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(review) Sepultura-Quadra(Nuclear Blast)


New Sepultura full length album is here and it is brutal piece of music. These guys were one of my first touches with extreme metal music back in the early days of my highschool almost thirty years ago. When I heard their classic Beneath The Remains, Arise and then Chaos AD albums I was hooked. Also, my world shattered when Max Cavalera left the band. Nowadays there are only two remaining members, being Andreas Kisser on guitar and Paolo JR on bass, with now over twenty years vocalist Derrick Green and drummer wunderkind Eloy Casagrande who replaced Iggor Cavalera more than decently. This new record contains 12 songs and it is a brutal combination of bands earlier work with newer phase of this band making it great listening. That means harsh thrash metal with darker overtones, some hardcore punk influences thrown in here and there and also continuation of world music and ethno influences with some choir work like in excellent Guardians Of Earth. For me, the best songs on this record are Means To An End, Raging Void and Agony Of Defeat. This is one of the better albums made by Sepultura in last twenty years.



(interview) 69Enfermos-Brasil skatepunk at Punk Rock Holiday 1.9!

We meet again after two years and the news is: the new record, new tour and the new line up, so tell us something about all of those news!

-Couple of years ago we were supposed to do the split record with four bands, one from Japan, two from Europe and us and we were looking for another band from United States and we heard Symphony of Distraction and we thought that it would be nice to release a split record with them because our songs are kind of similar, the influences are the same, so they agreed. After that we talked to the guy in Morning Wood Records and he released it in December last year. We talked also about doing a tour in United States or Brasil, but at this moment it would be easier for both bands to tour Brasil, because it was easier for me to book the tour so we went and did it together. That was basically the story about the split.

I think that the new material is more melodic and more progressive than the older stuff. The songs are again in English language, so you quit singing in Spanish altogether or only for the moment?

-We quit singing in Spanish because we wanted to get to the wider audience. When you sing in Spanish, or French not everybody knows that language and what you are singing about, it is hard for people to understand the lyrics and stuff. We want to bring our music and message closer to the people. When I was a kid in Columbia, we used to listen mainly bands in English language, we really wanted to get to the wider audience. We kept our older audience, but many people at the gigs came and asked us, so why don˙t you sing at least one song in English. When we started the whole proces like 5 or 6 years ago, not many American bands toured our circuit, now they do, but back then they still didn˙t  and we released two albums and one split in English and it worked great for us. About the new material being more catchy, I didn` t want to do the same songs all over again, I wanted to get it more poppy, more melodic..


Yeah, I love the melancholy in your songs so much, when I listen to your songs, they always make me a little bit sad, for example Maribor or In the nineties…I love them, but they touch my heart and I am just sad somehow…

-We put our more melodic songs on this new split record. Sometimes you have a split record of maybe two excellent bands, but you don˙t listen to the whole cd. Our fans maybe will like Symphony of Distraction and their fans will like our songs and so far it is working.

You also have a new line-up, two new guys in the band. I knew you changed a drummer, so the bassist Vagner quit too?

-Yeah, the new bass player is the substitute for Vagner. He is not in the band anymore. He lives with his girlfriend now and they are taking things more seriously. 69Enfermos is an expensive hobby you know? It takes a lot of your time traveling and playing around.

How far away from home are you know? Six or seven thousand kilometers?

-It is like twelve thousand kilometers from here, dude. We made it worth this time, it is basically one more tour, so Vagner couldn˙t make it and the new bass player jumped in for him. When Vagner told us he couldn˙t go to Europe again, we took the new guy. Vagner is a nice guy and I love him very much.  The new guy is in the band because of his commitment, he is wearing our shirt with pride, you know? He knew the band and he liked our music prior to playing with us, we kinda came from the similar scene, so he fit perfectly in the band, he has a lot of energy and is super happy to be here in Europe.


You are now in Punk Rock Holiday for the second time, yet there is one fun fact. You play the third show, because I remember in 2017.you played twice because I was there when that storm ruined and broke your first show hehe!

-We were surprised when we got our chance to play here again.

What does being here at Punk Rock Holiday mean for you personally?

-When we were here for the first time, it was wow, our main goal. This time the tour has been way better than we expected, we played Brackrock also and it was insane there, Paris Punkrock Summer was a blast too! The main goal of this tour was to play Brackrock and Punk Rock Holiday came like one big plus, because it is nice to promote your band on such high ranking festivals. We didn˙t expect to be invited to Punk Rock Holiday, so big thanks to the promoters for inviting us again. We were planning to come here and stay at Punk Rock Holiday for the whole week whether we play the festival or not. Maybe we could do a festival or two in Czech Republic or Germany, but the other two members were never here at this festival, my wife is here too, so it is nice to be here for the whole week.


I noticed that Southamerican people are lot more warm, have big hearts, like to hug and smile. I met you, the other guys from the band, I met guys from Cronos Debe Morir, shout out to them, and you are all so heartwarming, passionate and I love it. Do you think that Europeans are more cold?

-I can˙t say that was my experience with Europeans, because both times, I noticed it is like we have the same problems, we are not so much different. At least for me, the way people here are no different from the people in our country, they have been really nice and fantastic to us! I feel at home in all the countries we have been, I like to tour Eastern Europe, not many bands go there and I love to go there. We appreciate it so much! Finding new friends, like you, when I knew I was going to see you again, I was so happy, and also every other friend we have met along the way.



(review) PENSE-Realidade, Vida e Fe(Mud Cake Records)

Mud Cake Records reissued the 2018. Pense third album and this is a great endeavour to bring this fantastic record to wider audience in Europe.


Pense are Brasilian hardcore punk band formed in 2007.in Belo Horizonte and this is their third album having intro and ten songs. The music these guys play is technical melodic hardcore punk with lyrics in their language meaning Portuguese and Spanish. They played this year at Punk Rock Holiday but unfortunately I missed their set at the Beach stage, hope they will come to Europe again because I would love to see these guys deliver the goods live. The songs are mainly fast, uptempo with enough force and aggression backed with melody to make your little head nod in approval and smile comes to your face. The vocals are harsh, yet screamed and sung at the same time and fit perfectly to the music. Guitars are catchy and imaginative with awesome rythm section backing the whole thing up. I read the English translation to the lyrics and they are a fine mix of personal and political where everyone can find themselves and hold on to the songs. Recommended highlight songs in my opinion: Corpo, Mente, Espirito, then Existencia and Matrix.



69 Enfermos European tour dates and new live video are here!

Classic melodic skatepunk 69 Enfermos from Brasil are getting ready for their second European tour, so check out the dates below and come see and hear them because they are totally worth it.

Also, the guys released a new official live video for classic A Better World recorded at Go! Fest so check out this beauty that captures all of the energy at their shows!


(record review) Malvina-Hybrid War

We already featured awesome Brasilian progressive hardcore punk band Malvina on the pages of this zine, when we reviewed their e.p. Now, the guys released their new full length album and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.


The album contains 10 songs of technical, progressive hardcore with old school skatepunk influences. I am always amazed by South American bands how they somehow mix their anger, anguish, depression with sadness and melancholy. This is how the music of Malvina sounds to me. The title song is fast, aggressive yet melancholic melody somehow drags itself throughout the whole song. XIII is one of my personal favorites with great melody and superb song structure, I can only imagine how this one sounds powerful live. The lyrics of the band are pretty political and deal with the theme of life in Brasil and political coupe there and poverty and life in general, but I think many of us can relate to the lyrics of Malvina. Scenario is a bit longer song, sounding a bit nervous to me, noisy, then transforming into pure old school punk song which makes you pump your fist in the air. Herakleion only reminds and amazes me how technical and complex the music of this band can be. The vocals are very important to me in such bands and the singer here sounds harsh yet still enough melodic and it is weird, but true, the guy somehow reminded me of harsher version of Jim from Pennywise. The album does not get boring because there are no fillers with complex longer songs interplaying with hardcore punk angry miniatures like The Anomie. Not to discover all of it, you will have to get and listen to this record yourself. If you like your hardcore a bit original, a bit angry, yet melodic and bringing to you a breeze of South America, you will not be disappointed. Amazing band!




Malvina from Brasil could just be the best kept secret of the scene! Check out their single and stay tuned for the album!


Hybrid War is the title of the upcoming new album of Malvina, the progressive/hardcore-punk trio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The album was mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room Studios and will be released worldwide on April 26th by labels in North America, South America, Europe and Eurasia.
The main theme of the album is the rolling coup in Brazil, approached from the Pink Tide period to the rise of neofascism, represented by the new president Jair Bolsonaro, and the US role on this political crisis through a new kind of war tactics.
The first single, also titled “Hybrid War”, was released on February 22nd.
The first single is here:

(record review)SYMPHONY OF DISTRACTION/69ENFERMOS-They Came From Faster Space!(Morning Wood Records)

I was really happy when I heard that this split release by Symphony Of Distraction and 69enfermos is coming out via Morning Wood Records. It is finally here and I am happy that I was able to listen and review it for this zine.


Symphony of Distraction side of the record contains 5 songs of fast, melodic and energetic melodic skatepunk with some hardcore influences. These guys are from the upstate New York and I never heard of their music prior to this release, so I am happy to discover their awesome songs. As I understood their lyrics are more on the political side of things and I love Call It Off and Fall From Eden as in my opinion stand out songs, but all five are fast, dramatic and beautiful. I love this band.

69enfermos from Brasil have already been represented in this zine with the review of their last full length and I met Dalin when they toured Europe and saw them play live at Punk Rock Holiday, also did an interview for this zine. These guys are from Brasil, although they originally hail from Columbia and they exist for more than 20 years now. Their side of the record also contains 5 beautiful songs of 90-ies melodic skatepunk with Dalin´s recognizable voice and nice melodies. What I really love about this band how they achieve atmosphere of nostalgia and drama in their song structures, the thing that not many bands manage to do nowadays. In my opinion the best of their songs here are Don´t, Memories. This is a great record.