(review) Jim Lindberg – Songs From The Elkhorn (Epitaph)

Jim Lindberg is otherwise more known as a singer for melodic punk hardcore legends Pennywise. While his band released one of the best records in 2018 with their last full length, toured prior to covid shit and delivered fine energetic gigs, Jim also wrote and now released his solo work way different than work with Pennywise.

This album is personal. Very personal. The music has punk rock roots of course, but it is more acoustic and has also trumpet, piano, violin and songwriting that makes your skin crawl with emotions, such as sorrow, depression and battling it, loneliness, hope, friendship, happiness and this is basically great Americana punk rock album. I also feel that Jim s voice can sing more beautiful on this solo album and deliver more fine melodies and soar than Pennywise. I also feel that he opened his heart to us with this one and I can totally relate to some of the songs like Dont Lay Me Down, Youre Not Alone and Good Enough. If you expect hardcore punk, fast and furious you will be disappointed. If you open yourself to the music and words and let the music take you to some other level, this is the right one forya.