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(review) Banane Metalik – No Surrender


Banane Metalik are back with a new opus! French purveyors of gore n roll are again spreading their gore soaked mixture of hardcore punk, metal and psychobilly. New line-up has been around for a while and it seems that the chemistry in the band is perfect judging by the musical approach. New e.p. contains hits like No Surrender being up tempo straight forward anthem of horror with perfect matching video from Hellfest. My personal favorite is Rock Out, a hymn dedicated as tribute to Motorhead and legend Lemmy. Dance is a track somehow most reminding of old school Banane Metalik when they leaned more in horrorbilly than metal and punk. Singer Ced sounds superb and rest of the band is strong and convincing. I can only imagine how this new stuff sounds live, I saw Banane Metalik only once, in Ljubljana back in 2013 when they played their re-union show. Let There Be Rock is a nice horror tribute to AC/DC hehe. Go get this one and support the horror scene.

(record review)Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space-All these fiendish things

BZFOS are back! And what a return it is! The new record rocks out with all guns blazing. I was lucky to listen and review it for our zine.

Who is not familiar with the name, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space are from Vienna, Austria and have been around for quite a while delivering their gore soaked horrorbilly albums led by drummer/vocalist Richie, avid horror movie maniac!

2019 - All These Fiendish Things

Now, the brand new album offers couple of surprises. First, there is a new line-up. Besides new bassist the band recruited the new drummer and held their first gig at the record release with Richie solely concentrating on vocal duties. The second surprise is the change in the music of the band. For me, the change went for even better than previous albums. The music on this album is in my opinion more melodic, more sinister and has more horrorpunk and shock rock oriented song structures and not so much psychobilly like before. The lyrics are still great with a lot of serial killer, gore, tongue in cheek dark humour and Richie sings better than ever and the riffs, melodies and anthemic choruses make my skin crawl with  goosebumps now after listening to the record three times in a row. For me the best songs on the record are This Ain˙t No Halloween Costume, Rebel Heart and Don`t Answer The Phone, but all of the 12 songs plus intro are the strongest and best material of this band since 2010. This is for sure one of my candidates for the album of the year!






(record review)Motel Transylvania-Motel Transylvania(Undead Artists)

Samhain has passed for this year, but there is no reason why we shouldn˙t continue with some horrorbilly, don˙t you agree? I listened and reviewed the new Motel Transylvania record out on Undead Artists for this zine.


As you guessed, the guys play horrorbilly, a mixture of psychobilly and horrorpunk and are hailing from Italy. There are 13 songs on this new record and it rocks! The music kinda reminds me of better known Austrians Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, even vocally in some songs. The songs are melodic and varied, from the faster psychobilly of the title track, accross the twisted evil sounding doo wop of Beyond the Lights, and straight horrorpunk anthems like 4 or The Night Of The Living Dead and rock n roll of It˙s Not So Bad. . I would like very much to check out these guys live, I am sure they put on hell of a show with this fine songs. I love this record.