s Bandcamp and in every digital store at this link.


(review) JX ARKET-About Existence(Antigony Records)


Antigony Records released the new album by JX ARKET, the band from Turin, Italy. This band was formed in 2016.and they play a mixture of post hardcore with melodic emotional hardcore punk like bands from end of the 90-ies, early 2000-s used to play. This album is beautiful and it suits me just right on this sunset as I write these lines. There are seven songs on the record and some of them are crushing with their rolling drums, thundering guitars, sad screams and turning into fantastic melodies bringing melancholy to the front of the song structure.  Weeping Willow, Void And Pain, also Mountains are somehow the highlights of the album for me. I would like to say that vocalist impressed me very much being able to deliver brutality, melancholy and sadness with aggression at the same time. This album is one of the jewels in the crown of the Italian underground scene, so go grab it and have a listen, you will not regret it!


(news) Browbeat released their cover version of Madball`s Hold it Down, check it out!


Italian hardcore/metal act Browbeat has revealed today their personal version of the famous Madball track “Hold It Down”. About the new track, the band says: “Our own personal tribute to an NYHC legend. A band that has strongly influenced our music and that we had the honour to share the stage with during the summer. STAY HC!!!”. The new album “Remove The Control”, is available now in physical and digital via Indelirium Records.

01. The New Slavery Nation (Intro)
02. The Labor Blackmail
When The Profit Kills
04. A Forgotten Number
05. Underpaid
06. Nothing More And Nothing Less
07. A Personal War
08. The Power Of The Few
09. The Suffocated Rights
10. Remove The Control… Till Death!