(record review)KIND KAPUTT-Zerfall(Uncle M/Cargo Records/Believe

I must admit that I have never heard of Kind Kaputt until this record came to my ears. As I can see on the promo photos the guys look pretty young but the looks can be wrong.


The music of Kind Kaputt can be described as melodic post hardcore with many influences ranging from plain hardcore and punkrock to some alternative indie song parts. The album contains 12 songs and the overall feeling and vibe that I get from listening to this stuff is pretty darkened, although there are melodic vocal wise with some screamed parts thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are in German and as I understand and speak German, I understand that they are all personal and pretty poetic and heavy, being great lyrics. There are some parts of this record that are just not my cup of tea, but there are more parts that I love like for example the mighty Schwertschlucken which is awesome, also Der Graue Mann too. If you are into this kind of hardcore get this one, you won´t regret it!






(record review)TROPHY JUMP-Haphazard(Horn & Hoof Records)

Wow! The new Trophy Jump record is here out with Horn & Hoof Records. I listened to it and reviewed it for our zine.

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Trophy Jump are melodic punk band from Zagreb, Croatia with members also being active in Jeboton collective with various musical projects. Also, Trophy Jump are one of the most hard working bands in the Croatian punk scene, constantly playing tours and gigs all over Europe. This new record contains 5 songs. What I love about this band is that they don´t complicate matters with too much technicality, simply play the 90-ies styled pure punkrock with a lot of melody, heartfelt lyrics, sometimes funny, sometimes serious and great choruses. I love all the songs on this record but Chicago Kid and Remete Hills are my favorites. I have never heard these guys and seen them play live, I am sure their songs are awesome in live version. Great record! Support your local scene!





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