(recenzija) Behemoth – In Absentia Dei(Nuclear Blast)

Poljski teškaši Behemoth slave 30 godina postojanja i kako bolje proslaviti tu obljetnicu u godinama s malo ili ništa festivala i turneja zbog dobro nam poznatih razloga, nego live albumom. Ovaj dvostruki cd i Blu Ray u izdanju Nuclear Blasta donosi presjek setlistu svih hitova iz dugogodišnje karijere benda kao što su From The Pagan Vastlands do novijih hitova kao što je Bartzabel. Kapa dolje frontmanu Nergalu koji ima poprilično problema u Poljskoj zbog svojih uvjerenja, preživio je leukemiju i to težak oblik i zvuči bolje no ikad. Ostatak benda zvuči uigrano i moćno i njihova kombinacija death metala i black metala s poprilično okultnom tematikom ima tešku atmosferu mraka, uz poneku epsku melodiju u obliku sola gitare ili rifova. Sviđa mi se što na novijim albumima Nergal ne koristi više iskljućivo growl death metal pjevanje, već i clean vokal kao i gnjevno vikanje, više u stilu thrash metala. No, ovaj album je čista energija i svojevrsni spektakularni vizualni best of ovog benda i želim mu još dugo godina i puno odličnih albuma. Respect!

Symmetric Records presents…….VALIDOR – “Full Triumphed”…new album out on February 2, 2022!

Bob Katsionis’ Symmetric Records proudly presents the return of an underground cult legend: VALIDOR!

Having already released three studio albums: “In Blood In Battle” (2011), “Dawn Of The Avenger” (2012) and “Hail To Fire” (2016) and the re-issue of their debut album in 2020, it is about time to move on to their next chapter.
“Full Triumphed” continues the epic journey of VALIDOR! The band is led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Odi “Thunderer” Toutounis and once again we get 9 new chapters telling stories of War, Ancient Greek Heroes, Roman Gladiators, Gods & Demons and even iconic 80’s culture legends like the “Silverhawks” or Robocop on the track “Man Of Steel”!
Musically we got the epic storytelling of bands like Virgin Steele and Bathory, the raw power and big sound of Manowar are here combined with the galloping guitars of Iced Earth, plus the Dorian melodies of Running Wild and Blind Guardian and even some thrash and speed metal passages to form the truly unique sound of VALIDOR:Blood Metal!

In the words of Bob Katsionis: “I’ve been working with Odi since 2009. While looking like a guy who listens to nothing by Manowar, Odi carries a background of musical influences spanning from early Black Metal to Greek composers like Manos Hadjidakis or Basil Poledouris and from King Diamond to Death, Kreator, and Megadeth!So, making music with a guy with such an open mind and a clear target of what he wants to achieve, is nothing but a pleasure. His sense of melody and groove is also second to none! I also admire his desire to sing the songs all by himself even if he’s not your typical “epic metal singer”. The way he spits out every word is so meaningful and powerful that it could not be replaced by anyone. And for me, this is what makes projects like Validor so special through time.”

Producer Bob Katsionis handles the lead guitar, bass, and keyboard duties once more and the line-up is completed by drummer Apollo Giannoulis.

Artwork was once again made by Kostas Tsiakos (www.papergoblin.com) also responsible for some great art behind Warlord, Born Of Fire, Dexter Ward and many more.

Following the policy of other Symmetric Records releases, “Full Triumphed” is not going to be fully available through any streaming service (like Spotify or iTunes etc.) and can only be ordered directly from Symmetric Records’ Bandcamp website in digital or physical form on a Deluxe Digipak CD with an 8-page booklet and for the first time on a fiery-red CASSETTE to please even the most old-school fans and can only be found here:https://validor.bandcamp.com/

“The Ten Thousand” [Lyric Video 2022]

(Watch it here)

1. Dawn Of New Age 2. Son Of Steel 3. Man Of Steel 4. Strong Winds 5. Blood Metal Legions 6. Silverhawks 7. Gladiator 8. The Ten Thousand 9. Conquest Of Steel
All Music & Lyrics by Odi Thunderer
Odi Thunderer: Vocals, GuitarBob Katsionis: Lead Guitar, Bass, KeyboardsApollo Giannoulis: Drums & Classical Percussion
Produced and mixed by Bob KatsionisRecorded Jan-Feb 2021 at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, GRMastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, Piraeus, GRArtwork by Kostas Tsiakos (www.papergoblin.com)Logo by Odi Thunderer