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(review) The Rumjacks – HESTIA


They say new beginnings are hard, but The Rumjacks did it and proved it is sometimes worth to have a new start. The Aussies recruited new American singer Mike Rivkees and it proved to be full bullseye. Hence, new album, new start. Hestia offers 14 songs of celtic punk mixed with street punk and oi influences. Now, everyone who reads this zine will know that I am not an avid fan of celtic punk of folk punk at all, but this record is full of melodies and has just enough guitars and harmonies, even some ska parts, not to be boring and not to be celtic punk that I don´t like. Some songs remind me a lot of Bruisers, or maybe even Anti Heroes in some song parts. Mike´s voice fits perfectly to the songs and it seems that a change brought new energy in the band, which was wanted and needed. This fifth album is probably in my opinion the best this band had to offer until now, but that doesn´t mean that they will not provide something even better in years to come. My personal highlights: Hestia, Light In My Shadow, Wanderlust.

(photo gig report) Celtic punks The Rumjacks visited Zagreb Vintage Industrial Bar!

Australian celtic punks The Rumjacks visited our country again as a part of their current European tour. They played Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb again and our Irina was there to witness the mighty gig. The Rumjacks delivered killer party set made of older and newer hits from their albums and all the fans that were at the gig were having good times, that is really what matters most. Here are couple of photos from the last night:


Bay Street Bastards new video, watch it here if you are into celtic punk!


The Bay Street Bastards are hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. They play unique vision of celtic punk. Recently the guys made new video and you can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/TheBayStreetBastards/videos/333565057565104/

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