Warrior Within released new single called Persist!

Persist is a Thrash – Speed Metal rattling freight train. 

Persist was written by Anastasios Hadoulis & was inspired from the frustration of life’s hurdles getting in the way of writing & performing music. 

Fully remastered & remixed now with a  lyric video, now bigger & better than ever!! 


Art – Taso & Toli Hadoulis 

Mixing/Mastering – Silent Underground Studios – Dan Waldmann 

Videography – Willy Thurbon & Taso & Toli Hadoulis 

Warrior Within are a thrash and speed metal band hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Warrior Within are working hard to unleash their pummeling and vicious brand of metal upon Australia, and the world at large.   

Comprised of Scott MacIntyre on vocals, brother duo of Tass Hadoulis on guitars and Toli Hadoulis on bass & Tom Johnson on drums. Warrior Within have been brutalising crowds with their energetic live shows all over Queensland, but now have their sites firmly set on conquering Australia, and then the world. Warrior Within are making heads bang near you because they love it. 

Warrior Within are: 

Scott Macintyre – Vocals 

Tass Hadoulis – Guitars 

Toli Hadoulis – Bass 

Tom Johnson – Drums 

Craig Macintyre – former Drummer featured in Persist 

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