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(record review) Omnigone-No Faith(Bad Time Records)


The members of Omnigone are in no way strangers and newcomers to the East Bay Californian punk hardcore scene, paving the way in bands like Link 80.

Now, they have a new band and a new album out and it is a good one. If you are a fan of ska, punk or hardcore you will find something for yourself in these 13 songs.

The production is a bit raw and dirty just nice for this kind of music. There are fast forward screaming pure hardcore punk songs like BTC or Burn It Down. Pure punkrock songs like Keep On, ska even reggae songs like Horizontal Aggression or Rewrite History. The vocals vary from screaming parts to singing very beautiful melodies. In all, this is a great hardcore punk/ska record worth your time, so go listen!


Chaser´s Numb America to be released for the first time on vinyl with Sound Speed Records!


Chaser´s record Numb America is to be released for the first time on vinyl via Sound Speed Records. Originally released on CD by Felony Records on Feb 24th, 2006. Numb America sold over 10,000 copies worldwide.  Now, you can have it nice on vinyl, so pre orders start this Friday, go get yours!



(record review) NATHAN GRAY/JESSE BARNETT-Split e.p.(End Hits Records)


Time for another heartfelt and heartwarming piece of music as two frontmen of their respectable bands team up for their solo split e.p.

Nathan Gray(BoySetsFire) and Jesse Barnett(Stick To Your Guns) released a split e.p. with End Hits Records. The e.p. features six songs, three each. Jesse Barnett´s side is stripped down acoustic heartfelt melodic emotional travel to Amsterdam, ode to love with Hang Your Love(my favorite on Jesse´s part of the e.p.) and musical yearning of Stay With Me.

Nathan Gray´s side is made of three songs recorded with Pete Steinkopf(The Bouncing Souls). For me his side is a bit better, because I am a great fan of his solo work and his songs.  Enough, Find me and Brighter are just masterpieces as I drown in darkness, light, beauty, melody and sorrow listening to Nathan´s voice accompanied by smart and orchestral song structures. Love it! Nice e.p. by two superb singers and frontmen from today´s hardcore punk scene.



(fanzine review) 3.Generacija 1 and 2!


Wow! There are very little physical made zines left out there, so every effort to create a new one in the scene must be cherished with happiness and I am happy that new zine from Pula, Croatia is in the scene!

As the name says, 3.Generacija meaning Third generation in Croatian, the zine is made by the young punks, new in the scene and it is heartwarming to see the kids doing still hand made copy paste punk as fuck zines like this one.

Number one has interview with Sake, some non music thinking by the authors, gig reports and it is not long, but it is done from the heart. Number two features an interview with Kani Bastardi, an article about Fabrizio De Andre, gig report and Fried Brain info. The third number is in the works right now, so support the guys and order some zines and help the scene. Write to:


(hardcore news) Demons Run Amok announced signing of Cutthroat

Photocredit: Cutthroat

Demons Run Amok announced the signing of Cutthroat.
The first single DROWN WITH ME is now available on all digital platforms.
The record will be out on January 2020. The single DROWN WITH ME was produced, recorded and mixed by Billy Graziadei at FireWater Studios.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum.



Demons Run Amok Entertainment
Demons Run Amok Entertainment Website


(gig report)TOTAL CHAOS+ODPISANI+MUŠKAT HAMBURG-Dvorana Gustaf, Maribor, Slovenia

Couple of days after arriving from Punk Rock Holiday, we went to Slovenia again to check out Total Chaos, legendary American streetpunk hardcore veterans on their 30th anniversary tour.

We traveled to Slovenia pretty late, so when we arrived to Maribor, Muškat Hamburg I guess already played because veteran hardcore punk band Odpisani from Slovenia were preparing themselves on stage to begin their set. We already wrote about and interviewed Odpisani on the pages of this zine, so these guys play their vision of oldschool hardcore punk, fast and ferocious, yet melodic and catchy with lyrics in Slovenian dialect spoken in these upper parts of that country. Their circa 45 minute set included all the hits from the band´s more than 20 years career and nicely warmed up all the people for the headliners of the evening. Odpisani really play a lot of gigs last two years, so the band is now tighter than ever, really worth checking out.

This was my third Total Chaos gig in three years, so I knew what to expect. They are celebrating 30 years of the band and play a gigantic world tour this year. Vocalist Rob Chaos is a living legend, his stage persona is really commanding upon the audience to enjoy and cooperate in the gig, so the band gave their best to play their hearts out to the crowd. All the classics were there like Riot City, Squatters Song, Punk No Die, Pledge Of Defiance and after more than an hour, Total Chaos triumphantly ended their set with Lost Boy. I think this was their best gig that I watched until now. The first two times was at the bigger festivals, but Total Chaos in a small club like this one is a must see. After the gig we hung out in front of the club with our Slovenian friends for a while and then we went home, a bit tired, but happy.