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(review) Ariel View-Until My Lungs Are Cleared(Epitaph)


Ariel View released their new album for Epitaph Records. This band from South California plays interesting melodic indie mixed with pop and punkrock giving their music interesting, fresh and lovely approach. I swear that I can even hear some doo wop old school influences in some songs, like I hear for example in Pretty Flowers, one of my favorites on this album. There are 11 beautiful songs featured on this record and this band is living proof that being hard and tough is not everything in todays music scene. You can also be creative, intense, emotional, melodic and dreamy like these songs are without sacrificing beauty for brutality.  Songs like Gone, New York or the title track are sure going to make you fan of this band like they worked on me. If you love music like this, go get this one.



(review) Audio Karate-Malo(Wiretap Records)


The long awaited third album by Audio Karate is out now with Wiretap Records. The record contains 8 songs of melodic, emotional punkrock. The music of this band can be put into same drawer like for example The Menzingers, Nothington or Flatliners, but Audio Karate is specific because they somehow managed to keep their own signature brand style like great emotional voice in the vocal lines, some almost spacy melancholic and atmospheric parts like for example in Sin Cuchillo guitar lines. I am glad that they got back after they went to hiatus and did some other music projects because this new album proves that the guys still have dynamite in their bones. If you are into indie influenced and almost sad pop influenced great melodic punk then the songs like Get Mendoza or Room Down The Hallway are sure to become your favorites and I would recommend that you listen to this album couple of times and every time you will discover something new and cherishable for your pleasure.


(review) The Menzingers-Hello Exile(Epitaph Records)


Philadelphia based The Menzingers released their brand new studio album with Epitaph Records. I must admit that I was not a fan of such punkrock when I was younger, because I considered it slow music for nerds and pussies. Now, I think different and I love this band. They mix cleverly melodic emotional punkrock with indie and pop influences and they do it in an interesting and great way. There are 12 songs on the record with nice melodies, harmonic backing vocal lines, and I love the feeling of melancholy and sadness that somehow travels through the record, the songs give that vibe. The lyrics are mainly personal, but there are some subtle political tones like in for instance great America(You´re Freaking Me Out) and I must also name some other songs that are kinda highlights for me, that would be Anna, then the title song, ballad I Can`t Stop Drinking and great Strangers Forever. This is a good album, give it a try.


(News) New project from Montreal-Enrico Pallazzo-first single

Enrico Pallazzo, the new French solo project of Lost Love’s Olivier Thériault, releases his first single. The power-pop track is called ”Comment maquiller une scène de crime” (How to cover up a crime scene) and is available on all digital platforms.

(review) Tio Rico-Shit Show Pony(Horn & Hoof Records)


Tio Rico are from Manchester, UK and this is their debut record coming out with Horn & Hoof Records. Formed in 2014.Tio Rico released  3 singles and an e.p. This is their first full length album and it contains 11 songs. The music of Tio Rico can simply be categorized as punk. It is a kind of dirty, rawer sounding version of punk, yet keeping enough melody in verses, guitars and choruses to be called melodic punk. There are some indie and pop influences here and there with some garage punk and noise too. The vocals are raspy, raw, but sing and fit perfectly to the music. The lyrics are personal and I think all of us can relate to the themes of the songs. The songs that I somehow find the best on the album are Plastic, Mon Femme and Don´t Tell Me To Smile. This is a good debut album and I am interested to see how they will sound in the future.


Sleave’s Debut Album ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ Out Now


Richmond, VA’s SLEAVE have just released their debut album ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ on UK indie label Engineer Records.

Formed in 2016, Sleave began after Julien Robert and Charlie Bowen met at a party, where they quickly bonded over a shared interest in punk and alternative music. A series of impromptu jam sessions at Julien’s parent’s house during the fall of 2015 quickly turned into a full project. During this time, Sam Mclelland joined the band on bass and in January of 2016, Sleave officially formed.

The band’s presence grew steadily over the next two years, in which they debuted two releases (‘Gold EP 2016’ and Better Now/Empty Talk 7” 2017) and played countless shows in and around Richmond. The band then took a performing hiatus in 2018 to record what was rumored to be their first full-length album. The band worked tirelessly with the help of Pedro Aida of Audio Verite Studios and Andreas Magnusson, both of whom they had worked with on previous releases. During this time, Daniel Salinas replaced Sam Mclelland on bass; and the current Sleave lineup was formed.

Finally, in June 2019, Sleave announced their partnership with UK label Engineer Records, and that their first album was finally completed.
‘Don’t Expect Anything’ was released today.

Music videos:

“Swept”: http://bit.ly/2kobiCo

“Check Myself: http://bit.ly/2kGi9aF

“Homebound”: http://bit.ly/2kpCjFx

Sleave on DSPs:

Apple Music






(review) Foxhall Stacks-The Coming Collapse(Snappy Little Tunes)


Foxhall Stacks is a punkrock supergroup, although I hate that word. Its members are former or active members of bands like Jawbox, Government Issue, Bad Religion…and this is their debut album with Snappy Little Tunes. The veterans from Washington DC released 10 beautiful songs of a mixture of pop, punkrock, emo and indie with nice melodies, catchy choruses, songs to make you smile and make you better if you had a rough day like I did today. The songs on this record are somehow an amalgamation and vision of all the bands members play or have played in with emotion, guts, grit and melody. Not all songs are top, but there are more great songs than average songs. Me personally find The Reckoning, The Old Me, Top Of The Pops somehow the best with most of the other songs being awesome too apart from some too rockish songs like Do It Yesterday. This is a good band.