(review) Justify All Means – Power Inside e.p. (WTF Records)

Holland hardcore punk scene has always been great and one of my favorite Euro hardcore scenes with so many great bands from the nineties until today. Justify All Means are from Holland and this is their new e.p. out with WTF Records. New e.p. contains four songs in about ten minutes or so. Music of Justify All Means is angry hardcore punk, bordering between moshing groove parts and old school street punk influences. Lyrics are about lost friendship, against war and weapons selling, finding the strength in yourself to carry on in hard times and I must admit it all sounds pretty powerful. Vocals remind me at times of Krmpa from Croatian hardcore heroes Deafness By Noise and gang backing vocals are made for singing along at gigs. My personal favorite is Unleash The Beast being more oi influenced songs reminding me of my roots. So support your local hardcore punk scene and check this one out.

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