(review) Smorodina Reka – Predvestye

Smorodina Reka are hailing from Moscow, Russia and they are relatively new to the scene. This album means Foreshadowing in Russian. The music of Smorodina Reka can be described as a mixture of acoustic, symphonic and dark folk atmospheric ambiental music with combination of Slavic and Nordic folklore in the song structures. That means fantastic song arrangements, bombastic almost symphonic grandiose passages mixing with beautiful and proud voice delivering us, the listeners back to the times when things such as pride, honor, belief in yourself, warrior s heart and Nature meant something. I think we all lost a bit of ourselves in these modern fast times and we never stop to reflect and think why we do the things we do and what can we achieve to make our hearts and ourselves better and more in tune with ancient beliefs and that we find ourselves again. Well, the music of this band is doing just that for me. Lyrics are in Russian, but we Slavic brothers and sisters can understand each other well enough. If you read this one and are looking for restoring ancient pride in you, go listen and check this one out.