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(review) Manntra – Monster Mind Consuming


It is time for Croatian band to grace the pages of this zine again. Manntra just released their brand new record and it was time for me to listen and find out what are the new songs like.

There is an intro invocation plus ten songs on this opus. Although this band is firmly rooted in some folk metal song structures this new record is so much more. Songs are very melodic just made for singing along and humming long after you finish listening to the record. Besides this, there are also lots of industrial influenced song structures, also melodic gothic parts, even some classic rock and pop influences are clear in the song structures. But, most important, this is well written, well played and quality modern folk metal album, Vocals are fantastic, also backing vocal harmonies are superb. My personal favorites are Voices of the Sea and I Want To Eat You which is instant hit upon first listening makes me wanna listen to it again and again. This band always delivers great music! Go listen!

(review) Calarook – Surrender Or Die


Calarook are hailing from Switzerland and this is their debut full length album. When I listened to the intro on the album I thought to myself, oh no, not another Alestorm clone playing boring folk metal called pirate metal. But, fortunately I was wrong. This is more on melodic death metal side of things with growling vocals, epic guitar catchy riffs and perfect balance between aggressive fast parts and more melodic side of things. I must say that violin does a great job here, especially that fantastic violin solo in Kraken´s Chest, one of my absolute favorites on this record. This album sounds like a crosbreed of Amon Amarth, Skyclad, Running Wild and Edge of Sanity combined into one superb whole musical journey. The songs are hilarious, you just can´t go wrong with Quest For Booze or Invisible Pineapples., especially Paul the Parrot hehe. This is fine debut record, I would love to see and hear this band live somewhere, I am sure they make one hell of a party.


(review) Stribog-Tvoje kraljevstvo zeleno


Time for one more Croatian band to grace the pages of this zine. Stribog from Zagreb released new full length album after quite some time. This band has been in the scene for a long time, with some line-up changes. I have seen them twice during the years when they played in my hometown and both time they provided great gigs. The new album contains 11 songs. The music of Stribog is a fine balanced mixture between melodic black death metal, folk metal and even power metal with lyrics based on pagan Slavic themes. The use of flute in some songs helps make the songs even more dramatic adding momentum to fantastic dual male growled and female clean vocals, added by superb musicianship, catchy melodic guitars and fantastic song arrangements. Some lyrics are in Croatian, some in English, I like the ones in Croatian a bit more, with songs like Zora, Govoraše nam and Polja pokojnika being my favorites. This is a fantastic album!