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Obscene Extreme Festival takes place in Trutnov, Czech Republic, for more than 20 years now. It started as a birthday bash party for one man, namely Curby, the man responsible for the organization of one of the best extreme music festivals in the world. This is a festival which has grindcore in the front and some crust and death metal added for good measure here and there in the line-up. Also, the festival grew big from one small diy festival every year, but still retaining that diy spirit and all visitors being one big happy family, how they say, freak friendly family. Through interviews with Curby himself, many band members and Curby˙s friends, from Bilos(Malignant Tumour), Jan(Agathocles), Barney (Napalm Death) and so on, we find out the amazing strength of will to keep the festival alive, beginnings in tape trading and sending letters vie post service, going to gigs, making friendships, still remaining fair priced vegan and extreme music freak friendly festival. I love the part when Curby explains how all members of this family work in Obscene Extreme, handling merch, helping and how every citizen of Trutnov got used and made friends with bunch of so called freaks and free people from around the world. I was never there, but after seeing this inspiring awesome documentary I might just go there.

(review) NAJVERIBEST-O jalu je riječ(re-issue remastered)


Najveribest were already featured on the pages of this zine in the series about the bands from my hometown, who described their history in their own words. What can I say? This album was and still is one of my personal favorite records from this area, since it came out on cassette 24 years ago on now defunct Barbarian records. I also remember Najveribest having so energetic shows that I loved so much, as a fan in front of the stage and sharing the stage with my then band Corewar. They were really ahead of their time with their hardcore/crossover equally mixing metal and punk roots in their awesome songs with lyrics in Croatian and English, some about fun and bullshit, some really personally themed stuff and anti-war which was so important back in the nineties in this country. Songs like Bar nešto, Problematika, Mučenje i glupost still are my favorites but also Go!, Fuckin War or Brother Hates Brother too. Now, 24 years later, thanks to Bero from Ill in the Head Records who re-released this gem and Ivan from Kut Sobe who did remastering, also Inspirited Media who did graphic solutions and design, this gem can shine again in all its glory stronger than ever. Go get this one if you are into hardcore crossover with balls, energy and attitude.



(fanzine)Beta Vulgaris #12 is one of the best fanzines in Croatia.


Although this is a webzine, I used to do lots of fanzines back in the nineties and early 2000s from No Faith, Domination of Darkness…It is so nice to see that there are still physical copies of fanzines here in Croatian scene, which is my homeland scene. This zine is coming from south of Croatia, namely beautiful Split. What first comes to mind is that the zine is pretty big, many pages, with lots of stuff to read. I was instantly reminded of excellent zine from Croatia called In medias res that was really something back in the days. This zine is in Croatian language, so if you don˙t understand, too bad, maybe you can find someone who can translate a bit to you or something. There are columns, interview with Parole 80, features about anarchosindicalism, antifascism from Split area, some more feature, poetry, feature on Brigada Flores Magon and much, much more. As you can see, this is not zine focused only on music, but also on political side of things in punk, being nice because not many zines do that nowadays. It is lots of reading material for little money or exchange so write: bvulgaris@riseup.net