(review) Love Equals Death – The Hour Of Resurrection (SBAM Records)

Love Equals Death are punk band from California and they are not so known to people in these parts, so I am glad that I discovered them through this record. They are not strangers to this zine because I interviewed them a while back. Now they are back with a collection of their previously released e.p. material and this album is a perfect way for you to get to know with this awesome band. Love Equals Death play a brand of melodic punk rock but with darkened vibe and sounding a lot more harsh in some song parts then your typical Cali punk rock band. There are also some street punk influences which fit perfectly with some gang sing along parts. But, the main fact is that this is well written and good punk rock to peel your ears and hearts while listening. Emotions, aggression, atmosphere, melody and fist pumping punk, that is all you need with this record and this band. Hopefully they will tour Europe in 2022 and I will get to see this band play live because I think that will be a fantastic show.

Go listen and get this one!


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