(review) Bent out of Shape – Old Rats on a New Ship(Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Holland has a great tradition in street punk/OI bands and Bent ouf of Shape just released their new debut full length. What do we have here? There are 10 songs plus two bonus tracks on my copy and the music is just the way I love it. These guys play street punk/OI with some hardcore and street core influences but remaining more into street punk side of things than fast hardcore, meaning more songs in punk rock tempo being harsh yet melodic anthems. Lyrics are great, I can totally relate to my personal favorite Places to Go, there are some football oriented themes like Never Went Away, but also humor in Ozzy was a Skinhead hehe. Vocals are harsh, strong but totally fit to songs and you can understand what is being sung about and the singer can pull a melodic one but also hardcore shouting, so this is another plus for this great band. One other song I must absolutely mention is Good Old Memories with anthemic melody, fantastic lyrics and it gave me goosebumps on my skin and tears of pride in my eyes for last thirty years I am in this scene. Great album, have a listen.

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