(review) Big Batch – ‘The Last To Fall’

Big Batch are hailing from France and this is their sophomore full length release consisting of eight songs. The music of Big Batch can be described as a mixture of punk rock and rawer dirtier side of rock n roll, yet retaining enough melody in vocal lines and anthemic guitar riffs to be counted as melodic punk rock. Vocals are great, rough and raspy, but singing at the same time and fit perfectly to the anthems like one of my personal favorites ‘Dance with Me’, having that beautiful melodic chorus and lyrics. Smart songwriting and lyrics are what makes this great punk rock record. If I must compare this band to some other bands, it would be to Bouncing Souls, Off With Their Heads and The Menzingers. I can also hear Motorhead in couple of song parts. Backing vocals are important in bands like this, they are immaculate here with harmonies, oooohs and aaaahs just made for singing along with these anthemic punk rock songs. One other song that I must also mention and whose chorus brought smile of satisfaction upon my lips is ‘Even Alive’, also the title song is one of the definite highlights of this album. This is great band, have a listen.


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