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RATS ON ACID released their new single – Primitive!

Rats On Acid, are celebrating the return of gigging with the release of ‘Primitive’ – a new, raw, energetic stoner-rock anthem reflecting the hopelessness of the present youth.

Stream ‘Primitive’ here: https://soundcloud.com/ratsonacid/primitive/s-adSLPo9o3HY

Formed in the laundry room of the vocalist’s parents’ house, the band has been hard at work mastering their craft and perfecting their sound since the late 2010’s. With the introduction of Hugo Cooper, the new lead guitarist, came a new, slow, and filthy sound which birthed “Primitive”. Strongly influenced by the mid 90’s stoner rock and grunge scenes, this release is definitely one for fans of Alice In Chains, Fu Manchu and Kyuss. The lyrics, written by the band during a late night drinking session, seem comical but also present the feelings of anxiety, helplessness and confusion experienced by many young people today when every strand of hope is being taken away by the failure of people in places of responsibility.

“The lyrics are easy and memorable – everyone can interpret them in
their own way to fit what they are feeling at that specific moment. It can
be a song which you sing when you’re feeling angry, or when you’re in a
good mood, when you feel like life is ridiculous or that there is no hope
and you just don’t care. That’s why this song always feels good for me. It
adapts to your emotion and you can make it what you want it to be.” –
Konnie, the vocalist.

“The backing vocals sound powerful and big for a reason. We wanted it
to sound like there is a crowd of people standing with us, sharing the
listener’s emotions. Ensure that our fans, although separated, never feel
alone.” – Tom, the bassist and mixing and mastering engineer.
“Can we please skip the part where I give a quote?” – Chugs, the rhythm guitarist.
Rats On Acid’s ‘Primitive’ will be released on Friday 2nd July 2021 on all major streaming platforms.

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3hkEcwC
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ratsonaciduk/

(review) The Shan – X -Flies


The Shan are 3 – piece garage punk band from Edinburgh, Scotland. This is their brand new e.p. What can we find here? There are three songs on this wicked little record. The music of this band can be described as dirty and raw version of garage punk, but at the same time they retain wicked melodies and guitar hooks like that evil menacing melody that I love in Grave Love or majestic melody of Bits of Shit. The vocals are harsh, sometimes shouting, sometimes screaming yet fit perfectly to the song structures of The Shan. I would love to hear how this songs sound live, I am sure this band can provide a wicked live show with blitzes from guitars shooting all around. Bullets is about war if I am not mistaken and futility of it all. This is a wicked record, can´t wait for the full length.

(review) Yeah Sure – Sasquatch Ain´t Hidden


Yeah Sure are punk band from Kentucky and this is their e.p. which is in fact a concept album about funny thing of getting high with sasquatch, they call themselves cryptid punk.

This e.p. offers 6 songs of dirty, raw, almost rehearsal, garage punk rock, played kinda sloppy and with don´t give a fuck attitude and funny lyrics, but underneath there are enough horror punk influences with some really nice melodies coming out underneath all punk don´t give a fuck song structures. You gotta go with Shark Week, and song titles ordered in concept, check this out: He Is, Just, In A Cabin, In The Woods, Watching, Shark Week. Nice, eh? If you are looking for sloppy cryptid punk with fun and done diy then go support this one.