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The Deadnotes Releasing New Album ‘Courage’ on February 14th, 2020 via 22Lives Records. New single and tour dates are here!


Freiburg, Germany-based indie-punks THE DEADNOTES are pleased to announce their new album ‘Courage’ will be released 14th February 2020 through their own newly-established label 22Lives Records.

To celebrate the news the band have shared a new single from the album, titled ‘Hopeless Romantic’, together with a spirited new tongue-in-cheek music video which sees the band perform on a chat show where they are joined by a panel of dubious personalities.

Watch it HERE: https://youtu.be/u-R6rOOMENY

Album pre-sales are available now via their label shop https://22livesrecords.com/

Courage Tour 2020:

27.02. Oberhausen (DE), Druckluft

28.02. Bremen (DE), Tower

29.02. Münster (DE), Sputnikcafé

01.03. Cologne (DE), Tsunami Club

03.03. Stuttgart (DE), Juha West

04.03. Frankfurt (DE), Nachtleben

05.03. Leipzig (DE), Conne Island

06.03. Berlin (DE), Cassiopeia

07.03. Hamburg (DE), Astra Stube

09.03. Munich (DE), Feierwerk

10.03. Vienna (AT), Rhiz

11.03. Prague (CZ), Rock Café

12.03. Lucerne (CH), Schüür

13.03. Freiburg (DE), Waldsee

16.04. Glasgow (UK), Bloc+

17.04. Manchester (UK), Gullivers NQ

19.04. London (UK), The Old Blue Last

Matt Megrue releases his solo album in February 2020. Here is the first song!


Continuous evolution is the name of the game for Charleston, SC songwriter, Matt Megrue. From fronting the Atlanta pop-punk outfit, The Unusual Suspects, to the indie rock stylings of Loners Society, to now releasing music eponymously blending punk, emo, Americana and 80’s pop-nostalgia, no two records ever sound the same.

South Carolina, based singer-songwriter Matt Megrue (The Unusual Suspects, Loners Society) will release a new LP ‘The Mourner’s Manual’ on February 7th .

Album pre-orders and merch bundles are now available at: www.mattmegrue.com (available on smoky gold vinyl, CD and digital).

A lyric video for the Mourner’s Manual’s opening track “We” is streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1QJhtvCUBM&feature=emb_logo.

A music video for the song “Afterglow” is also streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFPVqNR3XWw&feature=youtu.be.

In a message to fans on his newly re-launched website, Matt writes, I cannot believe that this day has finally arrived. I have lived it in many a dream over the last few years, and yet, here we are. My first solo LP, The Mourner’s Manual, is finally here. I began this project as 2016 was coming to a close with the help of Sean and Brendan Kelly and, over the next three years, we saw it to completion. The Mourner’s Manual is Loss. Love. Anger. Hope. Longing. Vulnerability. Spirit. May you find a little bit of that here. Think less, feel more. Yours en mourning.


Who is Matt Megrue:

Birthplace: Riverdale, Georgia

Current Home: Charleston, South Carolina

Genre: Rock, Heartcore

Associated Acts: Loners Society, cashout, County Line Strangers, The Unusual Suspects

Has Shared Stages With: The Civil Wars, Manchester Orchestra, Hawthorne Heights, Sugarcult, Flickerstick, Shawn Mullins, Futurebirds, The Constellations, Cowboy Mouth, Ross Childress (Collective Soul), Jordan Igoe, A Fragile Tomorrow, Ponderosa.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mattmegrue

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mattmegruemusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattmegrue

Website: www.mattmegrue.com

Bandsintown: www.bandsintown.com/a/5360435


(review) EVA RAS-Meni nije svejedno/It`s not whatever


It is time to support our own regional scene here on Balkans and EVA RAS released the new record, so I listened and reviewed it for our zine. Named after famous Yugoslav actress, painter and writer, this band plays darkened emotional hardcore mixed with powerviolence. There are 6 songs on this record and it represents the first half of a double e.p. The songs are short, in your face like they were supposed to be, chaotic yet beautiful in that chaos, giving away primal simplicity of decay, degradation and accepting the inevitable in fighting and recognising your inner self, your flaws and your virtues. The lyrics are in English and I can find myself in most of the songs, so it was really a pleasure to listen to this record.


(new single) Giants Chair return after 23 years with new song, new album out soon with Spartan Records!


Influential 90’s midwestern emo band Giants Chair is back after a 23-year absence. A new album, ‘Prefabylon’ will be released on December 6 via Spartan Records.

A new song titled “Kids Running” is debuting today in partnership with Talkhouse. Check out the track and an essay written by frontman Scott Hobart here.

Hobart writes: “I don’t know about you, but I can’t sit down with a stack of old VHS tour tapes of my ‘90s post-punk emo rock band GIANTS CHAIR without thinking about my unease with nostalgia. This is a band that hasn’t made a record — scarcely even played — in the last 23 years… but a band that, nevertheless, has somehow found itself with a new record to be released on December 6, 2019. Like one of my early songwriter heroes, Bob Dylan, I don’t want to look back. I don’t want to tempt my mid-life fate getting wistful or woeful about the “good ‘ol tour days.” But I’m sitting here with these tapes whirring in this borrowed TV/VCR combo because, after all these years, this band is desperate to find some footage to help us pull together some kind of music video by the end of this adult work week. So, here I am at 48. Faced, literally, with myself believing in myself and this same old, well… young, ‘90s emo rock band — at 25 years of age, 23 years ago and now. To quote a more-recent songwriting hero, David St. Hubbins, as he considers what his epitaph should be… “And why not?”

Contemporaries and tour mates of bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Boys Life, The Dismemberment Plan, Hoover, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Cap’n Jazz, Shiner, Boilermaker, and more, Giants Chair released a pair of albums on Caulfield Records in the 90’s and were a part of the early emo scene with acts like Boys Life, Shiner, Christie Front Drive, and fellow Kansas City bands such as Molly McGuire and Season to Risk.

Pre-order ‘Prefabylon’ here: https://spr.tn/giantschair.

The band has confirmed a series of shows in late November, in support of the upcoming release. See dates below.

About Giants Chair:

In the midwest in the early nineties, three musicians serendipitously found one another and began to power a sound. This sonic synergy charged not only the band’s own individually-heralded releases but would also influence decades of artists-to-come who would cut their rock-n-roll teeth on Giants Chair records. After years of writing and recording, after innumerable sweaty basement shows, after thousands of miles of highway blur, and a million fragmented memories, lives progressed, and the fire that fueled Giants Chair gave way to new responsibilities — but it never went out.

In the fall of 1989, Scott Hobart (guitar, lyrics, vocals) and Byron Collum (bass) both arrived to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. After a catalytic connection and several early band iterations in Kansas City, Hobart and Collum opted for a move to Collum’s hometown of Green Bay, WI in the winter of 1993 to play with drummer Paul Ackerman. The trio relocated back to Kansas City the following spring as Giants Chair with their debut 7” Hot Boy on Caulfield Records. Soon after the band assembled enough songs to record their first full length album, Red and Clear, a cryptic epic – it was equal parts raw and refined. While many of the band’s peers trended toward post-rock deconstruction in the following years, Giants Chair returned with Purity and Control, the record that solidified the band’s signature balance of tight rhythms and forward melodies — deceptively simple hooks that collide with lush and layered sonic force.

For more than two decades now these records have lived on turntables, blasted through car speakers, rattled apartment walls, destroyed headphones, and have finally become recognized as the timeless artifacts of emotional experience and endeavor that they are for so many people. Yes, for many, each Giants Chair release serves as a time machine that can instantly transport them back to an earlier memory — a soundtrack for their wobbly path toward adulthood. As decades decay, the path remains, and it is no less mysterious for any of us. Now, in perfect time, 2019 marks the return of Giants Chair with the release of the bands highly-anticipated new album on Spartan Records, Prefabylon. …and a soundtrack continues.

“I feel like the band kind of found US again,” says Hobart, “like a two-decade long slap-back echo, and I’m sitting on the couch playing guitar to it. Similar to a lot of people in the world right now, we’re feeling pretty anxious, and I think these songs come from that.”

Thematically, as a concept, Prefabylon is rooted in lyrics of their new song “Lost Again” — Lost between ghost towns — prefabulous ruins / makeshift intentions to shelter hope’s fools. “I was thinking about people building lives and meaning out of leftovers — how hope springs eternal, but sometimes it’s ill-fated,” says Hobart. “So the title/concept for me is kind of a double-meaning — it calls into question disposable means and values, but also respects that, really, that’s all humans have ever done — made lives out of leftovers.”

With all of the the band’s original core components and members still intact (no small feat of itself!) listeners needn’t brace for any departure from the band’s signature post-punk DNA. Equal parts early new wave, skate punk, prog, political folk, and 70’s and 80’s radio rock, Giants Chair’s influences can be traced across their now ‘era-transcending’ catalogue. “As a band,” Hobart says “I think we must sound ‘midwestern.’ It’s essentially classic, no-frills, rock elements creating a big wall of melody. At turns, the music reminds me of rolling landscape, sky and highways, old factories and farms, distant street lights and radio towers – how these things make me feel. Kind of a lonely, but somehow-hopeful ache while looking west… then the sky shatters. I remember saying at some point early in the music writing that I was hearing AC/DC meets My Bloody Valentine, but I guess we’ve always erred, to some extent, on the side of AC/DC. And maybe more ‘D.C.’- as in District Of Columbia” by now” Hobart laughs.

Fans conquer, with Prefabylon, Giants Chair is simply picking up where they left off — the same guys, the same process, the same gear, and the same feel. After a year of intensive writing and focused pre-production, Prefabylon came to life at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City, MO. with the help of engineer Duane Trower. When the band was finally ready, drums, bass and foundational guitars were tracked live, lightning-in-a-bottle, in two sessions. Over the weeks that followed, vocals and the remaining guitar elements were meticulously added to the mix. “I’m hearing that we sound like we never stopped playing,” says Hobart. “I’d like to think that’s the timeless wonder of limitation that our minimal talents force us to work with. Guitar, bass, drums, mouth. Tape it all together and turn it way-the-fuck up.”

While most listeners will rest easy in the notion of sonic familiarity, those looking for artistic evolution will find it in Prefabylon’s lyrics. “I didn’t want to write or sing or yell about growing old – as frustrating as it can be,” says Hobart, “so, at first, I think I was going down the old safe road of lyrical crypticism – but, ultimately, I found it hard to be passionate in sheer abstraction. I really felt like I wanted to be more coherent in all this emotionalism. But, while I don’t want to be middle-aged ranting, I also can’t help that the things I’m most passionate about by now, are things about being a 48 year-old father of 2 sons, married for 21 years to the same patient woman, living in a big, rich, wasteful commercial of a country on an ailing planet — sometimes wishing I could just get in the van with my rock and roll brothers and head West forever.”

While time passes for all of us, certain feelings and emotions have the ability to remain constant with the proper amount of stoking – and volume. It is through these feelings, these memories, that glimpses of refuge and hope still shine earnestly. The wheels spin, the cycles cycle, and we all tire, but there is enchantment in things, like these records, these sonic timestamps that point us back to who we were at our best — and our worst. And now we have another. While it’s unlikely that we head west forever, through records like Prefabylon, we can certainly keep that forward spirit alive and burning – maybe laughing back, from time-to-time, at our futures forgotten, before nostalgia kills us.


1. Rust Belt Rooster

2. Black Static

3. Dirty Winter

4. Kids Running

5. Vaguely Familiar

6. Ghost Love

7. Russian Racehorse

8. Time Lapse Shadows

9. Lost Again

10. House Lights


Giants Chair — 2019 Tour Dates

11/22 The Heavy Anchor St. Louis, MO

11/23 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI

11/29 The Brick Kansas City, MO


(review) Foxhall Stacks-The Coming Collapse(Snappy Little Tunes)


Foxhall Stacks is a punkrock supergroup, although I hate that word. Its members are former or active members of bands like Jawbox, Government Issue, Bad Religion…and this is their debut album with Snappy Little Tunes. The veterans from Washington DC released 10 beautiful songs of a mixture of pop, punkrock, emo and indie with nice melodies, catchy choruses, songs to make you smile and make you better if you had a rough day like I did today. The songs on this record are somehow an amalgamation and vision of all the bands members play or have played in with emotion, guts, grit and melody. Not all songs are top, but there are more great songs than average songs. Me personally find The Reckoning, The Old Me, Top Of The Pops somehow the best with most of the other songs being awesome too apart from some too rockish songs like Do It Yesterday. This is a good band.


(review) JX ARKET-About Existence(Antigony Records)


Antigony Records released the new album by JX ARKET, the band from Turin, Italy. This band was formed in 2016.and they play a mixture of post hardcore with melodic emotional hardcore punk like bands from end of the 90-ies, early 2000-s used to play. This album is beautiful and it suits me just right on this sunset as I write these lines. There are seven songs on the record and some of them are crushing with their rolling drums, thundering guitars, sad screams and turning into fantastic melodies bringing melancholy to the front of the song structure.  Weeping Willow, Void And Pain, also Mountains are somehow the highlights of the album for me. I would like to say that vocalist impressed me very much being able to deliver brutality, melancholy and sadness with aggression at the same time. This album is one of the jewels in the crown of the Italian underground scene, so go grab it and have a listen, you will not regret it!


(record review) Carrion Spring-S/T (Zegema Beach Records)

Carrion Spring come from Portland and this is their record that they released with the help of Zegema Beach Records.


There are 13 songs on this record, some being instrumentals serving as an intermezzo in all the chaotic storm of Carrion Spring´s music. The music of this band could be described as very dark hardcore with screaming vocals and overall apocalyptic atmosphere. When I am listening to this band, I feel like I am watching the fall of the system and the world ending in a painful throes screaming. Hardcore punk mixes with screamo, even blastbeats in some song structures with a pinch of sludge and powerviolence added in for good measure.

The soundtrack to the apocalypse is here and it is called Carrion Springs, so go get this record if you are a fan of darkened hardcore. Recommended songs: God Damage, Anthropos, Carrion Spring.