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(review) Ariel View-Until My Lungs Are Cleared(Epitaph)


Ariel View released their new album for Epitaph Records. This band from South California plays interesting melodic indie mixed with pop and punkrock giving their music interesting, fresh and lovely approach. I swear that I can even hear some doo wop old school influences in some songs, like I hear for example in Pretty Flowers, one of my favorites on this album. There are 11 beautiful songs featured on this record and this band is living proof that being hard and tough is not everything in todays music scene. You can also be creative, intense, emotional, melodic and dreamy like these songs are without sacrificing beauty for brutality.  Songs like Gone, New York or the title track are sure going to make you fan of this band like they worked on me. If you love music like this, go get this one.



Southern California’s Focused unearth unheard tracks for At Eternity’s Gate


Steadfast Records has announced their next release At Eternity’s Gate, by Focused. The effort is comprised of six previously unheard early recordings made in 1993 by the legendary Southern California band who coined the term “spirit-filled hardcore.”

Recently unarchived and remixed from the original 1/2” master tapes, At Eternity’s Gate is available on standard and deluxe edition vinyl, cassette and cd from Steadfast Records on December 13, 2019.



Standard Edition Vinyl

Available on Transparent Green (limited to 150) or Black vinyl (limited to 250)

Cassette and CD

Gold foil cassette shells in opaque white norelco box and limited edition screen-printed CDr in eco-wallet.

Streaming now at Bandcamp

Listen to the brutal album closer Perfect Will right now over at bandcamp

(review)DETOXI-First Flesh


This is a debut full length by Detoxi, band hailing from Ventura, California. The members of the band are in no way strangers to the underground scene having played in many bands throughout the years. This record contains 10 songs. The music of Detoxi is a mixture of horrorpunk, postpunk and goth darkness with keyboards adding to the overall vibe as if watching some old Hammer horror movie which I love so much. The vocal lines are melodic and singer sounds great, the music is upbeat, energetic and even, how should I put it, dancable. Modus Operandi, Masks or Nonsense are the songs that will really ignite your old darkened heart hehe. This is a nice record! 8/10


(review) Scott Free-Whats This World Coming To?(Broken Sound Tapes)


Originally released in 1985.this tape by Scott Free was the tape by first punk band in Myrtle Beach, South California. Broken Sound Tapes are rereleasing this jewel on tape and I must say, all thanks to them because otherwise this underground punk gem would lay forgotten for the new generations of punks and no one would know. We get 11 songs of political hardcore punk. The music is old school hardcore punk in the vein of all Cali punk bands of that time with Circle Jerks and Dead Kennedys coming to mind first. From the straightforward hardcore punk of All In The Family to catch melodic riff of Tuesday In November these guys deliver energy and we can surely say that this record had withstood the test of time. There are also some weirder sounding noisy songs like Bread And Water with that sharp noisy riff guitar main line. One more reggae influenced song is Sleep sounding like a crossbreed between Madness and Black Flag. In all, this is an artifact of time and a testimony to one of the undiscovered jewels of underground hardcore punk scene.


(review) Lagwagon-Railer(Fat Wreck Chords)


Melodic punk legends from California Lagwagon are back with brand new full length album. Five years has passed since Hang and here are 12 new songs. I fell in love with this band like 20 something years ago when I first heard their Duh and Trashed albums. Throughout the years the guys perfected their metalic skatepunk played with technical perfection and precision along with Joey Cape´s distinct awesome voice to top it off. What I love also about this band is how they can create drama and atmosphere with their music, whether darker mood, sadness, melancholy or laughter. Stealing Light and especially Surviving California pick up where the band left off with the last album. Great a bit metalised riffs, catchy melody and fantastic guitar solo on the latter song make me smile and I know Lagwagon is back. Jini is a fast skatepunk song, reminding me of early bands and first three albums with its catchy and energetic melody. Parable is for me one of the best songs on this album with atmospheric intro and guest vocals by Joey´s daughter Violet and the acoustic ending with a lot of heartfelt drama and melody in the song itself. Bubble was chosen as first single and it is absolutely one of the highlights of the album with nostalgic lyrics and travel back in time song structure. Love this one, never enough of listening to this song. The Suffering is THE song of the album, I still get goosebumps only remembering the melody and Joey˙s voice and everything after that light intro. Dark Matter just rules with its darkened melody and harmonies, making me kinda sad while listening. Fan Fiction has a great lyric theme and sound a bit more mid tempo and rockish, but piano intro marks the start of another killer song called Pray For Them, fast song with gentle lyrics and this one literally brought tears to my eye remembering recent loss that we had endure. This album is by far for me the best Lagwagon album in the last 15 years or so.


(review)Year Of The Fist-Revive me(Heart On Records)


Year Of The Fist are from Oakland California and this is their latest record out with Heart On Records. There are 11 songs on this record. The music they play is fast forward energetic mix of punk and rock n roll, kinda like Black Flag or Ramones met Motorhead and jammed together for a record. But, don´t get me wrong, this band is in no way anyone˙s clone or a copy, they remained energetic, fresh, fast and a real pleasure for listening. Besides faster songs like Ghosts or Blood Bath, there are couple of more mid tempo rock n roll songs like Memory Burn which add perfectly to the whole picture. Katie´s and Squeaky˙s voices interplay perfectly with Hal9000beers´s voice creating great haunting melodies just made for you to listen them on repeat day after day. For all you punkrockers who like your punkrock energetic, raw yet melodic this is a keeper!



(News) Nardcore legends No Motiv are back with classic And The Sadness Prevails re-release 20th anniversary and couple of select shows!


Classic 90’s/00’s Nardcore purveyors No Motiv are back with the original lineup that recorded their 1999 Vagrant Records Trever Keith-produced debut LP “And the Sadness Prevails…” to celebrate that album’s 20 year anniversary. The band will be releasing a newly mixed and mastered album with 2 additional bonus re-recorded songs. These will be available on a limited pressing of vinyl along with a digital version this October 2019. See vinyl pre-order info below.

Additionally, No Motiv will play a pair of 20-year anniversary shows in Ventura and Anaheim, CA this November. See dates below.

Drummer Pat Pedraza says, “So crazy, I can’t believe 20 years has passed. Time really does fly. Most of us have kids now which makes things totally different than when we first started this. It’s been really fun playing these songs again. Nostalgia is real…and I kinda like it sometimes.”

Vinyl Pre-order: http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/nomotiv

“Nostalgia” from the 20th Anniversary Edition of “And The Sadness Prevails…” debuted last week on Washed Up Emo and is now streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGOzOZOzXDM.

Bundle 1: LP + 7” (Limited to 200)

Bundle 2: LP + 7” + Shirt (Limited to 100)

Upcoming Shows:

11/1 Ventura, CA- Discovery Ventura Tickets (w/ special guests Out of Trust, Slowtrip, and Omega Point)

11/2 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA Tickets (w/ special guests Modern Color, Slowtrip, and Omega Point)

About No Motiv:

Have you ever heard of Oxnard? It’s a coastal city 25 miles north of Malibu and 30 miles south of Santa Barbara. Here are a few fun facts: Oxnard is the strawberry capital of California, it’s home to world-class surf spots, and hosts a world-famous punk/hardcore scene (Nardcore). It also happens to be where the band No Motiv originated.

What started out as two teenage friends playing punk covers at backyard parties, No Motiv quickly grew into a four-piece band with a sound they themselves for fun termed, “Sadcore.” With high school friend and fellow surfer Dave Brandon on bass and 13-year-old phenom Max McDonald on guitar, No Motiv quickly gained some local recognition by releasing a string of 7” vinyl records, demo tapes and soon after, a full-length record on local Oxnard label Edge Records.

They soon got the attention of Santa Monica based Vagrant Records (via the drummer Pat constantly mailing them demos and bugging them to listen to their new songs.) And so it goes, Vagrant signed No Motiv and put them in the studio to record the band’s first Vagrant release with Trevor Keith of Face to Face as producer.

Being fans of Face to Face, and having the privilege to record in a beautiful analog studio in Ojai California… for No Motiv, dreams were coming to reality.

“And the Sadness Prevails…” was the title they would give the record. Songs about nostalgia, growing up, friendships gone wrong, and heartbreak would cover the meat and potatoes of the album. With the release of ATSP in 1999, the band has proudly toured and shared the stage with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, MXPX, Face to Face, Alkaline Trio, and Dashboard Confessional to name a few.

Fast forward to today….No Motiv is back with the original members from the Sadness album to celebrate it’s 20 year anniversary. With that, No Motiv will be releasing a newly mixed and mastered “And the Sadness Prevails…” album with 2 additional bonus re-recorded songs. These will be available on a limited pressing of vinyl along with a downloadable version this October 2019.

With members of the band having families and work responsibilities now, they are still grateful to the past and present that made this release possible. Even though No Motiv wasn’t the biggest band then or now, they have always played with their hearts and integrity, never holding anything back.

Who knows, maybe the boys might write a couple new jams for a 2020 release?
We’ll see.