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(review) goldenboy-Home Alone Sessions


goldenboy are in no way strangers to the pages of this zine. This band comes from Bergen, Norway, and are playing melodic pop punk and deliver nice anthemic choruses, beautiful melodic verses, nice heartfelt lyrics and the most important of all, make your day way better and nicer when listening to their music.

They released new acoustic e.p. when they were quarantined by the covid shitty epidemic that had so much impact on our scene, banning gigs and festivals, making us hold the scene as much as we can with the music, reviews, support and friendship. These three songs are new versions of already released tunes, but what an e.p. this is. You can feel the energy through melody no matter that it is acoustic. My favorite is Old and boring, but all three songs are epic.


(review) End of Pipe-Mass Hysteria


South American scene never ceases to amaze me with so many bands coming out every day and releasing super music to the world. End of Pipe are from Brasil and this is their new record.

There are 10 songs on this record. The music is punkrock, heavily influenced by skatepunk and melodic hardcore. The lyrics are in English and they are pretty good, bordering on the edge of personal and politics. I love the vocals, the singer reminds a lot of Pennywise singer Jim with the colour of the voice. I love more uptempo, faster songs, although this is not your typical skatepunk fast forward band, this is clever and well arranged song rhythm and great emotional melodies in guitar riffs, super vocals and anthemic choruses, topped with smart lyrics, you get a great record. Recommended songs: The Secret, 80 Shots, Memories.

Painkillers tell us that we must live our dreams!


Live Your Dreams” is the second single from the recent debut album “Storyteller” by the punk-rock band PainKillers.

The song is a Punk-Rock ballad arranged in a modern key, with sweet, melodic and at
the same time scratchy sounds.
The album “Storyteller” from which the single is taken, recently released via Valery Records and distributed by Audioglobe, is available in the best record stores, on iTunesApple Music, on Spotify and on every streaming platform and digital stores, now also by
accessing the following link: