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(record review)CHOKEHOLD-With this thread I hold on (Good Fight Music)

Welcome back Chokehold! The 90-ies hardcore heroes are back with their first record in 25 years out with Good Fight Music and I listened and reviewed the record in our zine.


When I was a kid growing up in the 90-ies there was this thing in hardcore which we called new school hardcore back then. It was hardcore which was not old school youth crew played fast, but more slower, technical and metalic oriented stuff, bands like Earth Crisis, Strife, Snapcase and all those Victory styled bands back then coming to mind. Well, Chokehold play just that, metalic oriented 90-ies styled hardcore with tough technically well played riffs, rolling drums, thunderous screaming vocals and songs just made for moshing. There are 8 songs on this record with Profit Over People, Silenced and Underneath being my personal favorites. I was not a fan of this kind of hardcore back then when I was a kid, I love it now! Growing up? Maybe, I don´t believe it, maybe just my hardcore taste widened hehe.






(record review)BLACK 8 BALLS-When The Curtain Falls(Dedication Records)

European hardcore is alive and well with bands releasing great records almost every month now. Black 8 Balls have been in existence for 22 years and this is their new record on Dedication Records which I had privilege to listen and review for this zine.


Formed in 1996.these guys played in the way I call it, golden era of European hardcore and they have seen some action performing and sharing stage with almost all of the important bands of the genre. This is their new, sixth record and it contains 9 songs of awesome 90-ies styled street European hardcore in your face. The songs are brutal, in your face with gang styled shouted vocals and choruses just made for singalong at the gigs. But, besides brutality, the songs on this record have the great amount of street punk melody and melodic guitar hooks certainly add to the energy of the songs. This band has two vocalists whose angry shouting fits just fine within the song structures and fits just perfectly. Thy lyrics are usual about the scene, broken friendships, betrayal, everyday life, hardcore and I love them. All of the songs are perfect, but the ones I somehow love the most are: As Friends Rust, Once And For All, When The Curtain Falls. Awesome hardcore record!