(review) Kickdown – Complete Control

We stay on European soil in this week edition of Kraykulla Webzine. Vienna hardcore scene has always been fantastic with bands like Only Attitude Counts, Spidercrew and many more immediately coming to mind. Kickdown are also from that scene. Formed in 1998, this is their fifth full length album. What I love about Vienna style hardcore is that they mix brutality and street punk attitude, never forgetting their roots. Kickdown is no exception. They cleverly mix metallic riffs and sharp guitars with oi street influence, especially in fantastic Outlaws Anthem, but also leaning heavily on metal like in almost thrash metal /crossover The Rulez, reminding me a bit of more metal phase of Suicidal Tendencies in some parts of that song. My personal highlights from this record are also Follow Your Fate, Years Of Glory and Complete Control. This is great Euro hardcore record. Shout out to Vienna hardcore crew!