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(review) Stepped Out – Envy and Alienation


Stepped Out are from Split, Croatia and I interviewed them for this zine couple of months ago.

Now, the guys released their brand new e.p. containing four songs. Braveheart is a melodic old school hardcore song with fast and singalong parts that I can totally relate to, because I think it is about Bila´s Mom who passed away and I lost mine too. Abandoned is an emotional song with a more modern hardcore touch and melody with excellent lyrics about finding yourself and finding strength to carry on when all seems lost. Modern Plague is most harsh song on this record reminding me a bit of Strife back in the nineties. The lyrics are about media, gadgets and modern world which rules the lives of most people on this planet. Lost In Flames is for me besides Braveheart the best song on this little release me being in the scene for so many years and reminding all the glory days, heartaches, happy times and sadness. Superb melody, lyrics and spirit.

Great one. This band carries on the torch of hardcore in Croatia.


(review) .upset/8082 – Passing the Torch (Geenger Records)


Here is the split release by Croatian hardcore punk band .upset and 8082 from Austria. .upset are in no way strangers to the pages of this zine, because Zabok´s finest were already featured here and this time they offer two songs of street punk influenced hardcore with lyrics about friendship, betrayal, disappointment and hope. Thank You is my personal favorite and Fuck You is a bit faster yet also total hardcore anthem. 8082 offer two songs on their side of this e.p. They also play old school hardcore mixed with couple of new school parts in song structures, I can hear a mixture of eighties and nineties influenced hardcore in their songs. Lyrics are about surviving in this world and literally catching breath and also about with Day by Day being my personal favorite besides Catch a Breath. Great release by two great bands.


(review) Žulj – Kultura e.p.

Remember Žulj from Rijeka, Croatia? They were already featured on the pages of this webzine. Well, they recently released their brand new e.p. and you can get your copy with Monsterbilly Records. This time Žulj deliver six songs and it is fascinating how this band grew from raw chaotic punk of their first release to this, remaining raw and street punk but also delivering melody, oi and untamed punk spirit and love for freedom and do what thou will. Songs are in Croatian language and deliver serious themes like culture of Rijeka, hypocrisy, melancholy, personal stuff and also a bit of fun and joke. Oli´s vocals are stronger than ever and rest of the band is pretty tight and sounds great. This e.p. is diy and you can support the band by ordering your copy from Monsterbilly Records. My personal favorites: Kultura, Melankolija.