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(review) Mind Erasure – Connive

Greece has always been a Mediterranean country with vast and beautiful black and death metal scene with so many original and great bands coming to mind immediately, their unique music put Greece on a map of world extreme music scene and Mind Erasure is one of the bands from that country that will certainly help put Greece to the front even more. This is the debut full length opus and it contains 11 songs. Mind Erasure play epic and at times raw black metal with some thrash and death metal parts thrown in the songs. From the atmospheric intro of Proem and aggressive death black of Pray For Salvation, real jewels come afterwards. One of my personal favorites is beautiful epic, almost symphonic Azrael with all those clean vocal parts, epic synth and quire background and that Greek trademark mid tempo which turns into beating thrash last part of the song. I must also mention as my favorite the trilogy of songs at the end of the album with title As Firs Light Never Comes, those being Seal´s Break, Apocalypse and Life´s Epilogue, great symphony of melody and darkness. This is an excellent album, a real little dark jewel in the crown of mighty Greek scene.


(recenzija) SAKIS TOLIS – Among The Fires Of Hell

Sakis Tolis je poznat kao jedan od braće Tolis, uz brata Themisa osnivač i pokretačka snaga grčkih black metal legendi Rotting Christ. Ovo je Sakisov prvi samostalni e.p. koji se sastoji od 6 pjesama. Muzika je nešto drugačija, a opet slična Sakisovom matičnom bendu. Riječ je o melodičnom black metalu grčke škole, topao mediteranski zvuk melodija, a opet opakog prizvuka, uz nešto više doom metal i gothic metal utjecaja nego Rotting Christ, a manje folka. Prevladava Sakisov moćan vokalni growl, ali clean vokali i zborski dijelovi melodija su ono što čini ovaj opus jednim moćnim ostvarenjem. Meni su se nekako najviše dojmile naslovna pjesma, a još i We…The Fallen Angels i The Silence. Ovo je jak e.p. majstora ekstremnog metala i preporučam svakom tko je fan Rotting Christ, a i onima koji nisu.


NEW VIDEO RELEASE !!!! Gentihaa’s brand new video ‘’Beyond’’

Stretching their music and performing skills, Gentihaa are preparing their new album, with the promise of an absolutely massive and overwhelming outcome, which, according to the band’s lead guitarist, Valgran (George Giannopoulos), is leaving Entropy far behind. The album concept, which is once more in Andre Boutos’ hands, as well as the number of songs, is a guarded secret. The album is currently being recorded to Bob Katsionis’ brand-new studio, Sound Symmetry Studio.

While recording their new album, Gentihaa giving us a warning strike, by releasing a new video from Reverse Entropy, “Beyond”. Loud, impressive and unforeseen, with sounds that pass through anything static and usual, ‘’Beyond’’ comes to impose its dynamic and energy. The video premiered at February 13th via YouTube and it will be a music bridge between the two albums of the band.

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