Sunset Radio: The New Cover EP “Youth Roots” Out On January 21st!

Currently working on new songs, italian pop-punk act Sunset Radio is back with “Youth Roots”, a new cover EP of 6 tracks out on January 21st in digital. No Use For A Name, The Ataris, NoFx, Yellowcard, Lagwagon and Blink 182, names that have influenced the style of the band, as explained by them: “The songs with which we grown up, where we drawn inspiration. Songs that were to form the band’s artistic and emotional background. A new EP with exceptional featuring, from Brian – Vanilla Sky, to Fabrizio – Melody Fall, to canadian Etienne – drummer of Mute -, Hans – F.O.D., Lorenzo & Federico – Beerbong – and last but not least, Dario voice of The Anthem! A small tribute both to the historical bands, both to all the bands of the italian and non-italian punk-rock / pop-punk scene, which inspired us. A previously produced work, which advances the release of the first single of our third album, expected for April”

01 International You Day (Feat. Etienne, Mute)
02 Boys Of Summer (Feat. Dario,
The Anthem)
03 Linoleum (Feat. Hans, F.O.D.)
04 Ocean Avenue (Feat. Brian, Vanilla Sky)
05 Alien 8 (Feat. Lorenzo & Fede, Beerbong) 
06 Josie (Feat. Fabry, Melody Fall)


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