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(review) Temple Nightside – Prophecies Of Malevolence (Nuclear Winter Records)

Temple Nightside - Prophecies of Malevolence low

The good people at Nuclear Winter Records continue to do an amazing job with re releasing some jewels of Australian underground that people like me haven´t had chance to hear prior to this re releases. One of them is Temple Nightside. They were formed in 2010 with intention to play Death Metal Necromancy and today this band consists of current and former members from many notable Australian and New Zealand bands, including Ill Omen, Grave Upheaval, Diocletian, Nazxul, Ulcerate, and Vassafor, to name but a few. This is a re release of their debut record containing music that will melt your face off. The music of Temple Nightside is a raw and blistering all out attack of black death metal, kinda reminding me of Archgoat in a way. Meaning dark atmosphere that you can cut with a knife, blast beats, apocalyptic sharp guitar riffs, thundering bass and growling death metal vocals. This record is pure evil and I love it. Songs are not long, but hit you right in your face. This is a great one indeed.



(review) Auld-…of Petrichor and I (Eschatonic Records)

Auld Cover

Auld are hailing from Australia and this is their new e.p. with Eschatonic Records. There are three songs on this opus. Music of Auld is black metal, in its melodic and atmospheric form, cleverly balancing between harshness and melancholy, reminding me why this is best music to express your inner self. Vocals are more into growling and almost death doom vein in some song parts, but fit just right. Am Fear Liath Mor is a slower atmospheric song, almost blackened doom vibe with lots of beautiful melancholic guitar melodies topped with growled vocals and impressive drum work. Hollow Mews continues in the wake of last song, but adds more aggression and blast beats to the overall atmosphere of anguish. The title song is for me the best one on this e.p. Good one, can´t wait for the full length.



Aussie metallers LORD announce Undercovers Vol. 1 with Savage Garden cover.


Pre-orders available now through Bandcamp.

Long-running metallers LORD have announced their new covers album, “Undercovers Vol. 1” due out 2 April 2021 on Dominus Records. Featuring first single “To the Moon and Back” by Australian Pop Group Savage Garden.
Bassist Andy explains, “Covers have been a big love of ours since the early days of Dungeon right up to and including now. Over the years in LORD these tracks have ended up on limited edition releases, bonus tracks in isolated parts of the world and other weird and wonderful places. These songs have been scattered over so many different places that even we struggle ourselves to remember where on earth all of these songs can be found.
While bands around the world continue to navigate these uncertain times, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to release this collection of cover songs, as well as new recordings, to keep the LORD machine moving while we continue to write new music.”
Andy continues, “UNDERCOVERS VOL. 1 is the first instalment of amassing this ever growing collection of cover tracks that LORD have recorded over the years whether it be in the studio or on the stage. There will be many you’re familiar with and there will also be a few surprises. Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves and decided to record two new cover songs for this release, SAVAGE GARDEN’s “To the Moon and Back” and JUDAS PREIEST’s “Reckless” and we even threw in two covers from LT’s Blackened Angel project. Artwork has been once again created by the talented TRISTAN TAIT and a hand numbered limited edition CD release will celebrate the highlights from Volume 1 of our Undercover journey.”
Listen to LORD’s single “To the Moon and Back” from the upcoming album, available now on BandcampSpotify and Apple Music.
UNDERCOVERS VOL. 1 will be an exclusive 23 track release available on Bandcamp as both a digital release and as various bundle packs that includes a T-shirt, and a CD that is hand-numbered and limited to 500 hand numbered copies only, worldwide.
Both the CD and streaming platforms will have a limited track listing, with Bandcamp being the exclusive destination to own all 23 tracks, which includes two covers by Lord Tim’s Blackened Angel project, as well as over 2 hours of Andy and LT talking about the stories behind the songs. The entire release clocks in at over 3 hours and 40 minutes. Pre-orders are now open.



To the Moon and Back (Savage Garden cover) – Now available via Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify

Complete Bandcamp release track list:
1. To the Moon and Back (Savage Garden cover)
2. Judas be my Guide (Iron Maiden cover)
3. Send Me an Angel (Real Life cover)
4. Of Sins and Shadows (Symphony X cover)
5. Message in a Bottle (The Police cover)
6. Shattered (Pantera cover)
7. Playing to Win (Little River Band, John Farnham cover)
8. Someone’s Crying (Helloween cover)
9. Hard to Live (Harem Scarem cover)
10. Creeping Death (LIVE) (Metallica cover)
11. (I Just) Died in Your Arms (Cutting Crew cover)
12. Reckless (Judas Priest cover)
13. Silent Jealousy (X Japan cover)
14. I Want Out (LIVE) (Helloween cover)
15. The Sun Always Shines on TV (A-ha cover)
16. The Whisper (Queensryche cover)
17. Touch the Fire (Icehouse cover)
18. Wild Child (LIVE) (W.A.S.P. cover)
19. Break the Ice (John Farnham cover)
20. Runaway (Bon Jovi cover)
21. On a Night Like This (Kylie Minogue cover)
22. Madhouse by Blackened Angel (Anthrax cover)
23. Night People by Blackened Angel (Dio cover)
LORD is essentially a continuation of DUNGEON, one of Australia’s longest-running heavy metal bands, with over a dozen releases so far. Their last full length 2019 album “Fallen Idols” was LORD’s best selling and best reviewed album to date, reaching #20 in the Australian ARIA charts and #2 on the Australian Independent Labels chart.


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