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(new video) Stand Up Stacy-melodic punkrock from Germany new video Something To Believe


Picture by Christiane Böckel

Stand Up Stacy is a punk rock / alternative rock band hailing from Munich, Germany. The guys are known for their explosive live concerts and their big, melodic sound.
The guys are lifting the typical punk rock sound of Blink-182 or Sum 41 to another level and found their way to bring the sound of the big rock bands of the 2000’s to the present day, mixing great choruses and driving beats with interesting influences and harmonies.
On their new single “Something To Believe”, the band comments: “It’s the first single from our first full album, “The Magnificent You”. It’s a song about being trapped in your own head, not able to find an exit. Too often, people tend to focus on those little negative things, which sum up to a heavy burden for you and your surroundings.
This song is a wakeup call: don’t let go of the positiveness that can be found everywhere around you. Step out of your shadow. Find Something To Believe.
With a host of plans in the works for next year, there’s definitely nothing stopping Stand Up Stacy! The band’s debut full length, “The Magnificent You”, will indeed be out in spring 2020. Stay tuned!
The single on Spotify

(review) Foxhall Stacks-The Coming Collapse(Snappy Little Tunes)


Foxhall Stacks is a punkrock supergroup, although I hate that word. Its members are former or active members of bands like Jawbox, Government Issue, Bad Religion…and this is their debut album with Snappy Little Tunes. The veterans from Washington DC released 10 beautiful songs of a mixture of pop, punkrock, emo and indie with nice melodies, catchy choruses, songs to make you smile and make you better if you had a rough day like I did today. The songs on this record are somehow an amalgamation and vision of all the bands members play or have played in with emotion, guts, grit and melody. Not all songs are top, but there are more great songs than average songs. Me personally find The Reckoning, The Old Me, Top Of The Pops somehow the best with most of the other songs being awesome too apart from some too rockish songs like Do It Yesterday. This is a good band.

(review) NEXØ-New Normal


NEXØ are hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark and this is one of the strongest debut albums that I have listened lately.  These guys are playing noisy, energetic, old school hardcore punk with fast drumming, vocals screamed at the top of the lungs, great bass lines that sometimes lead the song, like in The Chemical Generation, sometimes noisy parts and above all, full of energy, honesty, smart lyrics and leaves you wanting more and jumping all around your room while playing this record. There are 9 songs on this record, but my favorites are Ecstasy, 1312. Mostly Harmless and Break The Bank. As I said, the lyrics are great, dealing with police brutality, modern slavery, drugs, hard life and other nice themes fit for hardcore punk bands. Great and strong debut album and I heartily recommend this one for all the fans of fantastic diy hardcore punk.

(review) Freezing Cold-Glimmer(Salinas Records)


Freezing Cold from New York are releasing their debut full length album with Salinas Records. This band comes from New York and they grew up there in diy music community of Big Apple, deciding that their band will bring their vision of music to the listeners who love to travel with soundscapes somewhere else. This album contains 11 songs of gentle, melodic emotional punkrock laced with pop punk and indie influences all throughout the song structures. This album, while listening to the music reminds me of walking through the crowded streets on a day under steel grey sky, yet somehow the Sun starts to shine and warms my face and everything is inded much, much better and I smile back again. I don` t know, this is how I feel while listening. The vocals are melodic, clean, nice, yet somehow fit in the songs perfectly, coupled with dissonant, melodic, almost at times etherial riffs and drums coupled with super bass lines. I usually like more faster, more hardcore approach to punk, but this one somehow suits me just perfectly. I love the emotions of Hand Wringing Hands, And The Morning Light, also Pill Box. Bittersweet album, somehow brings up depression, yet also heals depression.

(review) South Class Veterans-Hell To Pay(Demons Run Amok)


South Class Veterans are relatively new band and this is their debut full length out with Demons Run Amok Entertainment. The band comes from New Jersey and they formed in 2017., but the members are in no way strangers to the punk hardcore scene, growing up going to shows and playing in various bands of that area. South Class Veterans released 4 song e.p. but this is their debut full length album. And what an album! This album contains 10 songs of full blooded American street punk/oi with some hardcore influences. This record reminds of the best days Bruisers, Anti Heroes and similar bands, meaning street smart lyrics, anthemic choruses, harsh yet catchy guitar melodies and these songs just make you wanna pump your fist in the air like crazy. For me, favorite songs on the album are Lies, Shortcomings, Repass and Those Nights, but the whole album is just fantastic piece of streetpunk easy to listen to under cold street lights and smelling the how city concrete and swilling a beer or two.


(review)Bike Age-Steps I Take Images I Fake(Twisted Chords)


Bike Age are from Stuttgart, Germany and they released their new record with Twisted Chords. There are 10 song on the record, one being No Use For A Name cover of Exit. The music of Bike Age is nothing new, nothing complicated, but that is the beauty of this band and this album. The guys play old school 90-is melodic skatepunk in the vein of all those old Cali Fat Wreck and Epitaph early bands like NUFAN, Nofx, Bad Religion, Lagwagon and others. That means beautiful vocals and backing vocal harmonies, catchy and nice melodic guitar riffs, fast drumming mixed with some mid tempo punkrock and of course, anthemic singalong choruses just made to sing along and hum all day long. Recommended songs that I somehow think are best on the album are Duty, 99%.

(review)Crossed Keys-Saviors(Hell Minded Records)


Crossed Keys from Philadelphia are in no way strangers to the scene because the band features people who played in Halo of Snakes, Kid Dynamite and Good Riddance among others and this is the new record out with Hell Minded Records. There are seven songs of nice melodic punkrock/pop punk on this record, played with heart and soul with catchy, beautiful melodic guitar parts, smart lyrics and superb singing courtesy of Joshua Alvarez. This whole material reminded me a lot of The Descendents, just simple, no bullshit and no philosophy punkrock just made to make you happy and smile and make your crappy day better. Recommended songs: True To You, Everything Breaks.