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Teenage Bottlerocket are releasing a split single with Human Robots!

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The split 7” comes out on September 6th, and you can pre-order it today! Additionally, TBR will be tearing it up, headlining the FAT TOUR, which kicks off this month! Check out what Ray Bottlerocket had to say about the 7” and teaming up with his son Milo, below.

“Hello all! When Teenage Bottlerocket was at the Blasting Room working on “Stay Rad,” my son Milo came to the studio and recorded two songs with his band Human Robots. It wasn’t hard getting his band together, because Milo plays all the instruments and sings on the two songs he wrote. I guess it’s a one-man band (yes, he has no friends). His songs turned out great, and we somehow convinced Fat Wreck Chords to release a split 7” featuring the TBR songs “Olivia Goes to Bolivia” and “Everything To Me,” as well as the Human Robots songs “Step On Em All” and “I Want to Hang Out With You.” Chris Shary did the artwork, and it all turned out great. This is the best split since Taco Bell teamed up with KFC! I love sharing this rock n roll life with my son, Milo. Look out world; Human Robots are stoked to shred and ready to party!”

Speaking of party, the 2019 Fat Tour is just around the corner. Come hang out with us, Mean JeansClowns and Jen Pop (The Bombpops)!!


30 Aug in Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
31 Aug in Tempe, AZ @ Pub Rock Live (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
02 Sep in Harlingen, TX @ Hop Shop (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
03 Sep in Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
04 Sep in San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
05 Sep in Austin, TX @ Barracuda (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
06 Sep in Fort Worth, TX @ MASS (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
07 Sep in Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
08 Sep in Kansas City, KS @ Riot Room (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
09 Sep in St. Louis, MO @ Fubar (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
10 Sep in Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)
11 Sep in Green Bay, WI @ Lyric Room (Fat Tour w/ Mean Jeans, Clowns, & Jen Pop)

21 Sep in Homestead, PA, US @ The Lots at Sandcastle – Punk In Drublic Fest
01 Nov in Gainesville, FL, US @ FEST 2019 November 1st-3rd
14 Nov in Osaka, Japan @ Fandango
15 Nov in Nagoya, Japan @ Huck Finn
16 Nov in Tokyo, Japan @ Koenji High
17 Nov in Tokyo, Japan @ Koenji High
18 Nov in Hiroshima, Japan @ Conquest
19 Nov in Fukuoka, Japan @ Kieth Flack

(horror movie) Lucio Fulci´s Voices From Beyond, a hit or failure?

I love Lucio Fulci, I consider him a horror movie visionary and one of the most important Italian and European horror movie directors and authors of all time.

But, I can´t say that I love all of his work, because there are some of his movies that I just can´t digest. This is one of those movies. The story surrounds a murder of one wealthy man and his spirit tries to connect with his daughter to help her find and bring his murderers to justice. This is not bad story, but the realization is a disaster. This one was absolute slow and boring movie, I caught myself watching the clock asking myself when it is finally going to end. The acting is bordering between total wooden characters and just plain bad. The music is decent like in most Italian horror movies.

What I love about Fulci is that he was never afraid to show some shocking and brutal gore scenes in his movies. Unfortunately here are almost no kill and gore scenes apart from one autopsy scene and couple of visions of zombies eating a guy and that is it. The characters are too poor written and some of them, including the main antagonist are too sleazy becoming almost too charicature of themselves. The ending and motives for murder are not so clear and it all ends like it started, rather plain and bad and you feel cheated after watching this one. Why cheated? Because you expected something more and greater from Fulci. But, all is not that black, because there are still more legendary and great Lucio Fulci flicks than the bad ones.

Try with House By The Cemetary, The Beyond or City Of The Living Dead and discover the whole beauty of his classic works. Don´t Torture A Duckling and Zombi 2 are not to be missed so take your time, dear fiendettes and fiends and dive into Italian master of gore giallo and horror movies.

(book)Benedict J Jones-Hellship


Benedict J Jones is a UK writer and this is his first book that I read. It came out via awesome The Sinister Horror Company.

The book is a horror novela set in the time of World War Two. I love horror movies and books which take place in world war, so I was pleased to set my paws on this one and read it in two days, better say nights. The story starts on the Japanese Imperial warship where Japanese soldiers and sinister priest execute prisoners of war and as a reader, you immediately have bad feeling that something is going to be wrong.

We move the story couple of weeks further and join the few desperate survivors of torpedoed ship as they struggle with the elements, hunger and thirst. They find the abandoned Japanese ship, board it, and then strange things start to happen.

This is a really short novella which has too many characters and my main dislike about this story is the not enough charaterization of the people involved, main protagonists. The gore and action scenes are really awesome and nicely done, but it all ends too early and leaves us with too many question marks over our heads. Was there limited number of pages for this book, asked by the publisher? Was there some rule that the book should end so early? I don´t know. It is a decent piece of wartime horror novela with action and movie like scenes in there, but it could have been so much better.




The only movie about astral out of body projection in the horror genre that I have seen so far is Insidious, so I was eager to see how Astral will turn out. Starring Frank Dillane(Fear The Walking Dead) and Vanessa Grasse(Leatherface), this movie is about the metaphysics student Alex who tries to cope with the death of his mother. When he tries to reach out to her through the astral projection, he gets way more than he wanted….

The one thing that bothered me a lot concerning this movie when watching is actual slowness. Nothing important happens in the first half an hour,. Then after Alex and his friends decide to record his alleged astral projections, weird shit starts to happen. There are some spooky scenes with shadow people starting to appear and making Alex and his friends desperate for help.

Suddenly, the shadow people follow Alex everywhere and the movie finally gets creepy and turns into a psychological horror or mindfuck horror.

The ending of the movie was okay, but a bit too sped up after dragging first half of the movie. Decent, but waay to slow!



(interview)The Lillingtons: About wisdom of the stars and cosmic horror!

The Lillingtons are one of my favorite bands and I was really happy when at this year´s Punk Rock Holiday we got the chance to interview Kody in an unusual but awesome interview. Read here!

We are here with Kody from The Lillingtons and the talk of the day is your new album Stella Sapiente. If I am correct it means Wisdom of the Stars?

Yeah, exactly.


The new album is way different for me as a listener from your previous material. It is darker, grittier, but with some pop influenced melodic undertones lying beneath it all. So, can you tell me where did you draw the inspiration for that darker, grittier sound?

I don´t know, I think it was just, the older I got, with time I got more interested in heavier music, we were kinda being used to being known for being pop punk band. I think it just kinda got old for us, like our heart wasn´t in it anymore. When we did this record, we were like, let´s do something new, that we can get started on.

I really loved it. Compared to your older material, for me it is way better because I like that dirtier, darker sound, there are almost some Satanic, ritual undertones in there.

Yeah, indeed!


Is there some deeper philosophy or concept behind the lyrics?

Yeah, there is meaning behind lot of the lyrics. There is some Satanic undertones, couple of us practice black magic and stuff.

Are you into LaVeyan Satanism, all the Church of Satan stuff?

I think LaVey is good!

Yeah, LaVey and his works are really great inspiration for me. I studied really all of his works.

Yeah, I like that stuff, it´s definitely when I got into it I was introduced through stuff like LaVey and I just kept reading about different things, I just kinda take what makes sense to me.

Your album is just way different than the other bands from Fat Wreck Chords catalog, your new album is more original sounding than many other bands on the label. It´s not pop punk, it´s not melodic hardcore, it´s, how should I put it, The Lillingtons sound. You also did a video for Insect Nightmares and it is a very spooky video, you starred in that video and I really loved, I also love the opening melodic theme riff from that song.

That´s cool man!


I read somewhere that you are afraid of insects, like bugs and stuff, they really terrify me!

I´m not a big fan of bugs and when we shot that video, we used like real cockroaches and all kinds of shit. The other guys had that idea for the video, before I came down. I am like 40 minutes away from the place we did it and they told me, hey we went to the pet store and we got some cockroaches, we got this and that, and we got giant spider and I said take the fuckin spider back, or I´m not coming!

So, those are all real life bugs, not some special cgi effects?

No, those are all real live bugs! That was pretty weird.

Some people connect you to horrorpunk scene. Did you ever feel yourselves as a part of the horrorpunk scene?

I don´t know, I don´t really get horrorpunk, I mean I know what it is, I know there´s bands like Horrorpops and shit like that, I don´t know if that´s considered part of it or not, I love The Misfits, I think they˙re the best!

I like Blitzkid too! They´re from Virginia, but are now defunct as a band, Goolsby and TB doing their solo stuff and playing with other bands.

Yeah, cool!

You also have some Lovecraftian inspired lyrics on the record, this is my favorite horror writer, I really studied his work, I also love all the authors from Lovecraftian circle like August Derleth and Clark Ashton Smith, I am big fan of the cosmic horror concept and philosophy of the Ancient Ones and Older Ones, so you also love that stuff?

Yeah, there are some people that believe Lovecraft was tapping into something more through his stories, that he was like tapping into different dimensions.

Exactly, Robert E. Howard also believed that he was a living transmitter between the dimensions like between the Hyperborean Age and our dimension.

Yeah, him too!


So, are you into horror movies? I personally prefer older stuff, like Hammer Horror Pictures?

Yeah, I like all of that stuff! What was that movie The Devil Rides In?

I think you mean The Devil Rides Out.

Yes, that one is great!

I used to run a web  page dedicated to horror movies and all horror culture and I believe that most of the nowadays, how should I put it, commercial horror movies for wide audiences that are playing in the cinema, lost the magic and lost the vibe. I mean, they look nice with all the effects but in the end there is no vibe and real horror in there.

There is definitely a lot more character in the old ones.

This is the second leg of your European tour, you were here in June, and now you´re back for the second time?

We came over for six or seven dates the first time. We are in Europe for the first tour.

How was the feedback on the tour?

It was actually pretty good, all the shows were great!


I saw you play here last year with Teenage Bottlerocket and it was one of the most emotional moments for me when you played Tony Sly´s Via Munich for Brandon and for Tony.

Ray grew up with Brandon and they were part of each other´s lives and to lose him, I don´t think I can imagine all the pain.

I also lost a younger sister and my Mom died from grief afterwards so I can imagine how Ray felt.

One last question, are there any urban legends in Wyoming where you are from that you could perhaps share with us?

Fuck, I don´t know really. I don´t think there is anything, like Jersey Devil type of stuff, you know? I´m not sure, I do like the Mothman legend, though, the story behind all that stuff is just awesome.

Thank you very much Kody! We are really looking forward to your show later on!

Thanks, see you at the show!












(record review)EPITAPH ROMANCE-“When cemeteries become cathedrals”

Recently we featured Epitaph Romance in this webzine, their reissued album in our reviews. Now, it was about time for us to listen to the new material and review it in this webzine.


The Texan finest horrorpunk band outdone themselves this time, delivering the record with 13 songs full of gore, blood, anthemic choruses, made for singing along and songs made for your moshing pleasure. I listened to the whole album with gory pleasure, but there are some songs on the album that I loved the most, and I will concentrate on those here in this review. First one is “We are the dead”, classic melodic horrorpunk song with metal touch in guitar solo and fast verse meeting the anthemic mid tempo chorus. “I cast you out” is another favorite of mine, with chorus made for singing along. What I like is that this band uses a lot of samples between the songs, samples from the horror movies and I love it when the band does that on their record. “Darkest depths” is a long but in no way boring song, as it is a perfection of dark melody. “Final destination” is another great song with strong structure and delivered in your face. “Your cities will be your tombs” closes the album in a propriate, gory and bloody way and you should check out this metal influenced horrorpunk Texas band and their opus.


Epitaph Romance on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EpitaphRomance/



(record review)Running From Daylight-“Elvis Ain´t Dead Yet”

Running From Daylight are coming from London, Ontario and they play interesting combination of horrorbilly and horrorpunk. I listened and reviewed their recently published new album for my webzine.


The album contains 7 songs of melodic horrorbilly pumping your fist up in the air and howling with joy when you hear the melody and anthem such as “Full Moon Rising” or “Dead Man´s Crossing”. This is nothing new or revolutionary but I loved every single minute of this record. Production wise, the album is awesome, courtesy of Ryan Izzard at The Music Farm and mastered by Rene “D La Muerte” Garcia at Batcave Studios. The musicianship on this record it tight. What amazed me the most about this record is easiness with which the guys jump from punkrock to rockabilly and psychobilly and back again. Great album! Get it and drop a line or two to the guys from the band because I am sure it would mean a lot to them to hear some positive and uplifting words about their hard work!


Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RFDband/

Get the album on Bandcamp: https://rfdband.bandcamp.com/album/elvis-aint-dead-yet