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(review) Arcane Objective – You Were Always Alone

Arcane Objective is an entity hailing from Philadelphia and this opus contains 11 songs. The music of Arcane Objective can be described as industrial full of electronic use, leaning more on electronic side of things than on industrial metal side. In fact, song structures are written as industrial metal, but instead of guitars, Arcane Objective uses electronics and believe me, maybe I will sacrilege now, but I must say it sounds fantastic. Vocals are distorted sounding more like a nightmare from damaged brain than singing and I love it. This apocalyptic soundscape is perfect soundtrack to the ending of humanity taken over by machine perfection and consistency, removing all false humanity and flesh aside. Recommended songs: Panic, Salvation.


(review) Manntra – Monster Mind Consuming


It is time for Croatian band to grace the pages of this zine again. Manntra just released their brand new record and it was time for me to listen and find out what are the new songs like.

There is an intro invocation plus ten songs on this opus. Although this band is firmly rooted in some folk metal song structures this new record is so much more. Songs are very melodic just made for singing along and humming long after you finish listening to the record. Besides this, there are also lots of industrial influenced song structures, also melodic gothic parts, even some classic rock and pop influences are clear in the song structures. But, most important, this is well written, well played and quality modern folk metal album, Vocals are fantastic, also backing vocal harmonies are superb. My personal favorites are Voices of the Sea and I Want To Eat You which is instant hit upon first listening makes me wanna listen to it again and again. This band always delivers great music! Go listen!

(review) The Order Of The Fly – Into This Abyss


The Order Of The Fly is a proof of versatility and richness of horror punk scene. This band is celebrating their 20th anniversary of mischief and what better way to celebrate it than with the new album.

This band from San Bernardino led by Ralphie Repulsive on bass and vocals, always was one of my favorite horror punk bands. Why? Because they mix horror punk, hardcore, metal, industrial, gothic and even EBM in their songwriting creating dark and thickened atmosphere, almost you can feel it and touch it while listening. Yet, they retained a lot of melodies at the same time still holding on to their punk and hardcore roots thus delivering the best from both worlds.

This new album contains 15 songs carrying the story, couple of them being kind of interludes, making and creating atmosphere for the continuation of the main storyline in lyrics. Ralphie is screaming, whispering, singing and his vocals are soo fantastic, I love how they fit perfectly to the different songs and their atmosphere. Dual synth work is superb, guitar riffs catchy, metallic and thick, backing vocal harmonies awesome like they should be in this kind of bands. Double bass on drums, fast parts, slower rolling songs are totally fit for the album and this band will just never disappoint. Favorite songs: Pull You Under, The Persistence Of Vermin, Ashes.