(review) Purveyor of Chaos – Purveyor of Chaos

Purveyor of Chaos are hailing from Canada and this band was formed on the ashes of Full Give and Penetrator, this being their opus containing eleven songs. The music of this band is raw and harsh heavy metal, not unlike old school eighties vibe, reminding me a bit of Dio, like in fantastic ‘Man of the Cloth’, one of my album favorites. Here we can hear more straightforward heavy metal like ‘Four Point Harness’, but also slower, rolling metal songs with higher pitched metal vocals like the title song, which evolves into fast thrash metal influenced song. This is not only thrash metal influence on the album, there are faster and more aggressive parts like in ‘Without A Master’, which is almost fast thrash metal song in many segments. I must especially mention guitarist/vocalist Maxel Black being totally fantastic singer, his voice transforming from Bruce Dickinson, Dio ranges to more high pitched, almost King Diamond-esque vocals. The musicianship is great, guitar work creating melodic ruthless aggression but also hooks and memorable passages. Drums and their double bass work deliver storm along with bass. This is a strong metal record and I am really glad having listened to this opus.


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