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(review)Otage-E.P.(Gargouille Asso)


Wow! That´s what I like about fastcore. Otage are French hardcore punk band and they released their e.p. and lovely diy label Gargouille Asso. The e.p. contains 5 songs. The music is just what these desperate times lack, meaning pissed off hardcore punk with raw screaming, fast tempo changes from fast pogo slam style to some moshing parts like in my favorite Brasiers. The lyrics are in French but judging by little that I understand they are pissed off and political in a way, so I like that. I can only imagine how much energy this band delivers while playing live. It must be total fantastic hardcore energy bomb. Great hardcore punk for your listening pleasure indeed!



(new single) La Moxie debut single – Out now!


The first single and amazing DIY video from Birmingham (UK) melodic punks La Moxie!

‘If I Fall’ is the first single from the band’s debut EP,  ‘You’ve Burnt Your Bridge, Now Lie In It’.

VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/RKa2Ku0aGEY

EP out on cassette and digital via Real Ghost Records on 10th April.

EP PRE-ORDER LINK: https://www.realghostrecords.com/products/662309-la-moxie


Lauren (vocals/guitar): “If I Fall is my interpretation of the battle I have in my head which comes with being in love whilst having a mental illness. This song means crazy loads to me because Alexei sings all the backing vocals and I wrote it when I felt like I was pushing him away.
“We DIYd the video in our practice space. We used a 5 year old iPhone taped to a mic stand and edited on a 5 year old Android phone for balance. We love how it turned out and feel it represents the 4 of us perfectly in both personality and collective bank balances.”
“We are Lauren (singing and guitar) Nathaniel (drums and enthusiasm) Alexei (guitar and cynicism) and Ryan (bass and gratuitous hair metal intro speeches). We’re from Birmingham and would self describe as skate punk. Tho we’d shrug and agree with emopunk or poppunk and honestly, Lauren’s the only one who skates. We’ve only been doing this since last summer and we’ve been lucky enough to play with The Bombpops, Petrol Girls, The Creepshow and Nervus.”

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lamoxieuk/

(fanzines) Croatian hardcore punk zine OOPS #4 is out!


During my growing up and formative years in the scene, there was no Internet, only letters, tape trading, later first cd trading and fanzines with their flyers, interviews and reviews were the only real source of information.

There are not much physical copies of the zines made in Croatian scene, heck even I am doing a webzine, which is easier and much more comfortable way to reach out to the scene, but I totally support the people who do old school zines because I did quite a number of them back in the days and I know how much work it takes to diy cut paste and copy those little fuckers hehe.

OOPS is short for Oštrom olovkom protiv sistema(English: Sharp pencil against the system) and it is done by dedicated hardcore punx from Pula, Croatia, younger generation which carries the flame of the scene on and on forward, never to get lost.  Zine is classic made, in black and white cut/paste style, and it looks really good. There is a Spermbirds review, an interview with excellent Spanish band Blowfuse, political non music piece about utopia and leftism, Pula hardcore punk bands info scene report, I didn˙t know there are so much new bands there and I am so happy for that fact. There is also a non music text about punk and fashion and that is about it. Short but sweet. The zine is in Croatian language, so if you like it, order your copy and write to:


Instagram: pulahc