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(review) Complete!-Disappointment & Hope


Eastern Europe still has vast and undiscovered underground scene and Complete! from Ukraine are one such jewel of that scene. They recently released their debut full length album and I am so happy I had pleasure to listen and review it. The record contains nine fast paced songs and the music is no holds barred, no philosophy, no bullshit old school fast melodic punk/skatepunk like we used to listen and still love, meaning nineties touch all the way with some modern hardcore influences here and there. The lyrics are in English and deal with personal themes, yet are still political in a way, and they are very well concepted and written. The vocals are mainly melodic, but at times screamed and shouted in hardcore way. The whole album is one energy bomb and I like such bands, never enough of fast paced melodic, well played songs. My favorites: Rejected, Endless Winter, Static State.