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(review) Danas Rising – Morgengrauen

Danas Rising are new band in the scene, hailing from Switzerland. This is their debut full length opus containing 6 songs. As for music, Danas Rising play rawer version of death doom metal with dual growling and screaming vocals, sometimes venturing into atmospheric clean melodic parts and thus creating hopeless, dark, almost touchable atmosphere of horror and void and fear. Songs are pretty long but they do not get boring at all. Of course, there are some prog and psychodelia influences of Celtic Frost sympho parts in Empire of Nature and punk rock simplicity even crust punk in Anarchist. My personal favorite is A Virus Called Humanity. Slow doom parts quickly evolves in some songs parts into death metal aggression and blasting beats back to mighty doom hits of the title song and dual screaming of Morgengrauen. This is a perfect soundtrack for a morning walk through musty, foggy and wet forest. Good death doom.


(review) Mind Imperium – Nemesis (Wormholedeath)

Wow! That is only thing I can say after listening to this sophomore opus of French trio called Mind Imperium. There are eight songs on this one, first being kind of synth atmospheric eerie intro to the maelstorm that follows afterwards. Mind Imperium play a mixture of melodic doom metal, atmospheric death metal with some post metal and thrash metal influences in guitar riffs and song structures. Vocals are growling and anguished sounding, but you can understand what they are singing about and that is always a plus in my eyes. Lyrics are so superb, personal and speak about depression, hopelessness, anger, resentment, death and being able to survive through the day, also loss. Besides growling, there are clean melodic vocal lines, spoken words and I love how all that fit perfectly in the picture. I am so glad that underground provides the way to have a listen to bands like this one. Superb. My personal favorites: Screaming out your name, Burning Embers.


THE CHAPTER shares ‘Delusion of Consciousness’ album details; ‘Halocline’ official video online!

The Portuguese death / doom metal band THE CHAPTER is proud to unveil the first details about the upcoming album! The new effort is called Delusion of Consciousness” and it will be released on April 22 as digipak, streaming, and digital download formats. 

An official video is available for the opener “Halocline” – watch it on the band’s YouTube channel! https://bit.ly/3IN2CL8

Delusion of Consciousness” will consist of 9 tracks for a duration of 46 minutes, where the band will unleash the melancholic beauty of his sound. Be ready for monolithic riffs, unrelenting rhythms, and well-arranged melodies! The powerful sound has been secured by the producer Daniel Cardoso (ANATHEMA, ANGELUS APATRIDA, AVA INFERI) who took care of the recording, mixing, and mastering at Ohme Studios. Enclosed you can see the beautiful artwork by João Gomes

If you are a fan of Opeth, Katatonia, and Swallow The Sun, don’t miss this album – the pre-order is available on Bandcamp


Tiago Oliveira – Vocals

João Gomes – Guitar

Pedro Almeida – Guitar

Eurico Mealha – Bass

Pedro Antunes – Drums