(review) Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaw´s Stand (Season of Mist)

Australia has very active and great extreme music underground scene and although it is on the other side of the world, music knows no boundaries. Nocturnal Graves just released their new full length opus with Season of Mist and it is their fourth full length in eighteen years of existence. What can we expect on this one? Total annihilation, brutality, energy and apocalypse! Gutwrenching fast drumming, blistering fast solos with some melody thrown here and there for good measure, some slower rolling parts reminding me of best Morbid Angel times and above all growling angry vocals from pits of Hell themselves. Nocturnal Graves took what they needed from death, black and thrash metal leaving only bloody smoldering corpse on the ground. This one is wicked, fast, no holds barred lesson in blackened death metal. Songs like Death to Pigs, Ruthless Fight or Law of the Blade are for sure winners. Go get this one. Just what you need to lighten up your blackened heart and give you energy for new battles.


WOLVES OF HADES & BREATH:SUN.:BONE:BLOOD:. RECORDS announce new EP by KLUIZENAER and  premiere track of ‘Es Verbrennt Sich’!!

WOLVES OF HADES and BLOOD:SUN.:BONE:BLOOD:. RECORDS are elated to announce the brand new full length by the German black metal recluses of KLUIZENAER called

The release date is set for February 18th, 2022

A first track, “Es Verbrennt Sich” is unveiled on the YouTube-channel of Wolves Of Hades:


Here, the listener is lured in with abstract sound arrangements, building to fulminant drones of near-orchestral magnitude, then immersed in towering waves of abyssal guitars, soaring in melancholic beauty, before crushing downward with Cyclopean force, burying even the reminiscence of light beneath its mass. Thundering blast beats descend in torrents through otherworldly nebulae, then plunge into pitch black waters; casting rushing, rhythmic waves of driving mid-tempo, or slowly freezing as colossal glaciers in passages of pulsating doom. As echoes on the walls of collapsing cathedrals and abandoned throne rooms comes a clamour of desperate screeches; furious shouting, vicious screams, at times even solemn singing and cavernous growls.

Though spewn forth with both aggression and malice, the voices recite poetic contemplations of transience, insignificance, desolation and spite. ‘EIN ABBILD DER LEERE’ is a depiction of emptiness sculpted from sound, image and emotion.
A graven idol, cast into form in collaboration between Breath:Sun.:Bone:Blood:. records and Wolves of Hades.


1. Verewigung (11:33)
2. Es Verbrennt Sich (8:26)
3. Ölgötze (4:24)
4. Stylit (13:52)
Total (38:15)

Recorded at an undisclosed location in Berlin, Germany, December MMXX

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Breaking news: Dutch black metal sensation HELLERUIN to support TAAKE & KAMPFAR on their postponed Northern Alliance tour part 1 for May 2022!!

District 19 hereby presents the first part of the postponed Northern Alliance TAAKE / KAMPFAR co-headliner tour in May 2022:

01/05/2022 Instant – Budapest (HU)
02/05/2022 Viper Room – Vienna (AT)
03/05/2022 Futurum – Prague (CZ)
04/05/2022 Hype Park – Krakow (PL)
05/05/2022 U Bazyla – Poznan (PL)
06/05/2022 Völschow Berg – Demmin (DE)
07/05/2022 From Hell – Erfurt (DE)
08/05/2022 Hellraiser – Leipzig (DE)
09/05/2022 Hall of Fame – Wetzikon (CH)
10/05/2022 Legend Club – Milan (IT)
11/05/2022 Traffic – Rome (IT)
12/05/2022 Alchemica – Bologna (IT)
13/05/2022 Orto Bar – Ljubljana (SI)

HELLERUIN from the Netherlands will be on board for this run, because NECROWRETCH will only be able to attend the second part of this tour. 
Which will soon be announced for September 2022.

Helleruin https://www.facebook.com/Helleruin666

 For more info and/or updates visit District 19: