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(record review)OPTIMIST-Vermachtnis(BDHW Rec)

Optimist come from Germany, Ruhr area and I listened to and reviewed their new record for our zine. The record is out now on BDHW Records.


This is the second album from the quintet who polished their unique aggressive sound to style between grindcore and hardcore. The record contains intro plus 10 songs. The lyrics are all in German language and as I understand German the lyrics are pretty bleak and without hope, apocalyptic and darkened. After the noisy and black intro which serves as an announcement of what it is to come, the song Das Ende Allen Seins is fast almost d-beat and grindcore song about the end of everything. There are some sludge and doomy influences for example in Wutrausch and again more fast straightforward aggressive songs like Lethargie. There are some Napalm Death like more metalic sounding slower songs like excellent title track or Rattengier. This music is not for everyone, but the fans of non happy, non merry go round smiling grind hardcore punk will adore this record and this band. I would love to check out this band live. Good one.






(record review)SLUND-“If you´re angry and you know it, clap your hands”(Bruxism Records)

Slovenia has great underground scene and I love the bands and going to gigs there. This time I listened to and reviewed the new record by SLUND.


This band plays a mix of powerviolence hardcore, sludge and punk, for your dirty hearing pleasure. The album contains 14 songs mainly under one minute long with two or three exceptions not longer than minute and half hehe, meaning pure powerviolence with screaming vocals, noisy blastbeats turning fast into sludgy punk mid tempo parts all spiced with sarcastic samples and song titles such as “Forget you, motherforgetter” or “Insulting you in medieval ways” to name just a few. When you read the lyrics they sound funny, but actually the lyrics contain critical view on many things that bother us in the world today but they are so cleverly packed in sarcasm and humour so this is another plus for the band in my opinion. Great record to scream your lungs out to!


Listen and buy the album, or download it for free but show some appreciation and drop a couple of lines to Slund: https://slund.bandcamp.com/album/if-youre-angry-and-you-know-it-clap-your-hands

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