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(review) Apathy Cycle-Apathy Cycle


Well, this record and music on this one is a revelation. I haven´t listen something so good for a while. Apathy Cycle are from California and this is their new record. There are intro plus twelve songs on this record. The music is melodic hardcore punk, but what songs, what choruses, what energy! The lyrics are political yet mixed with fine dose of personal and they fit perfectly to the music, written so nicely. I love it. Also, the music is varied, from technical skatepunk of Premium Healthscare across hardcore of Forgotten Genocide to unusual Muted Light which has one of the best choruses I have heard this year, also angry punk of Feeling Snowed In and that guitar solo which shows all the technical might of this band. If I must compare music of Apathy Cycle to some bands, it would be like a mix of Chaser and Ignite, but retaining a really big dose of originality, not being anyone´s clone. This is great album, I am really glad I have heard it. Go support the guys if you like their music.



(review) Nuvolascura-Nuvolascura(Zegema Beach Records)

2nd press cover

This is a bit older release, but Zegema Beach Records released it and thankful to that awesome label, here we have it to listen and enjoy great music of Nuvolascura. This California based band plays a mixture of mathcore, screamo, straightforward hardcore punk with post hardcore influences thrown in the song structures here and there.  There are 11 songs on this record. The whole structure and atmosphere of the songs is very darkened with a little or no way out from the today situation of despair and sadness. At least that is what I feel while listening to the record. Some calmer, acoustic atmospheric parts of the song only pave the way towards more destruction and total screaming catharsis. If you are a fan of such hardcore music, try this one, you will not regret it!


(review) Lionheart-Valley Of Death


Lionheart are from California and this is their seventh album. These pioneers of metalic hardcore/crossover deliver 10 songs of no holds barred, relentless hardcore with roots in street smartness and concrete jungle survival instinct. The music is modern hardcore with brutal grooves, moshing parts, yet also some catchy guitar riffs and angry, sing along shouted vocals that fit perfectly to the music. Check out the title song for which a video was made, or fantastic Rock Bottom featuring guest Jesse Barnett, also When I Get Out if you want to feel tour de force of modern hardcore with guts, grit and glory. I am sure this band sounds fantastic live and I will definitely check them out.  This one is a sure winner.